Starting Over Series Part 2

Yesterday I got an amazing response to what I’m calling my “Starting Over Series“…

If you missed that post you can see it at

Now in that post I promised to tell you about a new coaching program I’m coming out with where I’ll be showing you everything I’m doing to build a business from scratch.

I’m calling it The Lifestyle Freedom Path Coaching Program

Such a simple name with such power behind it because that’s exactly what we will be doing in this program. Going down the path to lifestyle freedom.

We will be creating a business that allows us to work a few hours a day, so that we can pursue the lifestyle that we want.

If you could have any lifestyle that you wanted, what would it look like?

For me my life has totally changed over the last few months…

I’m going through a divorce, so its down to just my son and I who spends a lot of time with his dad now that he’s older and needs “guy time”. I’m at a point in my life where I’m no longer tied down, so now the lifestyle I want looks like this…

“I get up each day around 9am (no alarm clock) and take some serious me time which involves a 6 mile walk/run and a few exercise classes. I want to enjoy life and being healthy will allow me to do that.

After that I spend 4-5 hours on my business so I can pay the bills and fund the things I love to do.

My evenings are filled with spending time with the people I love and enjoying them. It differs day to day exactly what we do, but it’s always enjoyable.

My main focus is traveling to as many places I can and having as many different experiences doing so as I possibly can.”

Your lifestyle may look a lot like mine or totally different, but The Lifestyle Freedom Path Coaching Program will help you achieve any lifestyle you want. No matter if you just need a few thousand dollars a month to achieve your dream lifestyle or if you need several thousands of dollars a month this program will show you exactly how to do it.

The first part of the program will allow you to watch me setup the foundation of my new business. Like I explained yesterday in this post here are the steps I will be taking…

1. Create a free offer that entices people to give me their name and email address.

2. Create a squeeze page that offers the free offer.

3. Create an offer that subscribers can buy as soon as they subscribe to get initial sales coming in.

4. Drive traffic

As you watch what I do, you’ll be able to do the same thing, and if you come across any issues in doing anything I’ll be right there to help you. If you hit a stumbling block you simply pick up the phone or get on Skype and I help you through it.

Yes this will be a VERY hands on program… :)

So before I give you more details and open this program up, I’d like you to do a short exercise for yourself. Take 5 minutes, clear your mind, and think of what your dream lifestyle would look like…

What time do you get up?
What do you do when you get up?
What kind of business would you have? (What do you want to help people do?)
What hobbies do you enjoy doing in your lifestyle?
Who do you spend time with?
What other things would you do if you had complete lifestyle freedom?

Think about those things, and then in the comments below leave me a description of what your dream lifestyle looks like. In 48 hours I’ll pick one person who does this exercise to get on a 60 minute phone call with me where I will help you plan out your dream lifestyle business.

Go get started and I’ll talk to you soon!



I’m Starting Over To Help You!

I’ve been wanting to share some information with you lately, but finding the time has been hard.

I find myself doing so much that I just get too spread out…

So after doing some thinking about where I want to go with my business, and how I can help you the most in doing so I’ve decided that the best way to help you is for me to start over and allow you to watch me build a business from scratch.

Sound cool?

Okay so is what I’m going to be doing is focusing on helping those who want to create a monthly income to replace their jobs.

I mean that’s where it all truly starts…

If you make $3000 a month for example at your job then you have to replace that income before quitting your job right? You need to have something making you at least $3000 a month.

And quitting your job is the first step to true freedom to create the lifestyle that you want.

So that’s why I’m starting with this…

Side Note: If you want to skip all the hard work and learning curve I do currently have an offer where I can set you up with your own membership site. You can see it at

So let’s talk about the first step you should take when creating any type of business.

That is of course creating a squeeze page so that you can start building a list!

This is where people mess up the most, and since it’s the first step when they mess up here everything that comes after it doesn’t work.

So here are the steps I’ll be taking…

1. Create a free offer that entices people to give me their name and email address.

2. Create a squeeze page that offers the free offer.

3. Create an offer that subscribers can buy as soon as they subscribe to get initial sales coming in.

4. Drive traffic

Now that alone will get me a nice little business up and going, and making money!

Yes! Just those 4 simple steps!

And you can do the exact same thing. You just need an idea to start with to get your business started.

Now for those of you who would like to watch me do this all step by step I will be doing a 4 week coaching program where you can watch me do all of this, and get help doing it yourself.

I’ll be telling you more about that in just a few days so stay tuned!

For now though if you would like for me to set you up with your very own ready to go membership site where you can start creating your own monthly income to replace your job or add some additional income then make sure you don’t miss this special offer >>>

Talk to you soon!


Making Money As A Kindle Publisher

With so many opportunities on the web to make-money I know it gets hard for you to comb through what does and what doesn’t work.

Well today I got a message from one of my clients asking about making money by selling books within the Amazon market place. Also known as being a Kindle publisher.

There’s millions of people who comb the Amazon market place each day looking for things to read.

We all know that right?

Well did you know that you can make a ton of-cash by providing those people with the exact things they want to read?

You can!

Now the person who asked this question also asked if I knew of a resource that would allow them to learn everything they need to know about making-money doing this and/or if I knew of someone who offered coaching.

Here’s the resource I gave them >>>

I bought this when it first came out and absolutely loved it because it teaches you everything you need to know. I mean everything! :)

Not only that, but you get real support to so you can get any help you need to be a Kindle publisher.

If you’re looking for a really good opportunity then I highly recommend you you check this out

I’d also like to keep this post going, so if you have questions about making money as a Kindle publisher make sure that you post them here, and I’ll do a follow up post answering your questions :)


Advanced Marketing Lessons

Hey all… I’m creating this post as a “headquarters” for the Advanced Marketing Lessons I’ve been giving you. This way you can have them all in one place so you can refer back to them over and over. :)

Do me a favor though… Make sure to leave your feedback below in the comments. Let me know what questions you have, if you like what I’m teaching, if it’s helping, etc… This allows me to help you to better learn stuff, and lets me know when I’m on the right track with what you truly need!



Advanced Marketing Tutorials – Lesson 2

In this lesson we’re going to start talking about advanced email marketing strategies.

Before we even get started…

If you don’t have a squeeze page setup, I highly recommend you…

1. Head over to and grab that package. There are a ton of ready to go squeeze pages you can use. I created them all and they all work really well. They even come with the free offer you give away from the squeeze page.


2. If you are in a niche outside of Internet marketing I have a service at that will allow you to work with me and get your very own squeeze system up for whatever niche you want to be in. I even help you with niche selection.

You absolutely MUST have a squeeze page though so you can create a list that you can email whenever you want to create cash.

Plain and simple…

Now that’s part is actually LIST BUILDING which as we’ve talked about is different than email marketing which is where you’re crafting emails that get your readers to do the things you want them to do. That can be buy something, click on a link on your site, see a marketing piece, or a million other things.

For example…

When people buy a PLR package from me I make money, right? Duh…

But I would NEVER make much money if I didn’t have an email sequence that all those buyers get after they purchase.

The first few emails I talk about my experience with PLR to establish that I am an expert which breeds trust, and get’s them knowing who I am.

Then I have a few emails that give them stuff which makes them like me.

Like – Know – Trust = Relationship building!

That’s what gets people buying from me, and that’s why I do so well with all of my online businesses.

Rob Stafford has an entire course that shows you exactly what to do to build a relationship with your readers. All the way down to WHAT to put in each email. I highly recommend you get it, go through it, and create your very own batch of emails for this part of your email marketing.

You can get his course from

So is what I do is create several different variations of relationship building emails and have them in a folder. Whenever I need to create a new email sequence I go in and go through them and pick the ones I want to use. I have tons of these, but this allows me to do a bunch of work once and reuse it over and over again.

Yes some people get my emails more than once sometimes, but that’s okay… It still does the job very well…

Side Note: Speaking of Rob Stafford… He’s a brilliant email marketer and one of three email marketers that I follow VERY closely. His flagship product is called List Smasher X which shows you from A-Z how to build and profit from a list and make money from it in under 24 hours. I HIGHLY recommend it if you’ve never built a profitable list before.

So the first step with email marketing are those relationship emails… The next step is creating the “action emails” that are used to get people to take action…

Again using people who buy PLR from me…

Once they go through the first 5-7 relationship building emails they start getting emails from me that sell stuff…

Sometimes it’s a hard promo email that just says here’s what I got, here’s why you need it, now go buy it at, and I give them the link.

Sometimes it’s an email that gives some content about the topic and tells them why they’ve got to click on the link to help them with the topic.

I alternate these kinds of emails because I don’t want to be hard selling to my readers all the time.

Yes, I want them to buy, but I’m also their teacher so I need to teach them stuff too. :)

I will let you in on a little secret.

I learned to create these emails by following the templates of others…

Just like the relationship emails above you can find templates showing you how to create emails that get people to take action also.

I only recommend three “email template” products…

1. The best, but most expensive is Dr. Ben Adkins’ Follow Up Master Plan… He’s got 5 different email sequence creation templates that you can use for different things. You can get those at They are the most expensive, but they ARE the best.

2. 7 Emails You Can Use To Sell Anything - This product is exactly what it says. It’s 7 different email templates that help you sell things as an affiliate marketer or if you sell your own products (or products you have the rights to). Each email template comes with full instructions on how to use them and what to use them for. You can get those from

3. Awesome Autoresponder Goldmine - This is a group of 300+ emails that were created to educate, benefit, and presell. You take them tweak them to your liking and you’re ready to go. You can get those from

Just those 3 things right there will have you as an email marketing ninja and all you’re doing is using templates.

This is exactly how I’ve learned to write emails, and is the true success behind my email marketing skills. :)

There the secret is out… *lol*

Now as a cool little freebie I want to give you my report called Money Getting Email Blueprints. It shows you 5 different emails you can create to build relationships with your readers and/or get them to purchase from you. You can download it absolutely free of charge (and no opting in) by clicking here.

Okay I hope this little tutorial has helped… I will be updating it with more information about more advanced strategies I’m using, but for now I want you to…

1. Be sure you have a squeeze page up

2. Create an email sequence that get’s readers to like, know, and trust you.

3. Create an email sequence that gets your readers to take some kind of action. Be it buying something, singing up for something, etc.

Those three things will allow you to make money over and over again with email marketing!

To your success!



Advanced Marketing Tutorials – Lesson 1

Yesterday I sent you an email detailing the advanced marketing strategies I’m using in my business. If you missed that email you can see it on the blog by clicking here.

Today I want to start with Lesson 1 and talk about how I’m using webinars in my business…

Now before we even get started with HOW to use them you’ve got to find a service TO use them.

GoToWebinar is amazing and I’ve used it for years. It’s REALLY expensive though…

You’ve also got the new free Google Hangouts service, but… How do I put this nicely?


Video quality is horrible and you can only have 15 people at a time in one.

Now there are “plugins” that you can use to have more people in a Google Hangout, and some other bells and whistles, but the problem is the people who develop these are so quick on and off the scene that your left with something that might work for a few weeks and then bam it doesn’t and no one is there to help you.

So what do you do?

You get IM Now which is a webinar system and community built by online marketers FOR online marketers that will allow you to do webinars.

Click here to check out the IM Now service…

It’s cheap… It’s awesome… And it works for MANY things…

So let’s talk about some of those things. :)

These are the advanced tactics I’m using in my marketing and how you can be doing the exact same thing…

1. Affiliate Marketing Webinars - This is where I will do a webinar on a topic, provide a ton of great information, and pitch a product at the end of it for a product I’m an affiliate for.

Even if you don’t have a list you can easily use Facebook to get a ton of people on your webinar and sell to them…

2. Coaching Webinars - Want an instant product? Then do a coaching webinar series. You can do a WSO offering your coaching webinar series on topic X, get paid for that, then turn the whole thing into a product, and do a big launch for it. This alone is a complete business model!

3. Expert Interviews - Now this is an awesome strategy… First I pick 5 experts on one topic. Let’s say list building. I ask them all if I can interview them on the topic. Specifically a strategy they use to DO the topic. Again like list building.

Once their interviews are all done I ask them all for something I can promote of theirs and write a few emails for each of them and load them into an autoresponder.

I then take and turn the interviews into a product and do a small low priced launch via the WSO forum at the Warrior Forum. Those customers are added to the autoresponder I created with the emails promoting the products of the experts.

Then I create a BIG launch, go back to the experts, and ask them to promote… Most of the time they say yes because I’ve already started making sales for them from doing the little launch. This normally snowballs and I end up with a massive launch!

Using just these three advanced tactics can literally explode your business. They have mine for sure!

So is what I recommend you do right now is signup for the killer webinar service from IM Now by clicking here.

Take just ONE of these tactics (I recommend the first one to begin with), and use it to start making money. You could also use tactics 2 and 3 together and create a massive product with upsells and all!

THIS is where you start making-money!

Okay I hope you enjoyed this tutorial… I’ll see you in the next one in just a few days!

Advanced Marketing Strategies Resources – Save This!

I’ve had a lot of people asking me about advanced tactics that I use in my business so I thought I would take a second today and tell you about some of them and give you some of my resources…

Ooohhh…. The juicy stuff! :)

Not really…

It’s just tried, tested, and PROVEN stuff that works. Remember there’s no secrets here. It’s the same old time tested and proven tactics that work.

That’s the real secret. :)

So here is what I’m using to get traffic, get more customers, and make sales…

1. Webinars

Love them or hate them they WORK! If you want a VERY cheap webinar solution with lots of bells and whistles and some killer training on using them I HIGHLY recommend you take a look at what Keith Lynch is doing over at

Webinars are a great way to get affiliates to promote your products, for you to promote products as an affiliate, build your relationship with your list, and a ton more!

2. Advanced Email Marketing

If you’ve been listening to me for any length of time you know that I talk a lot about email marketing and how it’s different from list building. List building is the actual setting up of your squeeze page and driving traffic to it. Email marketing is about crafting emails to make those people who you get via list building do things like buy from you, click on links, etc.

The art of crafting emails though is one of the most profitable-things you can learn to do. I mean if you can’t get people to open your emails, read them, and act on them having an online business is going to be very hard for you.

Dr. Ben Adkins (a BRILLIANT email marketer) currently has a free-tutorial on email marketing sequences that shows you some killer advanced email marketing tactics at

3. Facebook

I have found that having a fan page doesn’t do much for me, but having my own group on there does. I have created a nice little community that I’m constantly sharing information with and I’ve found that the people in there begin to like, know, and trust me very quickly and buy a lot of stuff from me.

I’ve also started using Facebook advertising for affiliate promotions, getting JV partners, and getting people into my

If you’re looking for an “all inclusive” here’s how to use Facebook in your marketing course then I highly recommend FB Influence at

4. Funnels

A funnel is what we create to put our prospects through a process of buying from us.

An example of a funnel would be…

Squeeze page that leads to an offer related to what you gave away on the squeeze page plus follow up emails that lead to other things related to the free-offer that your prospect can buy.

There’s probably millions of combinations of funnels and actions you can get people to take. It all depends on what you’re wanting to do. And there’s really no ONE resource I can recommend that would explain EVERYTHING to you.

Most of it is trial and error and following others in your niche and seeing what they are doing. :)

5. Solo Ads

Buying an ad that gets sent to someone’s list that is related to your niche is hands down the QUICKEST way to get traffic. There’s also an art to it…

First you have to find people who are willing to sell you an ad.

Second you have to craft the perfect ad. (I recommend hiring a copywriter, so you don’t waste your money on a bad ad.)

Third you have to craft the perfect offer so that those seeing your ad will act on it.

The best product to help you understand solo ads, how to use them, etc is Solo Ad Secrets from Glen Hopkins. It’s over a year old (at the time of this writing), but it’s still incredibly relevant! You can see it at

All right so now you know what I’m using and where I’m learning to use these tactics.

Good stuff, right?

Well over the next two weeks I’m going to be sending you tutorials about these tactics and how you can start using them in your marketing. Just keep an eye out for emails from me that say Advanced Marketing Tutorials because they’ll be full of actionable tactics you can use too!

In my next post we’re going to dive into using Webinars and all the many different ways you can do so…

Talk soon!


How I Got Started In Niche Marketing

Many of you know me as Liz Tomey the gal that teaches people to create online incomes and market their online businesses.

What you don’t know is that I am in over 20 different niche markets under many different pen names.

Yep… I make most of my-money from OTHER niches!

And do you know who I have to thank for this?

Lynn Terry!

When I got started way back in 2004 I followed Lynn and she taught me a ton about niche marketing.

So much so that I could walk away from Internet-marketing right now and still make an unbelievable amount of-money.

And now you have a chance to learn from who I did…

Lynn has released her Niche Success Blueprint which will show you exactly how she makes-money in niche markets and how you can do it too!

This is exactly how I got my start in niche marketing, and now you can too!

If you want to learn how to make-money in niche markets then stop what you’re doing now, get access to Lynn’s Niche Success Blueprint program, and get started today!

Talk soon!


The Ball And Chain Quick Release Method Revealed

In life we meet certain people for certain reasons…

Our friends…
Our spouses…
Our co-workers…


I believe you have met me to achieve your dream of financial freedom and the first step to finding true financial freedom is in using my Ball And Chain Quick Release Method.

I’ve created a report explaining this method.

It’s only 9 pages in length, but what I’m going to reveal to you will be the beginning of you totally changing your life and getting closer to financial freedom.

You have met me for a reason and here it is!

Download this report and do me a huge favor… Come back to this and leave your comments to tell me what you think or post any questions you have.


Here you go…

Click Here To Download The Ball

And Chain Quick Release Method

Super Awesome Update

I did a live webinar SHOWING the Ball And Chain Quick Release Method and now you get to watch it. It’s about an hour and a half long but it’s worth it so make sure you don’t miss this!




Surviving The Autoresponder Apocalypse

As many of you know both of the biggest autoresponder services have been under a DDOS (Google it) attack this entire last week.

I always thought I was safe because I used BOTH.

I build lists between the both of them.

Even you reading this message right now could be on multiple of my lists (through singing up for this and that and buying different products) between both of these autoresponder providers.

I always said I would be okay if one or the other went down…

But what happens when BOTH go down?

Well you have what happened last week…

I wasn’t able to email ANY of my customers or readers.


So obviously I’ve beed to be doing MORE to ensure I can always contact my readers in some way.

Here is what I am doing to build my lists using multiple options… I call this email list building diversifying.

1. I have setup a Facebook group for my readers only at

Make sure you join there to stay up to date with what’s going on. I will have to manually approve you to be added to the group so please be patient.

I highly recommend you do the same thing!

It’s very easy to setup a group on Facebook. I will be having a webinar that will explain how to do so…

2. I am going to be using Google+ more and more. It’s a great add-on to my social marketing and is a great way for me to build a list of people that I can contact just like in my Facebook group above.

Google+ calls their groups communities, so I created a new community that I encourage you to join over at

Of course you can also add me to one of your “circles” and you’ll see updates from me too. Here’s my main G+ profile >>>

So is that three ways now that I’ve added to ensure I can always contact me readers? :)

Now of course both of these groups will get the same updates, but there will be different people in them and I will always place different content in them. This is VERY important because you don’t want people leaving your groups because you’re doing the exact same things in them.

3. I have spent the last 2 days researching my options for a self-hosted autoresponder.

In the past I have been VERY against these because using a self-hosted autoresponder usually gets your domain name blacklisted.

However now with a good software program or plugin and Amazon SES you should be good to go.

You will need a good autoresponder script/plugin (WpAutoMail or ARP Reach) to manage it all too though.

It can be a bit expensive to get started with, but then you only pay for the emails you send out and the price is incredibly low with Amazon SES. :)

I’ll also be covering how to set all of this up in the webinar I will be offering so don’t panic if this sounds like a lot of geek speak.

4. And finally… I will be using Jason Parker’s Ultimate SMS Listbuilder

This will allow me to build a list that I can send a text message to anytime I want, and it said to be one of the most responsive ways to get your readers to take action.

I will be sharing more about this in my webinar too. I’m thinking of calling it… Surviving The Autoresponder Apocalypse :)

Hopefully this information has helped you and shown you how to diversify your list building. Tomorrow I will be giving you the information on how to attend the webinar to get all the juicy details on all of this tomorrow!

Talk to you then!