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Saying Goodbye To Backpack Business Lifestyle

Today is the first day of a new journey I’ve begun. I’m completely changing my business to help my readers create multiple streams of passive income. 🙂

Exciting right?

Well the exciting part is getting to $10,000 a month in passive income, is our FIRST goal!

Now THAT is exciting…

On this journey I’ll be getting rid of most of my brands and re-doing many of my products and coaching programs so that they only teach passive income methods and strategies.

For instance… I’m known in the industry as the “Queen of PLR“. I WILL still be doing PLR, but I’ll be getting rid of my brand AND I’ll also be teaching how to create and sell your own PLR in a passive way.

That’s down the road a bit though…

The first brand I will be getting rid of is the Backpack Business Lifestyle Brand. Within this brand I have several coaching programs (I’ll still be supporting those), products, a Facebook group, and a blog.

I will be deleting the Facebook group for this brand, closing down the blog (I’ll take the best posts from this blog that are related to passive income and put them on my blog), and re-doing all the products and coaching programs so they align with passive-income streams.

This was a hard decision to make because the building of this brand came at the biggest turning point of my life…

I went from being a wife of MANY years with a house full of kids to a divorced “girl child” (at the age of 34) who had never once been on her own in life.

To say I turned my life upside down is like the understatement of the year, but it was hands down the best thing that EVER happened to me.

I finally found out EXACTLY who I am, what I love, and most importantly I learned to LIVE!

Going through all of that though was soul shattering.

I turned to my work and began building the Backpack Business Lifestyle brand. My missions was (still is) to get healthy, happy, and wealthy and show other people how to do the same thing.

Getting my mind off my life with working on this was great, but I needed something more.

That’s when I randomly just picked something to do OUTSIDE of working to help me get healthy. I chose bike riding!

I had no idea at the time that with that decision would come the ultimate life therapy!

I researched forever to find the perfect bike, and found it. Of course it had to be purple because I have this weird thing about all of my “stuff” being purple. Blame it on my OCD. *lol*

I started out slow. I’d ride 3-4 miles, but within a few weeks I found myself literally craving longer bike rides.

I felt great after them and within a month saw HUGE health improvements.

The longer my rides, the more my mind would wander and I would think about life. The things I had done wrong and how with this “new life” of mine, what I could do differently.

Let me tell you…Self analyzing” daily for 2-3 hours at a time 4-5 days a week is absolutely brutal. I’ve shed so many tears and had so many thoughts on my bike that if I even tried to explain you’d think I was a complete lunatic. 🙂

One day while riding, Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train” started playing on Pandora and I thought to myself that’s what my bike was. My personal little crazy train, and from that day forward my bike became “Rails”.

I’ve put over 4,000 miles on Rails since the day I got “him“. 4000 miles of “soul sweat“, business ideas, tears, and more. If it hadn’t of been for this obsession the Backpack Business Lifestyle brand probably would have never been “born” and I would have missed out on so much.

The brand helped shape me into who I am as a person and helped MANY people start their own life changing online businesses.

Today as I rode I thought about the new brand I’m building and got really excited because essentially we’re doing the same thing. We’re just giving ourselves so much more time to enjoy that money we will be making.

It’s been a great “ride” guys… Now it’s time to “up our game” and take on this new journey to reclaim our time, enjoy our lives, and make a ton of money while doing it all!

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