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You’re Going To Lose Your Mind!

Wow! What a crazy few weeks it’s been. Life hit me at 1000 mph and I need to give everyone a massive update, so everyone knows I’m ok and I am in fact alive. πŸ™‚

As many of you know I moved to Venice, FL about 2-3 years ago. It had been a dream of mine since I was 5 years old. My mom and I (before she passed away) always said we’d move as soon as she could retire. Unfortunately she never made it to retirement so me moving there was achieving a goal for BOTH of us. πŸ™‚

It was a huge deal and it was like me starting my life over after my divorce and losing my mom. I needed the move so bad after all of that!

If you’re my Facebook friend you’ve seen hundreds of pictures of the beach there, the AMAZIng sunsets, me working at th beach, etc. It was evident I had found my paradise.

My amazing son was supposed to move with me and decided he wanted to wait for his 9th grade year to move with me. Then he decided he wanted to wait another year.

Well long story short he decided he didn’t want to move to FL… AT ALL!

The traveling back and forth to see him all the time got too much for me and him both and he finally told me he didn’t want to move to FL and wanted me to move back to Chattanooga, TN.

I don’t know how many of you are parents, but when it comes to breaking your heart or your child’s heart you always choose YOUR heart.

And that’s what I did…

I completely and totally broke my own heart, packed up everything, left a 2 year relationship, and moved back to Chattanooga, TN. My good ol’ hometown that I love to hate.

I do love this place, but I do feel like my dream of living happily ever after in FL was ripped from me. Yes of course in just a few years when he goes to college I can move back and that’s truly my only sanity in all of this. πŸ™‚

So it took me a few weeks to adjust and get into the groove of things. I took a small step back from business so I could breath.

I’ve spent a lot of time with my kid of course, but also a lot of time on my bike, up in the mountains doing some meditation, and in River Park here which is where my mom worked for 25+ years. She did all the landscaping there so I can go and look at all the trees, plants, and flowers she planted and feel close to her. It’s a magical place.

I’ve done all the things I needed to do to heal and come back stronger than ever as I start yet another chapter of my life.

I appreciate your patience and understanding over the last few weeks. I’m back and ready to kick butt again, and all of you truly make my life amazing. I can’t thank you enough.

So I’ve shared this little story not to only update you, but to show you I’m human too.

You are at some point going to lose your mind in life! Probably repeatedly! πŸ™‚

Things go crazy in life even when you’ve got a great life and a great business. You just need “tools” to help you get through it. My tools are my son, my bike, and nature. Find the “tools” that help you to cope and there’s nothing you can’t get through. You must keep pressing on. πŸ™‚

Okay so it’s official… I’m back in Chattanooga, TN and I’m loving life once again!

I look forward to continuing on our path to the success you WANT


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  1. Wow, Liz. As a parent, survivor of divorce, mourner of loss of a parent, among a zillion other things that have made me lose my mind over the past 60 years, I so empathize, sympathize, and just plain get it.

    The BEST part of your story is that you have put yourself in a position where you can (relatively) comfortably do what you did from a financial standpoint.

    Which is why I chose you as a mentor.

    Welcome back.

    Here’s (probably) the craziest thing about life. We never know how long we’ll be “back” before the next bit of insanity smacks us right between the eyes.

    And the insanity begins all over again.

    Thanks for being so transparent.

  2. Liz,
    Thanks so much for sharing!!! I knew somethin’ was goin’ on and figured you’d let us all know as soon as it was appropriate! Glad you got your nature and your bicycle riding. I love bike riding as well. Just got my mini-pump from in case I get a flat. I just checked a few minutes ago and found out it was delivered. Can’t wait to get it from the mailbox, BUT I need to watch your affiliate training video first! (It’s in the new DFY Bloggging Membership Package I just bought from you! Totally pumped and excited to check it all out!). So you did the right thing for your son. You did the right thing. You also, literally, have your whole life ahead of you and you’ll be back on da beach in no time. Florida and the beaches will always be there waiting for you. The time with your son as he goes through high school will never come again, however, as you know.
    I also say that everything works out for the best. You’ve made sacrifices for your son, but you’ll see that it ends up being the best thing for you and your bidness as well !!! I must admit that I’m so pumped that you’re back on track cause I need a mentor! (Don’t worry. I need a coach and mentor and JV Partner to make some money with, NOT an adult baby sitter! LOL)
    Ok, once again, thanks for letting me and all of us know what’s going on. We’re all so very excited about building our Business in the Passive Income Squad!
    ~ Jupiter Jim

  3. Wow as a parent I can so understand how you put your son first. Not an easy decision, but glad you have come to terms with it. I’m sure you will find happiness back there too. From the pic you posted it looks gorgeous too! Looking forward to kicking butt with you! πŸ˜‰

  4. Sharon Davis

    Good to hear from you Liz. Sounds like you are bouncing back from what life has put in front of you. I have been where you have been (but with 3 children.) I raised all of them for 10 years alone. Stayed at a job I could do in my sleep so they wouldn’t have as many disruptions. Momhood doesn’t come without bumps in our wishes. But I was able to see the end of the tunnel and finally leaped into the College life to change my career. Went to work at Fedex and worked nites, but I knew it was going to get me out of my rut. Now 15 years later, I still want to get myself producing income online. That is why I enrolled with you. I have been continuing to do FW with Lee, until you surfaced again. What I am not sure of, is what I do with all I have from the backpacklife plrs. Maybe we can still have the telephone call???

  5. Manuel Taningco

    I love the beach, but the mountains have its own spirit and magistic ways of calming myself when I am around it and hiking on it like I did when I was in Laguna, Philippines. The mountains gave me an abundance of energy when I am on one. Family comes first though. I’ve always love to move closer to the beach, but my kids and grandkids are amazing people and it completes me when I am around my own family.
    May you find love there as well, Liz.

  6. My wife and I used to vacation in FL every year and we always said when we retired we’d like to move there. But the day came and we realized east TN is home and we’d always miss it so we stayed here. Add to that as I got older my tolerance for hot weather has dwindled down to none (although it does get hot here too) and the mountains here in TN have much more bearable weather.

    Take care and welcome back to TN Liz!
    –Rick Roberts

  7. Stefan

    We all need to take a break and reset our mind from time to time.
    If we do that when we feel it’s necessary, we’ll stay happy, healthy and not lose our mind.. welcome back to business.

  8. Howdy Liz,
    That was a story. a story about life and being a mother. Someone told me that even though the cord is cut when the child is born, you both are really always attached with a bond even stronger than any physical knot. For that reason, mothers will like a bird feed their young before feeding themselves.

    What I can tell you ( because I’ve been here quite a bit longer than you and have had my share of life’s knocks,) is that your heart is in the right place and the foundation you are building is not on sand only to be washed away with the first strong wave of the sea.

    You are also making a positive difference in people’s lives that you have never met. That is priceless. Don’t you just love that laptop lifestyle? I will get there one of these days.


  9. Ingrid du Preez

    Awww… Thanks for sharing your story with us, Liz. Tears. This shows we all have our ‘mountains to climb’, so to speak. I am on my steep slope, going up, right now. Will push on. You inspired me. God bless your life, especially going forward. Ingrid.

  10. Connie Barker

    Hi Liz….thanks very much for sharing. The picture of you and your sweet son online was one of the first things that drew me to your website to see what the Backpack Business was all about. Needless to say, you got a new follower! I also love Florida. My husband and I plan to retire to Florida one of these years. Our dream is on hold for now because we have a grandson who started the 9th grade this year and he doesn’t want to move there. He has been with us since he was 11 months old and we could never move without him. But, we go down to Florida often as we can to vacation.

    Plus, happiness is not really about where you are but who you are with☺️

    I am so looking forward to working with you and your tribe on the passive funnel adventure and everything/anything else I can sign up with you for! I purchased Funnel World thru your link and bought everything but the last upsell….looking over Lee’s shoulder for 60 days or something like that.


  11. Julia

    Welcome back Liz. Life doesn’t always go as planned, but that is often to the best, even when it doesn’t feel like it at the time.

    Here’s to you kicking butt again!

  12. zora Blume

    Wow That’s great Liz you can go see what you mom Built any time you like.
    Thanks for sharing hope every thing works out for the good . Be blessed and happy with a pleasant journey.


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