Websites For Cash Biz Model Examples

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I absolutely LOVE the websites for cash biz model for two reasons.

1. Its easier than most biz models.
2. I can have a ton of different sites making me money in different ways.

This biz model is simply creating niche websites and monetizing them in different ways.

So I wanted to use this post to give you some examples and spark some ideas incase this is a business model you'd like to use.

Here we go…

Example 1: Create a niche blog (authority site) that you add content to and monetize with affiliate links, PPC ads, or other advertising.

Example 2: Create and sell websites on Flippa. This is a great little money maker. Hot Tip: Find products you can sell, set a site up to sell them, get them making a little money, and sell them for up to 12 times the monthly profits.

Example 3: Create niche tutorial sites. Here's a great example in the webmaster niche.

Example 4: Create an industry news site. Interested in a big industry with a lot of news? Then build a site and update it with the latest news on the industry.

Example 5: A niche blog that you do reviews for products you can be an affiliate for.

Example 6: Tightly niched brick and mortar places directory. A good example of this would be a directory listing all the best night clubs around the US to visit. There's a site called that is a great example of this.

Example 7: City directory… This is kind of like the above example, but you'd do it for a city. For example I have and we plan to make it into a directory of things to do in Chattanooga, TN.

Example 8: A niche website featuring products that you're an Amazon affiliate for. A good example of this would be a site all about container gardening and have physical products that you recommend that are related to container gardening. There is some great software out there like My Azon Store that will automatically build these for you.

Example 9: Create a contest site giving away things everyone wants (electronics is always a good thing) and monetize it in several different ways. Hold a contest multiple times a day, daily, weekly, whatever.

Example 10: Create a social network site on a tightly focused niche. Think hobbies and passions. 🙂 Of course monetize the site once you've got it up and going.

Now these are just the tip of the iceberg here. I literally have a million ideas for websites you could create that would make you money, but I just wanted to give you something to get started with today. We will be talking a lot more about this business model so stay tuned!

I'd love to here your comments or questions on this business model so leave them below…