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Here's Everything That's Included:

  • A one on one call with with me here we will plan out everything that will be in your PLR package, and cover anything else you need to know.
  • After the call I'll go to work on creating your entire PLR package for you! Every single component of your PLR package will be created and your customers are going to love you for what you're providing them with!
  • I'll also create your upsell for you so that you make even more money. Having a funnel is important and with this add on you'll make a lot more money than you would just having a front end PLR package for sale.
  • After your PLR package and up sell is created I'll go to work creating a sales letter for you that sells your PLR package to the masses!
  • I'll also create the download page for you so that your customers can download your PLR product package after they purchase. I'll also be monetizing this for you to help you make even MORE money!
  • I'll also be creating a sales page that offers your upsells to all buyers of your PLR product package, and it's accompanying download page. And again this one will be monetized too so that you can make even more money!
  • Once everything above is complete I'll hook everything up so that all buyers are added to your list so you can profit from them for months and years to come! This is easy money that you can make each time you send an email out to your buyers, and I'll show you how to do it!
  • After everything is ready to go I'll kick off your launch by sending out an email my list! I will not use an affiliate link for this so you will get ALL of the money from my promotion. I have a large list of hungry PLR buyers so this is really going to kickstart your income.
  • I will then mail my list of 3,000 plus affiliates and encourage them to promote your launch. You'll make money by having affiliates promoting your PLR package for you, and your list of buyers will grow too.
  • And last but not least I will announce your launch on 15+ affiliate launch groups on Facebook which will get you even more affiliates promoting your launch.
Sorry This Offer Is Sold Out!