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A Great Big Team Tomey Update

It’s Friday and I wanted to do a little bit of a wrap up today so you know what’s coming with #TeamTomey
If you’re getting this email you’re part of that team. 🙂 You subscribed and/or bought something from me, and now you’re part of my team. 🙂
1. Today we’re wrapping up the launch of My Email Templates at Tonight at midnight the price goes WAY up, so grab the discount while you still can! 🙂
2. The #TeamTomey Facebook Group has been hopping lately. We’ve been talking about all kinds of things over there related to marketing your online business. Currently I have “marketing ADD”. In the Team Tomey coaching group we’ve been talking about all kinds of topics.
Email marketing, social media marketing, copy writing, being a freelance service provider and more. I’m about to change the conversation(s) and we’re going to be talking all about…
… getting traffic from YouTube!
If you’re not currently in there make sure you join. It doesn’t cost anything to join.
Side Note: Oh and on the topic of Facebook… I posted a picture of my handsome child on Facebook. He’s been told for years now that he looks like Justin Bieber. He hates that, and I of course think it’s funny. I mean you could look like way worse right? Well several people on Facebook confirmed it. 
See the crazy thread at
3. I saw an ad for a new product called Profile Hustle.
I’m about half way through it, so I can’t give a total thumbs up yet (and there is some information I disagree with), but I will be doing a full review of my thoughts tomorrow and letting you know my complete review and exactly what I disagree with so far.
Facebook is my BIGGEST social traffic tactic. I use it in MANY ways, so that’s why I bought this. I’m always looking to learn more about what’s working.
Okay that’s it for now… I’m going to spend the remainder of my evening going to see a movie and working on affiliate tools for all of my affiliates at
If you have comments or questions on anything go to and they’ll either get you directed to me or where you need to be.
Talk soon!

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    1. liztomey Author

      Thanks, Chris. I about 80% recommend it. *lol* It is good, and does have some gold nuggets in it, but there are a few things I was like “oh hell no” about and a few things I was like “meh” about. I’ll have a full review either tonight or tomorrow.


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