Building An Online Business

Q & A With Liz

We just wrapped up the Building An Online Business series, and now I want to know what questions you still have?

In this series I covered…

1. How to find a niche that you love and that is PROFITABLE. Both things are vital!

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2. Setting up your business foundation. Another vital component, and you’ve GOT to do it right.

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3. Monetizing the business you’ve built.

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4. Driving the RIGHT traffic into your new business.

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5. Running your online business daily.

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Note: None of this is about the marketing side of things. I cover that stuff constantly. This is all about getting an online business setup. What questions do you still have about that? What is holding you back? Why don’t you have something up and going? If you do have something up and going, and it’s not making money, why?

If there are any other questions you have on this topic, please leave them in the comments below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out!

Wishing you much success on your journey!



  1. Silvia

    Hi Liz, having taken several courses with you I would like to ask something because you seem to be an expert: How do you handle it rolling several big boulders at the same time? I know you have several business niches.
    I have a full time freelance business, I need to care for my parents, I try to develop my Amazon business. I’m always very motivated but I’m vey lousy at multitasking and I feel constantly running from one boulder to the next. But I can’t stop earning money with my running business, I can’t stop looking after my parents and I certainly do not wish to stop developing my side business that can make me serious money but needs still a lot of work and development. Thank you for any insight.

    1. liztomey Author

      Hey Silvia! A good question and one I get asked often.

      I’m not good at balancing life, health, AND business. What I’m good at is balancing my business. I know that makes no sense, but for some reason I can’t apply what I do in my business in other things. I want to tell you that so you see that balancing everything is REALLY hard. But to answer your question, I work A LOT because I love what I do. I have a main business and it’s where I spend most of my time. It’s also one that I plan on letting go of. So I have my other niches I work on. I spend the majority of my work time working on it. Like 70% of my time. But I always have 30% of my time devoted to my other niche projects.

      My advice is to decide how much work time you have each day, take 70-75% of it and spend on your main business that’s making money, and then spend the 30-25% of the time on your other stuff.

      If you never want to get rid of your freelance business then I would recommend cutting everything else out. THere’s no reason to do other stuff if you want to keep that.

      Hope this helps. 🙂


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