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Did 2020 Almost Kill You Too?

Wow what a year!

It’s taken me until just the last few weeks to get my head together and start feeling normal since around March.

I got the dreaded Covid in May… Or was it June?

I lived, but something people aren’t talking about is the long term effects of this thing.

I was very fortunate and didn’t have severe breathing problems, but I still suffer from being very tired and big time brain fog most days.

The “fuzz” really started to clear around the first of September and I’m finally back in full swing.

So I’ve taken this time to relook at several of my products, revamped a few, tightened up my sales pages, and optin pages… You know… All that “marketing stuff”! *lol*

I started with which is my brand totally devoted to showing others how to make-money with resale rights products.

I’ve got 10 different resale rights products there and a ton of great tutorials on how to make-money with them and any other resale rights product you develop.

Lately I’ve been working on my brand which is where I do live workshops teaching all the marketing and traffic strategies I know.

This is my legacy project. 🙂

I want to take every marketing topic I know and do a workshop around it so if God forbid something happens to me my knowledge can be passed on.

I have done 9 workshops so far with that brand and have about 10 more planned. You can buy them individually when they come out or you can get them in a bundled offer where you get them ALL and ALL future workshops.

You can read all about that at

I’m now circling back around to the brand where I teach all about creating passive-incomes via live workshops. As soon as get those all “tightened” up I’ll also have a bundle offer for them.

Of course you can buy them individually, but you’ll save a ton with the bundle offer, and I’ll have that ready in a few days.

Until then we’re going to start talking a lot about passive income, so pay attention to your email. 🙂

I’ve got FOUR other brands I’ll be working on after this. One of which is brand new and I’m very excited about it. More on that later.

So 2020 hasn’t killed me yet. I just wanted to give you an update, and see how you’re fairing. We’ve got about 2.5 months left in this year and I’m committed to turning 2020 into the best year yet, and I hope you are too!

Talk soon!


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