Affiliate Marketing Hack For JV Zoo Affiliates

So JVZoo has had this little “hack” for a while, but I wanted to show you how to use it because it allows you to put buyers of products you’re an affiliate for on your own list.

Example: I’m going to be promoting a product for David Eisner. When people buy through my affiliate link I’d like to have them put on a list within my autoresponder account. I’d create a list something like deisner4xleadquality so that I knew what the list was.

Once those people are on that list I can send them bonuses for buying, related products, and whatever else I wanted.

This is a HUE benefit for people who are doing affiliate marketing without a list because then BUYERS get added to your list seamlessly!

And it’s a HUGE benefit for those who already have a list because you can create BUYERS list that are super targeted.

All you have to do is when you find a product you want to promote in JVZoo, apply to get approval and get your link. On that same screen is a place where you can put what list you want people who buy through your link to be added to.

Here’s an image to show you what I’m talking about…

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be using this “hack” a lot to create seriously targeted list of my buyers. :)

Hint: You could even create “category” type lists. For example anyone who buys a product through your link on affiliate marketing could go on your affiliate marketing buyers list. Or anyone who buys a product through your link on traffic could go on a traffic buyers list.

Okay… A little advanced tactics, but wanted to share to help you guys out!



Affiliate Marketing Biz Model – Review Affiliate

And here’s another great tactic for those of you implementing the affiliate marketing biz model.

Product reviews!

Yes you review a product (either by writing one or doing a video), post your review online, and if people like your review they buy the product through your link.


There’s a lot more that goes into it… (Of course)

Here’s an example of how you can do this…

Review Blog Example

With this tactic you pick a niche that has plenty of products within it that you can be an affiliate for. This can be digital products or physical products.

Once you have your niche, pick a product you can be an affiliate for and write your first review.

Get a domain name that has your niche plus the word reviews in it. An example would be something like

Once you have your domain name install a blog on it, and post your review. Make sure you put your affiliate link in your review. Duh! :)

Start building a following by driving traffic…

Keep posting reviews for more products in your niche…

Now here’s the biggest battle with this tactic… Writing a good review that makes people want to buy! There’s a product called Ninja Reviews that I absolutely love. It’s mainly about writing reviews for Amazon products, but what you’ll learn from it you can use with any product you want to write a review for. This is hands down the best product out there about writing product reviews.

Check it out at >>>

Okay that’s it for this tactic for now. If you have questions about doing affiliate marketing in this way feel free to leave them below. Like I said this is one of my favorite affiliate marketing tactics ever because it works so well!

Talk soon!


Affiliate Marketing Biz Model – CPA Affiliate

Now as we’ve talked before affiliate marketing is a complete business model, but there’s many different ways to do it. We’ve talked about being an Amazon affiliate and building niche sites that promote products from Amazon. If you missed that you can read it by clicking here.

Today I want to talk about another way you can make money as an affiliate marketer and that’s by using CPA (cost-per-action), PPA (pay-per-action), and/or PPL (pay-per-lead) programs.

I’m sure I’ve left out a few, but mainly this is where you join a program and get paid when some performs an action such as signing up for something free. PPL is of course where you get paid for a lead. For example you send traffic to a squeeze page and people pay you for each person that signs up.

So how do you get started with this?

Here are some beginner steps…

Step 1: Find a program to join!

This can be pretty tricky because there’s a lot of hoops to jump through with many programs. There’s a great course called CPA Cash Demon that will help you find programs to join though. ;)

Step 2: Find an offer to promote!

Within these programs will be anywhere from hundreds and even thousands of different offers you can promote. Depending on what niche your targeting and some other factors will depend on what you pick.

Step 3: Drive traffic!

Yes… Just like everything else you have to drive traffic and of course those tactics depend on what niche you’re in. I know you guys hate that answer, but your niche will almost always depend on what traffic tactics you’re using.

So there’s the basics to all this CPA, PPL, PPA method…

And if you want an “all inclusive” course on this type of affiliate marketing I highly recommend CPA Cash Demon. It takes you from A-Z on how to join programs, pick offers, and promote them. Plus there’s

As questions come in about this affiliate marketing tactic I will answer them here and provide even more resources. I just wanted to start out with the basics for you though so you can get an understanding of how this works.

Make sure and leave all questions you have about this tactic below. :)



What Business Model Are You Dying To Know About?

Since 2004 I’ve been a full time online business owner. In Internet years that’s about 245 years. :)

I’ve started many different Internet businesses since then. I’ve seen tactics come and go… Come and go… Come and go… It’s a cycle just like anything in life really.

The whole goal of 2.0 is to educate YOU about the different online business models out there so you can pick ONE and use it to create your dream income.

So I want to ask YOU what business models you’d like for me to cover?

Examples of online business models are…

Affiliate Marketing Business Model

PLR Creation Business Model

Digital Products Business Model

… and I could go on and on and on and on here because there are literally hundreds if not thousands of different kinds of business models.

So just leave your comments below on what business models you’d like for me to teach you about. I will take note of all your suggestions and start pumping out the training on as many as I can.

Your feedback is soooo important here so make sure you tell me what you want to learn about!


P.S. One last thing… We’re talking business models here. Not marketing strategies. Two totally different things. ;) So just let me know what business models you want me to cover. I’ve got a ton of marketing strategies to teach you once you get a business actually up and going. :)

PLR 101 – How To Setup A PLR Product

Okay so here’s a tutorial I did a while back giving you an over view of setting and editing a PLR product. If you’ve never done this before you’re about to get a serious education so check this out…

Let me know if you have any questions about what I covered here…


Using PLR Products As An Affiliate Marketer

I talk about PLR content non-stop because of how dang valuable it is. You can use it in so many ways. So I’ve decided to post the videos from my “Affiliate Marketers Blueprint To PLR Success” course. These videos will show you several different ways to use PLR in your affiliate marketing business.

I created these a few years ago, but the techniques and tactics are still working!

Carve out some time and GO through them. They are worth WAY more than their weight in gold… Especially since they “weigh” nothing. :)

Here you go…

Finding Products To Promote As An Affiliate

So we’ve talked a lot about the affiliate marketing business model, but today I want to talk about your first step as an affiliate marketer which is finding affiliate programs to promote.

Most of the time depending on your niche will depend on how you do this.

For those of you in the Internet marketing/make money online niche you have it a bit easier because there are huge affiliate market places devoted to products in these niches.

My favorites are…

1. JV Zoo – I really like this place because so many people are using it and it pays instant commissions. Meaning when someone buys you automatically get that money put into your PayPal account. :)

2. Warrior Plus – This is mainly an affiliate network for Warrior Special Offers, but you can find some really good products here. You just have to weed through a lot of bad ones. :( This network also pays instant commissions.

3. ClickBank – ClickBank has been around forever and it does have it’s faults, but a lot of people still use it because it’s trusted and a great platform to sell products from. As an affiliate you don’t get instant commissions, but since ClickBank does all the payouts you’re guaranteed to get paid.

Note: Be careful of private affiliate programs run by a product owner. Sometimes some people aren’t great about actually paying you your commissions.

Now for those of you in other niches there are affiliate networks out there for you too, and my favorites are…

1. Commission Junction – CJ doesn’t offer an instant commission program (most niches don’t), but you can find things to promote as an affiliate for just about any niche you can think of.

2. LinkShare – This is a lot like Commission Junction. Again no instant commissions, but a great network!

Now if you can’t find a product for your niche, you have one more option, and that’s some good ‘ol search engine research.

Just head to Google (or whatever search engine you use) and search for your niche affiliate program.

For example if I’m in the gardening niche, I would search for…

gardening affiliate program

You should be able to find things to promote that way…

Now if you can’t find a product in your niche to promote as an affiliate that may be an indicator that you’re in a niche that wont make you money. That’s a whole other topic, but I did want to mention it here.

Okay hopefully the resources I’ve given you here will better help you find the perfect product to promote as an affiliate.

Remember as I said this is the first step as an affiliate marketer. You want to get this right from the start because if you pick the wrong product no matter what you do it wont make you money.

And as I reminder… For those of you in the Internet marketing/make money online niche, there’s an amazing resource at that will show you 49 different affiliate programs that are recurring. Meaning they pay you over and over again. This is like the holy grail for affiliate marketers, so make sure you check it out!

Okay if you have any questions about finding products to promote as an affiliate marketer please post them below. I’d like to use this post as a go to resource for those trying to find products to promote as an affiliate so let me have those questions!

Talk soon!


Affiliate Marketing Biz Model – Amazon Affiliate

The other day we started talking about the affiliate marketing business model. This is one of my favorite business models because there are so many different ways in which you can use it.

For instance one way is to become an Amazon affiliate and sell products in niches that spend money hand over fist. I’m not talking about the Internet marketing niche either. You can go in so many other different niches as an Amazon affiliate and create tons of streams of-income.


I create a site as an Amazon affiliate in the “womens fall dresses” niche. I know for a FACT that this is a huge niche full of rabid buyers. Yes I am one of them. :)

I can easily get that site making-money and I have an income-stream.

Then I decide to create another site in the “techy gadgets” niche. Again another niche I know for a FACT has loads and loads of buyers. I can easily get that site making-money and now I have TWO income-streams!

Do you see where I’m going here?

Every site I create is an asset that can make me-money!

The only issue is it can be really hard to create a great looking site that people will actually buy from. That’s why I got really excited when I saw this…

It’s a killer push button software program that can create Amazon affiliate sites in any niche you can possibly think of.

You don’t need any techy abilities or a team of “techy helpers” to get these sites up and running and out there making you-money.

Can this be an entire business model?

You bet!

1. You build the sites easy peasy…

2. You spend a few hours a day driving traffic…

3. After a week or so you start seeing your little streams of income-coming in…

At this point you can start scaling your business by adding more traffic and/or building more sites.

Imagine when you have 15-20 of these bad boys going out there for you?

You excited yet?

So take a second check out this software >>>

It works great to build these bad boys and I highly recommend it for any affiliate marketer!

Have a great day and I’ll talk to you soon!

More Resources To Help You As An Amazon Affiliate: 


Using Google Plus For Traffic

I recently went through Jonathan Teng’s new Social Media Mastery course at and loved it! He shares so many tactics in the course and I can’t recommend it enough!

So over the next few days I’ll be sharing with you some of my social media tactics that I am using and that are working in my business.

Note: If you haven’t read my Getting Started With Traffic post you need to do that before you even think about driving traffic to anything using any tactic! You can see it at

Today I want to talk about how I use Google Plus…

I started with creating a “community” which you can see at

I of course sent an email to my list telling them about this community.

As more people join they share my content, and that gets more people into my community.

It starts a viral effect basically…

Now I can post great content into this community with a link to my squeeze page and all those people that are joining my community start getting on my list.

Now I can send those people to any other link/offer/site I want. :)

Super easy strategy that you can use… Just provide good content that people will want to share and you will see your community on Google Plus grow, and more people getting on your list.

How easy is that?

Here’s a diagram of how this works to help you better understand…


Okay so that’s it for my simple Google Plus strategy. I’d love to expand on this topic more, so if you have questions make sure and leave your comments below…


Getting Started With Traffic

So I just wanted to write a really quick post to help you guys who are getting started with traffic. There are things you need to keep in mind that will actually HELP you to get traffic in the correct ways using the correct processes.

You see it’s not just about driving traffic. It’s about driving traffic to the right place, and using the right traffic tactics that work for your business model.

For example…

I drive ALL traffic to a squeeze page. ( My business is all about teaching people to create their own online business. So tactics like…

Buying solo ads from people who have lists in my niche
Buying advertising on sites that are in my niche
Writing articles about my niche
Using social media tactics
Etc, etc, etc…

Those are all things I do because they are proven to work in my niche.

So before you even THINK about traffic you need a squeeze page so you can drive traffic and get people in your niche on your list. This way you can send an email to your list and get them to any link you want them to go to. The bigger your list the more traffic you can drive to any link you want.

Duh, right?

Well 95% of people aren’t doing that…

So once you have somewhere to drive traffic then it all comes down to educating yourself about the different traffic tactics and finding the ones that work for you and using them each and every day.

Yes! You have to drive traffic each day in order to keep that traffic coming. That’s something else 95% of people don’t do. They are too busy chasing the dream and aren’t actually WORKING. :)

So here’s a diagram of how this all works…


Here’s an explanation of the diagram…

1. You learn tactics to drive traffic
2. You drive traffic to your squeeze page
3. You get people on your list
4. You email your list when you want to send them to a site (maybe a link to your product, a site you’re an affiliate for, etc)
5. Your list subscribers click on your links and go where you want them

See how easy that is?

So quit making this driving traffic thing so hard… Get a squeeze page, drive traffic, get your list subscribers to anywhere you want. :)

I hope this helps and if you have questions about what I’ve covered here please leave them in the comments section below…