List Building Resources

Building a list that you can email anytime you want allows you to send your “audience” the people on your list anywhere you want them to go. List building is NOT email marketing. The two things go hand in hand, but are two different topics. List building is creating “things” that get people to get on your list. Email marketing is creating emails that you send to a list you already have or are currently building. Below you will find several resources to help you with your list building. Just remember to build a list you need…

1.  A way to get people on your list – This could be a squeeze page, a free offer page, a link in a blog post, and the list goes on and on.

2. Traffic (See the Website Traffic Resource Page here to learn to get traffic.) to put in front of your list builders.

List Building Resources:

1. The Get A List In 24 Hours Workshop – In this workshop I’ll show you how to get started build your first list!

2. How To Use “Content Upgrades” To Build Your List –

3. How To Use PLR To Build Your List –

4. How To Build A List Of Buyers In Your Niche –

5. How To Use PLR Articles To Create A Free Giveaway  – If you want to create a free offer (lead magnet) to give away from your free offer page.

More coming soon…