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This Granny Does Ecom?

We talk A LOT about online business models around here. I mean that’s what I do. I help people create their own online business, so it’s THE topic really. 🙂

There’s one online business model I haven’t talked about a lot though and it’s simply because I haven’t done it on a big enough scale.

Meaning I haven’t put the time into it to make money-with it.

What’s the business model?

Ecommerce or ecom is the short name for it, and basically EVERYTHING you sell online is you doing ecommerce, but when we talk about it in the industry we mean selling physical products.

There’s about 1,344,984,091 ways to do that. Maybe more, but there are so many options.

The option I’ve used and had success with is called print-on-demand (POD).

This is where you design something like a tshirt, coffee mug, jewelry, journals, etc and you have a company fulfill it for you. Basically you’re just adding graphics and/or text to a product, and a company prints it on the product of your choice and when someone orders it from you they print it and ship it.

You do nothing, but promote the products you create.

This is PROBABLY the ONLY way I would EVER do ecom. I’m not into over head or having a bunch of products in my house or in storage buildings or any of that other time consuming stuff.

I want to create something, and let someone else deal with everything else. I’ve done this with all kinds of tshirts, but as I said there are SOOOO many products you can do POD with.

No I do not teach this because as I said I don’t have the know how or the success stories to back it up, but today I came across a product from Jeremy Kennedy called Grandmas Ecom Revenge.

In this course he’s showing how his mom (who became disabled due to health reasons) is using POD to have nice little $100+ days. This looks like an awesome little side hustle, and I bought because this is something I want to do MORE of because it’s A LOT less work. 😉

If you’re looking for a nice easy online business model then check this out

Talk soon!


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