Building An Online Business, Notes From Liz, Resale Rights Is BAAAACK!

You demanded it so I brought it back. 🙂

I create and sell tons of products with resale rights, and even though I provide training to show you how to set them up MANY of you either don’t have the time or even want to mess with the techy stuff.

I solved this problem by creating

Here you can have any of my resale rights products setup for you by me!

I take your sales page and download page, and get it on your domain name for you.

I get your order buttons on so that when your customer purchases you get paid and they automatically get their purchase without you having to do anything. This is how you make-money 24/7.

I setup your list so that all customers are added to it.

And more!

Basically when I get done you have a product (or products) that are ready for you to start making-sales with!

I took this site offline all last year and I have requests almost daily to keep offering this service and I promised in 2021 I’d bring it back.

So go to and pick out any products you want me to setup for you, order the service, and I’ll get you all setup.

IMPORTANT: Near the bottom of the page you’ll see that I have discounts for you when you order 3 or 5 products setup.

I’ve kept this as affordable as I possibly can for you because getting these things setup is the FIRST step in making-money with them.

I’ll even train you what to do after we’ve gotten everything installed for you, so you can begin making-money!

So head over to pick what you want setup, and I’ll get to work for you!

And if you have any questions about this just send me a message at

Talk soon!


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  1. Sam Freedom

    🤣🤣🤣 Liz, you really crack me up! “Happy New Year! Are you still doing nothing??” Great offer with the full setup. I wish you the best! 😍


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