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My Day – Play By Play

NOTE: I initially posted this on Facebook, but wanted to share it here because it holds some important information for you that will allow you to get everything done in a day you need to so you can run your business and make money! 🙂

Having a schedule is key to being productive for most people. I however cannot stand the thought of a schedule. I do what I do so I DON’T have to have a schedule. So I do schedule “spurts“. For a month or so I’ll have a certain schedule. So right now this is what it looks like…

I wake up grab coffee and sit on my lanai for 1 hour to wake up. I use that time to catch up on Facebook posts.

Then I grab a shower and ride my bike or do some kind of exercise. I deal with a lot of nervous energy and this pulls me in and gets me focused to sit down and get some work done.

Once I do my some sort of exercise I take another quick shower (if I sweat I must shower… part of my OCD *lol*), and then grab my laptop and sit and pound out a few hours of some kind of work that will make me money. Maybe it’s creating an email to send to my lists, or product creations/launching, etc.

About 30 minutes before sunset I grab my tablet and head to the beach to watch the sunset. While there I answer emails and messenger messages. Whatever I can’t do on my tablet I continue on with when I get home on my laptop.

So my work day is split in half… First I work on stuff that directly makes me money and then I work on the rest of the stuff which is mainly talking back and forth with customers.

This is REALLY REALLY REALLY working for me right now because it gets me out of the house and away from my computer at least twice a day. Yes I go watch the sunset and work, but I’m getting out and away. In the past I have suffered from “burn out” because I would just work non-stop because I was never leaving the house. That’s not healthy physically or mentally.

So why am I sharing this?

Because I want you guys to learn how to schedule your days. You’ve GOT to find a block of time to work on something that’s making you money and that should be done first. Then you’ve GOT to find a block of time to work on the other “things” in your business.

For those of you that still have 9-5 jobs maybe you get up a couple of hours early and work on the “money side” of things. Then at night you work on that “things side” of things. *lol* You get what I’m saying…

Always work in “time blocks” though. I learned that from Eben Pagan YEARS ago and it’s truly helped me get stuff done. 🙂

Hope this helps! 🙂

Talk soon!


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  1. Jennifer Magnesi

    Thanks Liz, these tips help! After 10 years of freelancing, I still don’t have a good schedule lol. I NEED to remember to do the money tasks FIRST. That is probably my biggest downfall. In the morning I feel more creative (yeah I’m a freak), so I want to work on blog posts and social media and brainstorming. Then I’m tired halfway through the day and don’t finish everything on my to-do list. It’s an unfortunate bad habit I have picked up. That or I get good brainstorming ideas while working on other things, so I keep taking mini breaks to jot notes down, then I lose my focus. It goes from a 10-hour day to a 16-hour day really fast lol.

    1. liztomey Author

      I completely get that! You’ve for sure gotta start stopping yourself from doing stuff when it’s NOT time to do that stuff. Like I only do house work late at night. I find myself constantly reminding myself that I can’t do laundry right now or I can’t unload the dishwasher right now because it’s not time for that. When you catch yourself doing something you’re not supposed to just give yourself a mental smack on the hand and move on. Start treating your brain like a little kid. Give it a strong NO and then get back to what you were supposed to be doing. Like if it’s not time for brainstorming then just “smack yourself and say no”. *lol*


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