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Day 6 The Liz Life FB Live

Day 6 was shot from an amazing spot which always makes working soooo much easier! We also covered some cool stuff like how to juggle family and work AND the Big Question Of The Day can really help some of you guys who are just getting started! And I’m pretty sure a pterodactyl made an appearance… 🙂

Watch the replay below and you can find links to the things I mentioned in this FB Live…

A few things I mentioned in this FB Live: – If you don’t have a squeeze page (a really good one) then you NEED this! We will setup a squeeze page for you and then I’ll coach you weekly on how to build your list and make more money with it!

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The Liz Life FB Live Show

Day 5 The Liz Life FB Live

Day 5 and the struggle is real! Facebook Lives are WORKING! I’m building my list, making money, opportunities are opening up, and so much more! And my WIN for the day is AWESOME!

Watch the replay below and you can find links to the things I mentioned in this FB Live…

A few things I mentioned in this FB Live:

That thing I talked about from Kam Jennings about using Facebook to get traffic and his membership is at I can’t recommend his stuff enough and this is the cheapest way to get them!

The Liz Life FB Live Show

Day 4 The Liz Life FB Live

Day 4 was full of controversy and money! We’re talking about CoffeeGate, some serious haters, AND how I made an extra $1000 today!

Watch the replay below and you can find links to the things I mentioned in this FB Live….

A few things I mentioned in this FB Live:

Liquid Web – This is who I use for hosting and I LOVE them!

Examples of my free offers can be seen at:

The Liz Life FB Live Show

Day 3 The Liz Life FB Live

Well Day 3 took 3 takes… One total fail ON the beach because I couldn’t get a good connection, but I came off the beach and sat at a picnic table with a pretty cool view and spewed some killer information like a new thing I’m gonna try with a sales funnel. Spoiler alert: My new thing worked! 😉

Watch the replay below and you can find links to the things I mentioned in this FB Live….

A few things I mentioned in this FB Live:

DFY PLR Coaching Membership

Your Own Squeeze Page – If you aren’t building your list and you need someone to help you do that then you NEED this!

The Liz Life FB Live Show

Day 2 The Liz Life FB Live

Okay so Day 2 went rather smooth. Shockingly… You can see the replay below…

Tonight we talked about all kinds of stuff, but the highlight was me giving advice to someone who is an expert and is wanting to “get herself out there” in her niche. I advised her on how to get started. 🙂 Killer advice for anyone wanting to break into a niche as an expert!


A few things I mentioned in this FB Live:

Optimize Press -What I use to build my squeeze pages, sales pages, membership sites and all my other sales type pages

IM Foundation Method – Use the links below to go through all the videos for this little workshop.

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

Video 4:

P.S. Erik Stafford made the selfie stick cool, so go get a selfie stick and start doing FB Lives with me! 🙂

The Liz Life FB Live Show

Welcome And My Why

Hey there! Welcome to The Life Life FB Live Show… This whole thing got started because my friend David Perdew started doing a 90 Day Challenge that involved doing a FB Live every day for 90 days. Well at about day 50-something I really got to thinking…

I’ve been wanting to use FB Live in my business for about a year, but just couldn’t pull the trigger.


Well after much thought it hit me. I was scared…

You see I’ve run an online business for 13 years and there’s not much that scares me, but making a commitment to start doing FB Lives scared me because I felt like I would fall short and not be able to keep up with the commitment.

That made me think about my people… I call my clients, customers, followers, etc… My people… 🙂

I thought about them and how many of them fail because they’re scared, and/or they don’t follow through with things, and then never see success.

So I decided to take this fear of mine and turn it into an example. I want to show my people what happens when you commit to something, and follow through with it.

I setup with a squeeze page to build a list around all of this, and then setup this blog. All simple stuff and is always the first things you should do when you’re getting started with your own online business. Now of course I already have a few online businesses and already have squeeze pages, blogs, membership sites, my own products, etc all setup, but I wanted to sperate from all of that so I could show at the end of 90 days what my efforts have resulted in.

Pretty cool, right?

Okay so now that I’ve explained all of this here’s the first FB Live I did. I’ve posted the video below… Talking a lot about what I just told you and more, so take 10 minutes, go through it, and I hope to see you on my next FB Live! You can friend me or follow me on Facebook at


Notes From Liz

My Day – Play By Play

NOTE: I initially posted this on Facebook, but wanted to share it here because it holds some important information for you that will allow you to get everything done in a day you need to so you can run your business and make money! 🙂

Having a schedule is key to being productive for most people. I however cannot stand the thought of a schedule. I do what I do so I DON’T have to have a schedule. So I do schedule “spurts“. For a month or so I’ll have a certain schedule. So right now this is what it looks like…

I wake up grab coffee and sit on my lanai for 1 hour to wake up. I use that time to catch up on Facebook posts.

Then I grab a shower and ride my bike or do some kind of exercise. I deal with a lot of nervous energy and this pulls me in and gets me focused to sit down and get some work done.

Once I do my some sort of exercise I take another quick shower (if I sweat I must shower… part of my OCD *lol*), and then grab my laptop and sit and pound out a few hours of some kind of work that will make me money. Maybe it’s creating an email to send to my lists, or product creations/launching, etc.

About 30 minutes before sunset I grab my tablet and head to the beach to watch the sunset. While there I answer emails and messenger messages. Whatever I can’t do on my tablet I continue on with when I get home on my laptop.

So my work day is split in half… First I work on stuff that directly makes me money and then I work on the rest of the stuff which is mainly talking back and forth with customers.

This is REALLY REALLY REALLY working for me right now because it gets me out of the house and away from my computer at least twice a day. Yes I go watch the sunset and work, but I’m getting out and away. In the past I have suffered from “burn out” because I would just work non-stop because I was never leaving the house. That’s not healthy physically or mentally.

So why am I sharing this?

Because I want you guys to learn how to schedule your days. You’ve GOT to find a block of time to work on something that’s making you money and that should be done first. Then you’ve GOT to find a block of time to work on the other “things” in your business.

For those of you that still have 9-5 jobs maybe you get up a couple of hours early and work on the “money side” of things. Then at night you work on that “things side” of things. *lol* You get what I’m saying…

Always work in “time blocks” though. I learned that from Eben Pagan YEARS ago and it’s truly helped me get stuff done. 🙂

Hope this helps! 🙂

Talk soon!


Notes From Liz

A Word From Kimberly Castleberry

I always put a lot of effort into every coaching program I do and every client I take on, and when I see messages like this (this was a Facebook post) it makes the long hours and the hard work so worth it!

I want to give a big shoutout, and tip of my hat, to Liz Tomey…

Now you may or may not know Liz, but if you don’t, and you’re marketing online, you should, so go hit that friend button and keep reading!

I’ve known Liz as a connection for a long time but I’ve never really had a good reason to work with her or take one of the larger trainings she offered, nor having taken the time to REALLY get to know her.

It turns out I was missing out.

I’m strategically writing this now – while her most recent course is no longer for sale – so people don’t think I’m just saying something to make an affiliate sale.

I bought – and am taking – her PLR marketing course…

The woman is coaching with a servant’s heart…

She has bent over backwards for the students in this group…

We’re not actually fully convinced that she’s sleeping…

Not a single one of us have been left hanging, stuck, had questions unanswered, or even been given an excuse to slack.

There’s a dozen different ways we can reach out to her – both on group calls and privately – and she lets us use ALL of the channels.
I’ve seen substantially less care taken of students in courses in the $2k bracket.

To say “I’ve gotten my money’s worth” (and we’re barely half done) is such an understatement.

When she releases this course again, if it sells for anything under $1,000… you’ve gotten a bargain.. and I wouldn’t blame her a bit for clocking it at $1,997.

She puts the “big boys” courses and coaching to shame.

Most hands-on, authentic, sometimes laughing together, I’m-truly-here-to-help, course that I’ve taken in the last three years.
Hands down.

Liz, you’re amazing. Keep it up girlfriend! <3

Notes From Liz

The Balance Of Healthy, Happy, and Wealthy

So over on my blog we talk about being healthy, happy, and wealthy and I truly believe you should focus on those things in that order.


Keeping all three of those things well balanced is a constant struggle. At least for me it is!

The main two you need to keep focused on his the healthy and wealth because MOST of the time when you’ve got those two things in check the happy just comes. I mean when you feel good and you have money in your pocket life is a lot easier, right? Which makes you happier.

So with my struggle to balance everything I’ve let my health go a bit. 🙁

Since May 2014 I lost 80 pounds. In the last 2 months I’ve put about 10-15 of that back on.


1. Because I LOVE sweets and I’ve let myself eat too many. Along with other “bad” foods!

2. I’m not running, riding my bike, or doing any exercising.

I can make all the excuses in the world… I made a big move, I’ve been working a lot… Blah blah blah…

At the end of the day though it’s my fault. I could have NOT eaten those candy bars, carrot cakes, and all the other sweets I stick in my mouth.

I could have taken at least an hour a day out of my busy schedule and made myself sweat.

I own that and I’m going to be changing that. More on that in a minute…

Another bad health thing I did was to continue on with smoking and I let it get worse. Uuuggh again!

This week I get my new e-cigarette, and I’m going to be using it to get my off of regular cigarettes and then will be able to put the e-cigarette down. Thank you, but I don’t need advice on this. I need to do it my way. 🙂

I’m ready to get the healthy part of healthy, happy, and wealthy back in check!

In other words I need to start working harder to drop the 10-15 pounds I’ve gained back to get back on track to lose the last 25-30 to hit my goal weight, and get back on track.

How am I going to do that?

I’m going to do it with YOU if you want to join in…

Here’s what I’m doing to help you and me get healthy and continually STAY that way. I’ve started a Facebook group at

In this group we will be doing several different challenges to get healthy. The way I lost 80 pounds and stuck with eating right and exercising was by diversifying what I ate and my fitness activities. I get bored very easily and will drop something quick if I get bored!  To help you do the same and keep you going we’re going to be doing different 5 day challenges (they will last Monday – Friday so we can do what we want on the weekends) at least once a month and hopefully get it to a weekly schedule.

You can join for free at

Nothing for sale there… I just want to interact with my customers and fans and friends and help us all get healthy and stay that way. I hope you’ll join me!

I’d love to hear from you about how you keep everything in your life balanced, so leave your comments below…

Talk soon!


Notes From Liz

The Liz Tomey Map

Okay so I decided to do something pretty cool after having so many people ask me where all of my sites and offers were. I had a graphic created that shows you EVERYTHING from a simple map.  You can see that below and/or click here for the clickable map in PDF format that you can download.  Hopefully this will help you in finding exactly what you need from me. 🙂