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A Word From Kimberly Castleberry

I always put a lot of effort into every coaching program I do and every client I take on, and when I see messages like this (this was a Facebook post) it makes the long hours and the hard work so worth it!

I want to give a big shoutout, and tip of my hat, to Liz Tomey…

Now you may or may not know Liz, but if you don’t, and you’re marketing online, you should, so go hit that friend button and keep reading!

I’ve known Liz as a connection for a long time but I’ve never really had a good reason to work with her or take one of the larger trainings she offered, nor having taken the time to REALLY get to know her.

It turns out I was missing out.

I’m strategically writing this now – while her most recent course is no longer for sale – so people don’t think I’m just saying something to make an affiliate sale.

I bought – and am taking – her PLR marketing course…

The woman is coaching with a servant’s heart…

She has bent over backwards for the students in this group…

We’re not actually fully convinced that she’s sleeping…

Not a single one of us have been left hanging, stuck, had questions unanswered, or even been given an excuse to slack.

There’s a dozen different ways we can reach out to her – both on group calls and privately – and she lets us use ALL of the channels.
I’ve seen substantially less care taken of students in courses in the $2k bracket.

To say “I’ve gotten my money’s worth” (and we’re barely half done) is such an understatement.

When she releases this course again, if it sells for anything under $1,000… you’ve gotten a bargain.. and I wouldn’t blame her a bit for clocking it at $1,997.

She puts the “big boys” courses and coaching to shame.

Most hands-on, authentic, sometimes laughing together, I’m-truly-here-to-help, course that I’ve taken in the last three years.
Hands down.

Liz, you’re amazing. Keep it up girlfriend! <3

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