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What’s The Difference In These Workshops?

So I just wrapped up the launch of my latest workshop, and the biggest question I got asked was…

Liz, what are the differences in all the workshops you’ve been doing?

That’s a good question…

I have three brands that I do live 5 day workshops for. I’ve found this to be the BEST way to teach students. SHOW them what to do. Everything I teach I do right before your eyes. No matter if you attend live or not you can SEE me do it all.

The first brand is

With this brand I teach marketing and traffic tactics for those who already have an online business or are in the process of starting one.

You don’t need to know how to market your business and get traffic if you don’t have one. 🙂

With ALL of these workshops, I take ONE marketing topic or ONE traffic tactic and teach it via a 5 day workshop.

Just ONE topic at a time. 🙂

There IS a bundle offer to get ALL of the workshops from this brand and ALL future ones too. You can see that offer at

The second brand is

With this brand I teach different online business models.

Each workshop focuses on a different business model that you can use to start an online business. I cover everything from A-Z on each business model.

I focus on ONE business model at a time.

Since these all focus on a different business model I am NOT offering them in a bundle. I do have several planned (I’ve done TWO as of the time of this writing), but I will not ever be putting any of these into a bundle.

You can go through them all, you can go through the ones that interest you, or better yet… Pick ONE and actually DO what I show you and ONLY focus on it. 😉

The third brand is

With this brand I’m teaching multiple ways to make multiple streams of passive income. EVERYTHING (including marketing tactics) are all focused on being as passive as absolutely possible.

There IS a bundle offer for all workshops and ALL future ones too. You can see that offer at

So that’s the three brands I have providing workshops. These workshops also come with me there to help you in any way that you need.

These aren’t a “here you go hope you survive” kind of deal. I’m actually here to answer any of your questions and help you no matter what workshop you’re going through or what kind of business you have.

So think about your needs, what you want to do, and if you have questions about where to get started contact me. 🙂

Hope this makes everything crystal clear. 🙂


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