My Personal Traffic Blueprint

On a daily basis usually several times a day I get asked this question…

Liz, How do you get traffic to your websites?

If I had a nickel for every time I got asked that I’d be sharing an island with Sir Richard Branson! :)

So I’m going to break this down for you, and tell you my personal plan for getting traffic to ANY site ANY time I want. It’s simple and easy, and you’re going to be shocked to what I say, so pay attention…

I use 4 different methods for getting traffic… I’m good at those methods because they are ALL that I use. I don’t try this and that! I know what works and that’s all I do. So don’t chase the next big traffic tactic.


This works…

1. Ezine Advertising/Ad Swaps – This is pretty self-exlpanatory … You pay to advertise in people’s ezines, newsletters, etc, and/or you do ad swaps with peolple who have a list.

Now the thing that messes people up with this is that they don’t know the correct ways to write ads, where to find places to advertise, and the like. I just went through Jeremy Kelsall’s Solo Ad Crusher course that shows you everything you need to know to get traffic with ezine advertising.

I highly recommend you grab this course and go through it right now. It’s as close to instant traffic as you’ll get!

2. Banner advertising – Again this is pretty self-explanatory… You pay to put your banner on other people’s website to get their visitor to your site. I use and sites like it to purchase banner advertising!

3. Other website advertising – This includes things like blog reviews about your website/product, text link advertising on sites like yours, etc. Simply search Google like someone would if they were trying to find you, and try to get the owners of the sites that come up to let you advertise on their sites. Yes… It’s that simple. :)

4. Forum marketing – With forum marketing I hire someone to post in forums (using their own name, not mine) and they put links to my site in their signatures which are posted with every post they make. All you need to do is search for forums related to your niche, make sure it actually gets traffic, and then go to and hire someone to post in those forums for you. You don’t have to worry about what they say because they aren’t using your name!

Please notice that search engine optimization is NOT in my list… Why?

Lots of reasons, but mainly because the search engine algorithms change to fast for me. I got tired of playing their games and said enough is enough. I do a LITTLE bit of on page optimization for my sites and if I get traffic from the search engines great. If not… I don’t care. :)

So there’s the big secret to my traffic success. :)

As you see there really isn’t a big secret at all! Use what works, don’t worry about anything else, and you’ll get traffic!

Plain and simple…

The fastest way to get traffic, and probably the best traffic (meaning people who will buy) is hands down ezine advertising. And as I said I highly recommend you go through the Solo Ad Crusher course at It’s super cheap and will show you the right way to get traffic right now!

Okay so there’s your traffic lesson for the day… Now go get some traffic!

Talk soon!

Liz Tomey