Are YOU Really Ready To Invest In YOU? Part 3

This has truly been a great series that has spurred some great comments and feedback. I really hope you’re paying attention and listening here because I’m giving you a HUGE key to being successful at this whole starting an Internet business thing.

Okay so we’re covering three things you need to be investing in (and a lot about what NOT to invest in) and so far we’ve talked about…

1. A coach/mentor
2. Services that help you get things done (outsourcing and “done for you” services)

Today we’re hitting another big one…



Spend money to get people in front of your business…

Most of the time when you buy advertising you can get people in front of what you’re offering immediately!

You need to quit wasting your money on other stuff and put it INTO your business by…

1. Buying solo or ezine ads in newsletters that are related to your niche

2. Buying banner ads on sites that are related to your niche

3. Using Facebook advertising to reach your niche

And all the other traffic buying tactics you can think of!

Let’s take a look at an example of fast money by buying advertising that I just did…

I’ll go over this step-by-step:

Step 1: I bought a domain name related to PLR and setup a simple squeeze page. Much like the one at but the free offer was for a resource guide related to learning to use PLR products to make-money.

Step 2: I went over to JV Zoo and found a product that was related to making-money with PLR products and got my affiliate link for it.

Step 3: I created a download page where people could download the free offer I promised them on my squeeze page and right under that had an ad for the product I found on JV Zoo that was hooked to my affiliate link. That way when people clicked on it and bought it I would get paid a commission.

Step 4: I bought a few solo ads and turned on the traffic.

Four easy steps that made me over $500!

By buying the advertising I was immediately able to make-money because I was immediately able to get “eye balls” in front of my “money maker” which was that product I found on JV Zoo.

This is why advertising is something you should DEFINITELY invest in with your business!

If you can buy traffic from someone who has people interested in your “niche” then you have a way to make-money VERY quickly!

It’s like putting a dollar in and getting TWO of them back. I mean how many times a day would you do that?

So just to recap here and end this series…

You absolutely MUST invest in yourself with your business, BUT only on the right things. And three of the top things you should be investing in are…

1. A coach/mentor
2. Services that help you get things done (outsourcing and “done for you” services)
3. Advertising

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this series and answer any questions that you have so leave your feedback/questions in the comment section below…

To your success!

Liz Tomey

Are YOU Really Ready To Invest In YOU? Part 2

So yesterday we began talking about why people are failing in creating a PROFITABLE online business, and what you SHOULD be investing in.

The first thing you should do is get a coach/mentor and I explained all about that and how you can save tons of money and time by doing so and get yourself making money much quicker.

Today though I want to talk about the SECOND thing you should be investing in and that’s…


Yes you should be investing in services that help you get things DONE.

Yes I’m talking about outsourcing…

There are so many things you can outsource like…

Copy for your squeeze and sales pages
Building of your squeeze and sales page
Building and creation of membership sites
Content creation
Email copywriting
Other techy things
Customer support
Social media marketing and other advertising

And I could literally make a list of thousands upon thousands of other things!

NOTE: I provide many services, but the one that everyone goes crazy over is my Done For You Traffic Membership offer. This is where I setup a complete and ready to go membership site for you! We create your sales page, the content, update it monthly, handle support for you, and even advertise it for you. You can see it at

So many people though are using the money they could use to get things done on stupid stuff!

You don’t need a course on doing your own SEO. It’s WAY cheaper and you’ll save a ton of time by outsourcing it.

You don’t need to create your own sales copy. You need to pay someone who actually knows what they’re doing and can actually MAKE you money.

You don’t need to learn to do graphics. Again, it’s WAY cheaper and you’ll save a ton of time by outsourcing it.

You don’t need to learn to build your own membership site. Again, it’s WAY cheaper and you’ll save a ton of time by outsourcing it.

Again, I could make a list of a thousand things you don’t need or don’t need to learn because you can pay someone else to do it for you.

Every time I hear the excuse I can’t make money online because I can’t do XYZ I always ask my clients then why don’t you hire someone to do it for you.

The biggest reason is people are scared of hiring the wrong person…

The second biggest reason is people just don’t know what to ask people to do…

For those of you with either or both of those problems I have a great resource for you from James Carter and it’s called the Outsource System…

This teaches you absolutely everything you need to know about outsourcing, gives you templates to use to get work done for your business, and absolutely everything else you need to get things done for your business!

I have been through so many different outsourcing courses and this one is hands down the best one out there.

Now you might be saying…

“But, Liz, you told me I needed to quit buying stuff!”

Yes I did, BUT I said things that aren’t related to your business model. Outsourcing is directly related to anyone who is trying to run an online business and you need to know how to do it. Plain and simple!

By outsourcing and buying “done for you” services you’re going to get more done in a quicker period of time which is going to get you to profits quicker, so getting this is an absolute necessity!

Okay so we’ve now talked about TWO things you need to be investing in…

1. A coach/mentor
2. Services that help you get things done

Tomorrow we will be talking about the last one and it’s the last key to seeing serious profits from your business. Anyone care to guess what it might be? Just leave your guesses in the comments form below…

See you tomorrow!


Are YOU Really Ready To Invest In YOU? Part 1

I’ve been doing a lot of coaching calls with people my clients lately and it really got me thinking…

The people I’m talking to are coming to me because they are failing at starting a successful online business. The biggest issues they are facing are…

1. They are buying everything they see
2. They are not focusing
3. They have no clear path to-profits
4. They aren’t spending money on outsourcing
5. They aren’t spending money on advertising

Basically to sum it up people who are failing at starting an online business are buying too many things, not focusing, and not spending money on the right things.

Of course with any business you have to spend money on your business, but it’s not in buying everything you see. It’s in defining a clear path to get you to profits and then spending money ONLY on the things that keep you on that path.

So I want to tell you the three things you should be spending money on and explain each of these things.

Today we’re only going to talk about ONE of those three things and then tomorrow and the next day we will talk about the other two.

Sound like a plan?

Here we go…

The NUMBER ONE thing you should be spending money on in your business is a mentor/coach.

Meaning find someone who is already making money with an online business that you can pay to coach/mentor you on how you can be doing the same thing.

This is hands down the best place your money is spent because you actually get REAL help and not just some video course or an ebook or a piece of software or anything like that.

I have gotten on the phone with clients who have been trying to create an online business for years (some of them 10+ years) and after just 30-40 minutes on the phone with me they can get a clear idea of HOW they want to make money, and exactly HOW to do it.

Is it more expensive to invest in a coach/mentor?

Sometimes, but look at it this way…

You could spend thousands on the “latest and greatest” courses, spend hours and hours of time going through them, and stay just as lost and confused as you were before or…

You could take that same money, save a bunch of TIME and headache and use that money to get yourself a mentor/coach. As long as you DO as your coach/mentor tells you then you’ll find that creating your own online business becomes much more simple and you actually MAKE money instead of just spending it.

For example… I was on the phone with a client the other day and he was talking about affiliate marketing and blogging and SEO and starting a membership site and buying this and that.

I was able to help him plan out an entire business model that was JUST on affiliate marketing. He no longer needed to learn about SEO because it wasn’t related to his business model. He no longer needed to focus on having a membership site because it didn’t fit his business model. He didn’t need to buy this and that because it didn’t fit his business model.

By coming to me he was able to “clear the clutter”, define HOW he wanted to make money online, and could make his mind quit spinning with all the other “details” that just plain didn’t matter.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

To just focus on ONE plan, and not having to know everything in the world there is to know? To not have to buy this and that and stay in the middle of all the confusion?

I’m sure 98% of the people reading this blog post are in this same position and that’s why I wanted to get the message out that spending money on a coach/mentor is hands down THE best way to spend your money. This is the kind of thing you should be investing in.

If you’d finally like to “declutter” your brain and get a clear path to profits I encourage you to take a look at my new offer at

This is for a coaching session with me personally where I will get on the phone with you, talk with you about how you want to make money online, help you decide on the perfect business model for you, and then help you put that business model into place. Not only do you get the initial call, but you also get 60 days of email coaching with me personally to help you along the way of building the business model that we plan out together.

Of course spots are limited because I have to take individual time with each client on this, so now is the time to grab yourself a spot!

Now no matter if you pick me as your coach/mentor or not that’s up to you, but whatever you do get yourself SOMEONE to help you!

This truly is the best money you’ll ever spend. In the long run you’ll save a ton of money, a ton of time, and start making money MUCH MUCH MUCH quicker!

Okay tomorrow we will continue on with this three part series and talk about the second thing you should be investing in. See you then!


Down And Dirty Membership Site Setup

The biggest hurdle people have when creating a membership site is the “techy” aspect of it all. So I’ve done this video tutorial to help you with this.

I use ONE thing only to build all of my membership sites and that’s Profits Theme. I’ve used it for years now because it’s so easy and it’s ALL you need to build your own membership site. No other plugins or add ons or other crap to buy!

You can get Profis Theme at

Now here we go… A membership site in under 20 minutes!

Creating a membership site is an amazing business model because it creates a residual income for you. You absolutely MUST have a monthly income before you can truly quit your job and live a lifestyle that you truly want. If you’d like to personally work with me and create a blueprint to create your very own membership site then you’ve got to see my new personal coaching offer at

Membership Site How To Part 2: 19 Membership Site Ideas To Cash In On

So you want to start a membership site? Great! It’s an amazing business model that allows you to create a monthly income. And when it comes to letting go of your j.o.b (just over broke) it’s vital!

You’ve got to replace your MONTHLY income with something before you can walk away right? Those bills don’t just stop because you’re trying to create an online income. :)

You’re about to embark on a very profitable venture if you decide to go with creating a membership site and that’s for sure!

So to get you started I’ve created this post with tons of ideas to start your own membership site.

Some of these ideas are related to business and marketing sites, while the rest are for the non-business niche. I’m sure you’ll find a few you never would have thought of on your own!

Before we get started, let me make one note:

Sometimes when you think of membership site, you think of a site that goes on and on indefinitely.

Example: For some sites, like a PLR (Private Label Rights) membership site or a “book of the month” type club, a membership site that has no end might be the perfect model.

However, there are some times when a membership site that ends at a specific time would be more suitable.

Example: A training site where you have 12 lessons might then end in three months (assuming you’re delivering one message per week). Customers could simply sign up for the lessons, which you deliver via autoresponder, and their training ends when the last autoresponder message is delivered.

Keep these two models in mind as you read through these membership site ideas.

Now let’s get to it…

Business Membership Site Ideas

Affiliate marketing. Search engine optimization. Copywriting. And the list goes on…

When you start rattling off marketing topics, the list is definitely long. Fortunately for those wanting to start a membership site, nearly all of these topics can be turned into fun and profitable sites.

If you’re interested in starting a business or marketing membership site, here are 15 specific ideas to get you started…

 Idea 1: Finding and Recruiting JV PartnersBrowse around on some of the major marketing forums, and you’ll see JV topics coming up repeatedly.Everyone wants to know the secrets of creating profitable joint venture deals, finding great partners, and getting those potential partners to say yes.Truth is, volumes can be written about this topic.You could create an entire ebook on finding partners, another ebook on getting your foot in the door, another ebook on building relationships, another ebook on creating compelling proposals, another ebook on partner management… and the list goes on.And because there’s so much to write on this topic, it could very easily be turned into a membership site.

Because the art and science of finding joint venture partners changes very little, this is the sort of training site you may limit to a specific duration.

Example: If you have 16 lessons, then the duration of the membership is 16 weeks.

If you’d rather have a membership site with no clear end in sight, then you can consider offering a joint venture matching service. That is, members get the opportunity to present their joint venture to other members.

Idea 2: SEO Made EasySEO (Search Engine Optimization) is another big topic.And because it’s a topic where the “rules” change from time to time and people are constantly discovering new tips and tricks, you can run either a short-term or long-term membership site.In addition, you can offer a service alongside your training.

Example: You can set up a system where members with related sites are able to trade links from one another. Ideally, you can set up “triangles” or “webs” where each member gets one-way incoming links (rather than reciprocal links).

Idea 3: From Sell a Little to Sell a LotThere are plenty of people who are eager to learn how to write a good sales letter.Some of these people want to learn how to become copywriters so that they can start a business writing letters for other marketers. Then there are marketers who want to learn the art and science of copywriting so they can improve their conversion rates.If you focus on those who want to start copywriting businesses, then you’ll want to add in lessons such as business licensing, where to get clients and other marketing topics.

For both groups, you can offer copywriting lessons such as:

* How to use the AIDA formula (attention, interest, desire, action).

* How to craft a killer headline.

* How to craft compelling bullets.

* How to write a good guarantee.

* How to profile the target market.

* How to write short ads (like classified ads and PPC ads).

* How to test and track your results.

And so on.

In addition, you can offer weekly or monthly critiques of your members’ sales letters. The best way to do this is by offering video critiques, so that members can “look over your shoulder” and listen to you as you critique the letter.

It’s a win-win situation, because members get “free” critiques, and you get training materials and content to use for future and present students.

 Idea 4: Getting on the Social Marketing WaveDespite the fact that people have been talking about social media marketing for a few years now, it’s really just in its infancy. And that’s because the evolution of the web from an information web to a social web is also just really getting started.Anyone who grabs the social media wave now stands to profit both in the present and in the long run.
As such, you can start up a membership site that teaches people the best way to use social bookmarking and social networking sites to drive traffic and build backlinks to their site. Some of the topics you might teach include:* How to create viral content that will take on a life of its own.* What type of content to bookmark.* What type of content to put on social networking sites.

* How to build “friends” lists – and how to use these lists.

* How to get a good reputation on these sites.

* How to use these sites to get backlinks.

Alternatively, you can teach people how to profit from this craze by starting their own niche social networking sites. Some of the lessons you might teach include:

* Choosing a niche.

* Choosing the right software for your needs.

* How to attract members.

* And other marketing topics people need to know to run their own social bookmarking or social networking site.

 Idea 5: “Best Posts” For Busy PeopleBefore we jump into this idea, let me warn you – this one requires you to actively maintain the site.You see, many of the ideas we’ve talked about so far can more or less run on autopilot. You can create much of the content ahead of time, upload it, and then create an autoresponder series to deliver links to the content.Not so with this idea.So if you don’t think you can regularly maintain a site, then skip this idea because it’s not for you.For those who’re interested, here’s the idea:

You scrounge the niche on a regular basis and compile the best forum and blog posts. You write a short description or summary of each post, include the link and send the compilation to your members.

At the very least, you do this on a weekly basis. Better yet, do it at least twice a week.

Simply put, this is a time saver for busy people. This is for people who want to keep their finger on the pulse of the niche, but don’t have the time to scan the forums and blogs regularly for new products, niche news, developments and so on.

This would be a great idea for a free membership site. You could use it to build a list within the niche and send your own or affiliate offers to the list to make money.

Idea 6: Discount Membership SiteHere’s a fact: People will pay money to save money.Just look at some of the discount stores that are so prevalent in the U.S., like Costco and Sam’s Club.These are “members only” stores that charge their members a yearly fee for the privilege of shopping at the store. In return, the shoppers get discounts that you can’t find anywhere else.

You can do the same thing in your niche.

Simply start a membership site that’s basically full of product reviews and discount links.

In order to get these discount links, you can do one of two things:

1. Ideally, do a joint venture with the merchant/vendor. They agree to provide a discount for your members. In exchange, you agree to take a smaller commission (or depending on the product, you may forgo your commission altogether in order to offer a “loss leader” product for your site).

2. Another way to do it is by paying buyer’s “rebates” out of your commission checks. If you go this route, be sure to read the vendor’s affiliate agreement and terms of service first to ensure this is allowed.

Idea 7: Niche of the WeekEvery marketer has his or own strengths. And everyone has their own part of the product creation and marketing process that they like to focus on.Think about this – if you’re strength is in finding and researching niches, then you can bet you’ll find people willing to pay you to do this.It’s a time saver for them. And if you’re good at it, then it’s also very profitable for your members.

Here’s the sort of information you might provide for each niche report:

* Full market research. An analysis of whether there’s a hungry niche and what they’re buying.

* Competition research. Let your members know what sort of products are already selling on the market, what seems popular, etc.

* Product analysis. Here you analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the most popular products on the market. Doing so helps your members create better products.

* Keyword research. If you use WordTracker, then provide KEI values so people know which words to attempt to rank for.

* Affiliate programs report. This report lets your members know what types of products they can promote in the niche as affiliates, what commission rates they’ll earn and so on.

* AdSense rates. Here you give people an idea of how much people are paying per click for their AdWords ads, which helps people get an estimate of how much they’ll get for clicks on their AdSense sites.

Instead of offering all of this for one price, you may even consider offering a multi-tier membership site (e.g., bronze, gold and platinum memberships).

Platinum members get all the reports for each niche every month, while gold members get fewer reports, and the bronze members get perhaps one report.

 Idea 8: Flipping Websites for Fun and ProfitFor those who don’t want to deal in tangible goods, you can run a membership site that teaches people how to find under-performing websites, how to polish them so they start making some money, and then how to sell them for a profit.Alternatively, you can create a site just around flipping domain names.Some of the topics might include:* Where to find the best deals.

* What to look for when evaluating a site.

* How to avoid getting ripped off.

* How to turn a poor-performing site into a money-making site.

* How to drive traffic to the new and improved site.

* Where and how to sell it for a profit.

* And everything else people need to know to make money flipping websites.

Idea 9: Starting a Business on a Shoestring Budget

There are plenty of people who want to start a business, but they think it’s expensive.

Even if they realize it’s not expensive, there are those who are looking to save money by purchasing low cost tools and resources to get up and running. This is especially true during hard economic times, when people are reluctant to spend freely (and credit is tight too).

You can service this niche by creating a membership site that teaches them how to get their business up, running and profitable on a shoestring budget. Then you can teach them how to reinvest some of their profits to grow their business.

Some of the lessons you might teach include things like:

* Where to get a reliable yet inexpensive web host, credit card processor, domain registrar, autoresponder service and so on.

* Where to get good yet relatively inexpensive services such as web design, copywriting, script installation and similar.

* How to save money by learning how to do some of these jobs yourself.

* Step-by-step instructions to do things like setting up an autoresponder or a PayPal button.

* Where to get freebies and coupons (e.g., where to get a coupon offering $50 in free AdSense clicks).

* Cheap or free places to advertise.

* Cheap or free resources to learn other aspects of business and marketing.

* And other cheap or free tools, products and resources people can use to get up and running fast.

Non-Business Membership Site Ideas

Once you start looking into non-business niches, you’ve opened the door to a nearly endless supply of ideas.

If you can think of a niche, there’s probably a hungry market eager to buy goods and services.

And if they’re already buying goods and services, they’ll probably purchase memberships into your site.

In short: You’re about to discover a dozen non-business membership ideas… but there are thousands upon thousands of ideas you could pursue instead.

That means that while you can take these ideas and put them to use, don’t be afraid to merely use them for inspiration to create an even bigger list of profitable membership site ideas.

Now let’s get on with the list…

Idea 10: How to Become a Full-Time RV’erIn case you’re not familiar with the term (it’s popular in the U.S.), RV is short for “recreational vehicle,” also known as a motor home or travel trailer.Now, most people use RVs for family vacations for a week or two out of the year. However, there are those who are considered full time “RV’ers” – these are people who’ve sold their houses and live in their RVs. Often they travel to warmer climates in the winter, and back to their home region during the summer.As you can imagine, the idea of full time RV’ing appeals to some people. But the problem is, it’s also a huge lifestyle change, and these folks are looking for guidance. You can provide that guidance by covering such topics as:

* How to choose the right type of RV.

* How to save money on insurance.

* How to get online while on the road.

* How and where to get your postal mail.

* How to do basic RV maintenance.

* Good RV resorts.

* Cheap RV resorts.

And so on – there are plenty of topics you could include. Just visit RV forums to see what people are asking about.

 Idea 11: Seduction Secrets for MenHere’s a hot niche topic that have made ebook sellers rich – “pick up” or seduction secrets for men who’d like to get more dates.Your membership site may include:* Health and hygiene tips.* Fashion tips to look good.

* Boosting self confidence.

* How to catch a woman’s eye.

* How to flirt.

* How to get phone numbers.

* Where to take her on a first date.

And so on…

If you need more ideas, just visit the numerous seduction sites online to see what sort of information they’re offering. Also, use a keyword tool to do some keyword research – it may surprise you when you discover what types of information men are seeking.

 Idea 12: Fat Loss Secrets For [Enter Niche Here]As you likely already know, weight loss continues to be a hot market. But if you want a piece of this market, you should find a niche to serve.Here are a few ideas just to get you thinking:* Future brides who need to lose weight before the wedding.* People who need to be in shape before joining the military.

* People who need to lose weight or their employers will have them pay more in health insurance.

* New moms who want to lose the baby weight.

* Middle-age people trying to prevent weight gain as they age.

* College students trying to lose the “freshman 15″ (the 15 pounds they put on through poor eating habits since leaving home).

Those are just a few ideas – there are plenty of weight-loss niches out there.

As for content, it’s the same type of content you’d see in any weight loss product, including: Diet secrets, information about exercise, motivation and supplements.

 Idea 13: Daily or Weekly Motivation/InspirationHere’s a neat little membership site you can put together, upload into an autoresponder, and then forget about (save for marketing to get new members). That’s because it’s fairly easy to create an “evergreen” motivation site that could go on for years using the content you create today.Now, the best idea is to choose a niche and delivery daily or weekly motivational messages and articles to them. Here are just a few niche ideas to get you thinking:* Motivational messages for people wanting to lose weight.* Motivation for members of a specific religion (in this case, it might not be motivational messages so much as meditations).

* Motivation for people with cancer.

* Motivation for people starting a business.

* Motivation for people going through a divorce.

* Motivation for athletes.

As you can see, there are plenty of people needing motivation. Just carve out your niche and start delivering daily or weekly messages to boost and inspire them!

 Idea 14: Law of Attraction SecretsNot everyone believes in the “Law of Attraction,” but those who do form a somewhat rabid market. That is, they’re always looking for new information on attracting what they want into their life.As with most of these membership ideas, you can focus on a particular niche for best results.Example: You can focus on people who want to attract love into their life, or those who want to attract peace or, perhaps those who want to attract wealth and success.Regardless of the niche, here are lessons and other ideas to get you started:

* Explanation of what the law of attraction is.*” How it works even if the person isn’t consciously using it.

* How it works even if the person isn’t consciously using it.

* How to put emotion behind one’s intentions and desires.

* How to attract anything, effortlessly.

* Daily meditations and visualizations (also, reminders that members should in fact be doing this daily).

* How to use attraction tools like dream boards and gratitude journals.

While you can offer this course through an autoresponder or regular membership site, you may consider offering a support forum (this is true not just of this membership idea, but of several we’ve discussed). This allows members to share their results and motivate one another.

 Idea 15: Getting Over GriefYou can create a site for people who’ve recently lost someone close to them, but they’re finding it hard to get over their grief. Again, here’s a site where you may want to offer a support forum, as those in grief will take great comfort in getting support from other members.The actual content you provide can include daily messages of comfort, along with solid ideas for helping the person get over their grief (while at the same time assuring them that their grief is normal and temporary).As with all these ideas, you may choose to create a site around a specific niche, such as:* Those who lost a loved one in an unexpected way, such as a murder or a freak accident.

* For widows or widowers who’ve lost a spouse.

* Parents who’ve lost a child.

* People who lose a loved one after a long illness.

* People who’ve lost a beloved pet.

Again, the possibilities are nearly endless.

 Idea 16: Going Green TipsSome people want to conserve energy and resources as a way to help the planet, while others want to do it to help their bank accounts.You can choose to service either of these groups of people (or both) by setting up a “how to go green” membership site.You can create an all-encompassing site that helps people “go green” in all aspects of their lives.Or you can choose to focus on one aspect, such as reducing their carbon footprint at home, choosing their transportation wisely, driving tips that save gas, how to “go green” on vacation, “go green” tips for business owners and so on.

The exact content and lessons you provide largely depends on the overall topic you choose. But the basic idea is to teach people how to reduce, reuse, recycle and save.

Idea 17: “Do It Yourself” Car Maintenance and RepairHave you or someone you know ever wished you could save a few bucks by learning how to change your own car oil? If so, you’re not alone.Have you or someone you know ever wished you could save a few bucks by learning how to change your own car oil? If so, you’re not alone.Plenty of people are interested in learning how to go basic maintenance and repair so that they can take care of their cars better, save money, and just get that good feeling that comes with being independent.

You can service these people by creating a car maintenance and repair membership site, which may include topics like:

* How to check fluid levels and fill as needed.

* What type of oil and fluids to buy.

* What to avoid (things that are bad for the car).

* How to change the oil.

* How to change belts.

* How to change filters.

* How to change a tire.

* And other car-care tips to increase the life span of the car.

If you’re dealing with fairly basic tasks, you may be able to offer your advice in a fairly general way. Otherwise, you can offer a niche site such as “Car-Care for Chevy Owners.” Or you can get more specific and open a site for a particular model (e.g., Car-Care for Corvette Owners).

Idea 18: Fishing SecretsTopics that save people money and make people money are always popular. But have you ever noticed how much money people spend on their hobbies? That’s why you can service a hobby niche and make a bundle.One such hobby niche you may consider is the fishing market. Of course there are plenty of niches to choose from within this greater market. For example, you can start a site for:* Trout fishers.

* Fly fishers.

* People who only fish in one region of the world, such as Canada.

* People who fish from freshwater lakes.

* Stream / river fishers.

* Deep-sea fishers.

* Beginners, intermediates or advanced.

And so on.

Depending on who you’re targeting, you may include topics and lessons like:

* Rules, regulations and licensing requirements.

* Choosing your equipment.

* The best tackle and bait (may include reviews of popular tackle and bait products).

* The best time of the year to fish.

* The best time of the day to fish.

* The best rivers, lakes, streams, etc to fish in.

* Where to get good deals on “fishing packages” (e.g., vacation packages to fishing locations).

* And everything else people need to know to start landing big fish.

If you want to give people the full experience, you can even include tips on cleaning and cooking fish.

Idea 19: How to Save MoneyI just mentioned a moment ago that any time you can help people make or save money, you’ll generally have plenty of customers. That’s why I thought we should with a membership idea that helps people save money.Here again there are plenty of niches to choose from. And as usual, the content and lessons you deliver will largely be decided by the niche you’re servicing. Here are a few niche ideas you can use:* How to save money on home heating bills (e.g., how to winterize the house).

* How to save electricity.

* How to save gas.

* How to save money on the monthly grocery bill.

* How to save money when you use your credit card.

* How to invest your money wisely in a 401k or IRA.

* How to save money by investing in the right stocks.

* Tips to creating a budget and saving money every month.

* How to save money by repurposing and reusing products.

* How to save money on your regular bills (e.g., switching cell phone carriers, scaling back on your cable package, etc).

* How to save money by looking for deals (e.g., where to get good deals on vacations, where to get freebies and trial offers, etc).

You can also further target your “save money” site by choosing a particular niche, such as:

* Senior citizens.

* College students.

* Newly divorced people.

* Unemployed people.

* Single mothers (or other one-income families).

So as an example, you may create the “Senior Citizen’s Guide to Saving on Home Heating Bills” or the “Single Mother’s Guide to Saving for Retirement” or “The Retirees Guide to Traveling the World on a Shoestring Budget.”

Getting Started With Your Own Membership Site

Any one of these ideas could be made profitable.

And as you noticed, many of them can be run virtually on autopilot.

But even though it’s fairly easy to set up and run these sites, they won’t set themselves up.

That means you need to take action.

You need to choose your niche, sketch out what you’ll offer this niche, set it up, and then attract members.

If you’re already familiar with the niche, you can have your first lesson or two created in a few hours… and then get your site set up within another few hours. You don’t need to create the entire lesson-set before you start accepting money.

In other words, you could be making money with these site ideas by tomorrow. But you need to take action right now by selecting your niche.

Go to it!

Liz Tomey

Membership Site How To Part 1: Getting Started With Your Own Membership Site

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times…

If you want to quit your job you’ve got to create a recurring income equal to your job income and the easiest way to do that is with your own membership site.

Meaning… You setup a site that people will be willing to pay a monthly fee to access what’ in your site.

This can be content, SaaS (software as a service… Aweber, BaseCamp, etc, are all examples of a SaaS), or a service. I’m sure there are other options too, but you get the idea here. Your possibilities are endless!

Here are the first things you’ll need to get you started:

1. Domain Name – I get all of mine from You’ll need a domain name that is related to your niche and/or what you’re offering.

2. Hosting – I of course only recommend hosting from Liquid Web.

Note: If you need more information about hosting I recommend you read this post >>>

3. Membership script/software – I exclusively use Profits Theme for EVERY membership site that I build! NOTHING else because you don’t need anything else. :)

4. Content – This will totally depend and we will talk more about it in the future.

5. Helpdesk – Here’s an entire post on setting up a help desk/ customer support portal >>>

Okay so that’s it for today…

Over the next several days we’re going to talk a lot more about you creating your own membership site. We’re going to cover how ideas for membersip sites, how to actually build your membership site, what you can put into it, how to promote it, and so much more!

Talk to you soon!


 As I said in this post… Creating a membership site is an amazing business model because it creates a residual income for you. You absolutely MUST have a monthly income before you can truly quit your job and live a lifestyle that you truly want. If you’d like to personally work with me and create a blueprint to create your very own membership site then you’ve got to see my new personal coaching offer at

Well Spent Freedom Money

One of the biggest complaints I hear about in this business is how much money you have to spend to be able to make money.

I mean you have to spend money on things like…

Domain names

… and the list goes on and on!

But what if you were starting a brick and mortar business?

I mean an online business is a “real” business too right?

For a brick and mortar business there are all kinds of costs and usually you have to have hundreds of thousands of dollars in capital to even get started.

So my question is why are people complaining so much about having to spend money on starting their online business?

Just why should everything be free and handed over to you?

It’s simple… It shouldn’t!

Just because it’s an online business doesn’t mean it’s not going to cost you money, but you need to look at it as what I call, “Well Spent Freedom Money”.

Each time you invest in your business you’re investing in your freedom…

Your financial freedom
Your time freedom
Your lifestyle freedom

Because having an online business can give you all of that and so much more.

Now of course I’m not saying that you should buy everything under the sun. You should ONLY spend money on things that will help your business right now, but never think for one second that you shouldn’t have to invest in your business simply because you run an online one.

Okay end of rant! :)

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what I’ve said here so make sure and leave your comments below…

To your success!

Liz Tomey

No I Didn’t Die… I Just…

This is one of the most personal messages I’ve ever sent out.

My readers, followers, fans, and customers always love how personal I am in my emails. It’s really what makes me stand out from so many people out there. You can tell I’m a real person just by how I interact with those on my list.

I mean I feel like I know thousands upon thousands of you because you’ve been long time readers, customers, and many of you have turned into friends too.

Many of you will have noticed that I have been “out” for the last few months. I’ve been asked if I died, if I had a nervous break down, if I had left the Internet marketing scene, and numerous other things.

The simple answer is I took a “sabbatical” due to many factors in life. The biggest being the current divorce that I’m going through that has finally come to an end. This “sabbatical” has allowed to me to really look at myself, and my business, and I’m ready to come back better than ever before.

Many of you I will owe an apology to because you may have slipped through the cracks during this time. If there is something that I can help you with please use and they will either help you or get you in touch with me.

Many of you will also notice that ALL of my sites are gone…

I just got back online, and working on getting many more of my sites online, but during this “sabbatical” my hosting took a serious hit and by the time I realized it everything including backups were deleted from my server.

Yes! Everything that was on my server is now gone…

Just when you think life can’t get any worse it sure does, eh? :)

Just know this…

As I said I am back and I am back better than ever before, and if there is something that I missed with you I will make sure to get it all fixed.

So with that said… Get ready for 2.0

You can go to right now and signup for the new offer there. Nope… It wont cost you a thing!

Tomorrow we’re going to kick things off with a bang and I’ll be sending you one of those awesome “here’s how to do it” blueprints (this one is on affiliate marketing) that you’ve grown to love from me, and there’s a ton more I’ll be sharing with you.

For now I thank you for your continued support, patience, and most of all the amazing messages of love and encouragement that I’ve gotten from so many of you over the last few months!

Here’s to our new journey!

Liz Tomey

Setting Up Your Affiliate Marketing Hub

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Note: If you would like for us to setup your own affiliate marketing hub (please watch the video above first so you know exactly what we will be doing for you) please click here for ordering information.

Setting Up Your Customer Support Center

Click here to download the resources document that goes with this video. All the resources mentioned in this video and other tutorials are in this document.