The Instant Authority Method

One of the most asked questions I get is…

“Liz, I’m a complete nobody in my niche. How do I get to be known and get people buying from me?”

I’ve done a workshop that I call, “The Instant Authority Method” that answers this question!

I’ll show you how to build your list, get to be well known, create a huge network of JV partners, and become an instant super star in your niche!

And… If you’d like to have me as your personal coach to help you implement this tactic or anything else in your business then check out my coaching minutes packages at

I can help you with any aspect of your business including planning out and implementing one from scratch if that’s what you need. :)

To your success!

Liz Tomey

UPDATE: Due to popular demand I have done a follow up presentation for this strategy where I show the techy side of setting all of this up! Watch the video below to see HOW to put this all together!

Taking Payments Online – The Big Decision

Coming soon…

Mini Membership Site Business Model

You’ve heard that membership sites are a great way to make money online. However, maybe the thought of running a traditional membership site doesn’t sound all that fun. Perhaps you can’t imagine yourself chained to your computer week after week, month after month, just so that you can regularly send new content to your members.

The good news is that you don’t have to!

Instead, what you can do is to create a vault-style mini membership site.

Here’s how it works…

Instead of having your members pay subscription fees every month, they pay just once to get a lifetime membership into the site. And instead of you sending new content every week or month or whatever, you stock the membership site upfront with everything.

That means that you’ll put an assortment of content into the site, including ebooks, reports, videos, audios, software and other tools and resources. And you can use PLR content for ALL of it!

Of course every once in a while you’ll want to add new stuff, but you have no time commitments of HAVING to do it weekly monthly or whatever…

You get the best benefits of a regular membership site, such as a growing customer list that you can email again and again with your backend offers and many other money getting options. You get to impress these customers by giving them an amazing amount of high-quality content.

And yet you get the benefit of doing all the work upfront and letting it “cook” on autopilot!

 Note: I have a new coaching program that teaches this method step-by-step. You’ll get to see me do it all live, get it up and making money! It’s only open for the next 3 days and it’s super cheap so make sure you grab your spot now >>>

So let’s look at the steps to doing this:

Step 1: Pick a niche (Of course!) – Everything always starts with picking a niche.

I make HUGE lists of niche topics by going to CBEngine and JVZoo and seeing the topics of hot selling products and noting them down. You can do the same thing using the Amazon best sellers list.

The best niches to pick are ones related to health, wealth, relationship, and hobbies. Stick with those and you’re sure to have a successful “mini membership”.

Step 2: Pick a broad topic in your niche – For example if gardening is your niche then you’d want to pic a broad topic within it like organic gardening. Or if Internet marketing is your niche you’d want to pick a broad topic within it like affiliate marketing.

Step 3: Find PLR content related to your niche – This is easy with the loads probably on your hard drive or readily available super cheap. This will be used as the content for your membership site.

There’s so many places to get PLR content. You can click here for my personal recommendations and/or just do a search on Google for your topic plus the word PLR. Example: organic gardening PLR or organic gardening private label rights.

Step 4: Create a mini membership site – This is just a simple site that you will create and put all your content into it.

There are many options here. Free and paid, but you need to decide what’s best for you.

Step 5: Create “secret sauce” marketing system – Now there’s a lot to this sauce, but basically you set everything up use quick traffic methods to get a ton of traffic and build a massive list of buyers that you can make-money off of over and over again.

Is what I have done in the past is setup an affiliate program that pays 100% commissions. Yes your affiliate will get all the initial sales, but you’ll build a HUGE list that you can make-money from by telling them about other resources related to your niche.

There are also other traffic tactics that you can use if you don’t want to use affiliates…

There are so many options and so many ways to make money with this method it’s unbelievable!


Once you have one setup you can setup more in as many niches as you’d like and create multiple streams of income.

I’ve been using this method for years and now I’ve developed an entire coaching program to show you how you can put it into place for yourself.

Check this out >>>

It’s only available for the next 3 days though so make sure you grab your spot!

Okay so who has questions? Leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to answer them!



How I Got Started In Affiliate Marketing

So you want to know the story of how I got hooked on affiliate marketing, eh?

Of course you do because you want to be successful with affiliate marketing and this story will tell you exactly how I did it!

Way back in 2004 I decided I wanted to create and sell information products to Internet marketers. I knew a lot about the subject and saw a lot of people making money doing it.

So 6 months later I busted out with my first information product. Within two weeks of releasing it I made over $37,000. And I really needed that money. My husband had just been laid off from his job and we were about to lose everything. House, cars you name it. Heck we couldn’t even pay our electric bill!

Now that all sounds great, but where does affiliate marketing come into this?

Well I got a lot of buyers from releasing that product…

I had someone approach me who had their own information product on marketing online and asked me if I would send an email to this list of buyers I now had about their product. They said they would pay me 50% of all sales I made.

So I created an email, sent it to my list of new buyers and BAM!

122 sales came in making me $5,795 MORE dollars!

I didn’t have to do anything but send an email to my list…

Now you see why I got so hooked on affiliate marketing?

Now of course it took a lot of work to get that all going, but imagine if in 30 days you could build a list and be making money as an affiliate?

Or you could build a blog and create a following and make money as an affiliate…

Or you could setup an Amazon store and become affiliate…

There are so many ways to make money as an affiliate marketer and so many ways to make BIG money!

You don’t have to create products, you don’t have to deal with customers, and you don’t have to work 100 hours a week to do it either!

My job is to teach you all about affiliate marketing and how you can make a ton of money with it!

I hope you enjoy this journey and most of all PROFIT from it. I know you’re going to be totally hooked to affiliate marketing too once you see those profits coming in!

To your affiliate marketing success!

Liz Tomey

P.S. If you’d like for me to become your affiliate marketing coach I currently have openings in my monthly affiliate marketing coaching program. It’s dirt cheap and you’ll learn a ton about making money as an affiliate marketer. Just head over to

The Stages Of Traffic

So here’s my speech on traffic…

There are different stages of traffic generation.

The first stage is making sure you have something that is ready for traffic. Usually that’s going to be some kind of squeeze page. If you’re not building a list then your traffic generation is futile. If you don’t have a professional looking squeeze page that has a killer offer on it then your traffic generation is futile.

So before you drive traffic, you have to have something worthy of traffic. 95% of you don’t and I could talk till I was blue in the face about traffic and it wouldn’t help you. That’s blunt, but I’m not known for sugar coating things. :)

The second stage is figuring out what traffic tactics work for your niche so you can get targeted traffic. If you have a site about training your dog, people who want to make their cars run on water won’t give a flying flip about your site.

How do you figure out what tactics to use? That’s the million dollar question, the answer is you have to try different tactics, test to see what works, and then only use what works.

Also pay attention to what people in your niche are doing to get traffic and do what they do!

Most people aren’t willing to do that, so they never get the right kind of traffic, and then give up because they’re not seeing results.

If you’ve got something good to put in front of people, and you’re putting it in front of the right people, you will make money. If not you won’t… It’s as simple as that…

Now the last stage here is learning the different traffic strategies. This takes some time, but as you learn a tactic, test it out, and if it works keeps using it.

Make sense?

And there’s my speech on traffic! :)


Websites For Cash Biz Model Examples

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This step-by-step program takes you day by day for 30 days to show you EXACTLY how to build your own high profit authority blog! This is my top pick for this business model and this program is AMAZING! Absolutely nothing is left out and it’s the easiest way to learn how to setup and profits from your own authority blog!

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I absolutely LOVE the websites for cash biz model for two reasons.

1. Its easier than most biz models.
2. I can have a ton of different sites making me money in different ways.

This biz model is simply creating niche websites and monetizing them in different ways.

So I wanted to use this post to give you some examples and spark some ideas incase this is a business model you’d like to use.

Here we go…

Example 1: Create a niche blog (authority site) that you add content to and monetize with affiliate links, PPC ads, or other advertising.

Example 2: Create and sell websites on Flippa. This is a great little money maker. Hot Tip: Find products you can sell, set a site up to sell them, get them making a little money, and sell them for up to 12 times the monthly profits.

Example 3: Create niche tutorial sites. Here’s a great example in the webmaster niche.

Example 4: Create an industry news site. Interested in a big industry with a lot of news? Then build a site and update it with the latest news on the industry.

Example 5: A niche blog that you do reviews for products you can be an affiliate for.

Example 6: Tightly niched brick and mortar places directory. A good example of this would be a directory listing all the best night clubs around the US to visit. There’s a site called that is a great example of this.

Example 7: City directory… This is kind of like the above example, but you’d do it for a city. For example I have and we plan to make it into a directory of things to do in Chattanooga, TN.

Example 8: A niche website featuring products that you’re an Amazon affiliate for. A good example of this would be a site all about container gardening and have physical products that you recommend that are related to container gardening. There is some great software out there like My Azon Store that will automatically build these for you.

Example 9: Create a contest site giving away things everyone wants (electronics is always a good thing) and monetize it in several different ways. Hold a contest multiple times a day, daily, weekly, whatever.

Example 10: Create a social network site on a tightly focused niche. Think hobbies and passions. :) Of course monetize the site once you’ve got it up and going.

Now these are just the tip of the iceberg here. I literally have a million ideas for websites you could create that would make you money, but I just wanted to give you something to get started with today. We will be talking a lot more about this business model so stay tuned!

I’d love to here your comments or questions on this business model so leave them below…

How I Cash In With PLR – This Is Good!

Want to know what has made me the most money in my business?

Hands down it’s PLR content!

I’ve made more money using and creating and selling PLR content than any other thing I’ve done in my business.

Yes I’ve done big six figure product launches, but all together it’s PLR that has overall made me the most money in my business.

So today I wanted to take a second and tell you how I make money with PLR content so you can do the same thing.

Now as I’ve explained before their are two sides to PLR.

There’s the create and sell side and then there’s the buy and use side. I’ve made lots of money with both!

Let’s talk about the create and sell side first because it’s pretty simple.

When I want to make a quick few thousand dollars (sometimes even A LOT more than that) I can pick a hot topic and have a product created around it. I then add in other components like articles, audio articles, video articles, follow up emails, reviews, banners, affiliate tools pages, squeeze pages, etc and create a product package that I sell the private label rights to.

Like I said that’s the create and sell side…

Now the other side which is the buy and use side makes me money in MANY different ways.


1. Using articles as blog content – I build blogs and use articles with PLR as content for the blogs. I can then do things like sell the blog on sites like, or I can add my affiliate links, drive traffic to the blogs, and make money when people buy through my affiliate links. There are several different options here. :)

2. Combing products to create massive products – Many times in niches outside of Internet marketing/make money online I will take several different PLR products on a topic, and make a package of products that I sell.

For example let’s use the gardening niche. I could find a few ebooks on different gardening topics, maybe some video tutorials, and some other resources. Put these all together, spend $100-$200 having a sales letter created the entices people to buy, and put the whole thing out as my own product and sell it. Get affiliates to promote something like that (and use other traffic tactics) and you could make a nice little income.

Now imagine if you did this in several niches. You could have several nice little income streams.

3. Created automated sales systems – With this tactic I will find a hot topic, use a PLR product as a free giveaway, setup a squeeze page to give it away when people subscribe, find a few products I can promote as an affiliate to my subscribers, and then spend some money to have a copywriter create really good sales emails that sell people on buying the products through my affiliate links. Then I add some traffic and have a nice little automated sales system that makes me money without me having to do anything but drive traffic.

Note: I have an entire course on how to do the above at I show you step-by-step via video tutorials how to set everything up and do exactly what I do. There’s also some other great money making tactics I teach too. I highly recommend you check it out at

4. Niche membership sites – Creating a monthly income is a must if you want to be able to pay your bills each month. You can setup little niche membership sites and use PLR content as the content you give your members each month.

I use Profits Theme (you can see a cool tutorial on membership building at to make membership site building REALLY easy. You can also drip feed content to your members using this theme so once you have 12 months of content your membership goes on autopilot. Easy peasy simple money maker!

As you can see you have lots of options to make money with PLR products. This is why I highly recommend that when you see something with PLR that you grab it. You might not be able to immediately use it, but you might be able to in the future.

If I see something with PLR I buy it without a second thought because I know at some point I will be able to use it. I setup folders on my computer that are labeled with topics and organize all the PLR I buy into these folders.

That way when I need content on a topic I open up my PLR folder and can go right to the topic I want and have all the content I want.

I recommend you do this too!

Okay so now you know what I’m doing to make money with PLR products. Now pick one of these and go get started making some money for yourself!

To your PLR Success!

Liz Tomey

The Newbie’s Guide To Funnels Crash Course

There’s currently a lot of talk about funnels lately. And no not those things you use to put oil into your car… I’m talking about marketing funnels that you can setup to create automated marketing machines that sell products (digital or physical) for you on autopilot.

Once you have these bad boys all setup, you simply focus on traffic, and these funnels do all the selling for you. This is as close to making money while you sleep as you’ll ever get!

Below is a crash course I’ve created for those of you who don’t quite understand this whole “funnel” thing. I’ll explain what funnels are and show you a few examples, and even tell you how you can get your own totally done for you funnel system setup quick!

Don’t want to take on the daunting task of creating your own funnel? Then grab your own ready to go money gettin’ funnel at If you purchase through that link we will also setup this funnel for you! All you need to do is drive traffic and make money…

My Personal Traffic Blueprint

On a daily basis usually several times a day I get asked this question…

Liz, How do you get traffic to your websites?

If I had a nickel for every time I got asked that I’d be sharing an island with Sir Richard Branson! :)

So I’m going to break this down for you, and tell you my personal plan for getting traffic to ANY site ANY time I want. It’s simple and easy, and you’re going to be shocked to what I say, so pay attention…

I use 4 different methods for getting traffic… I’m good at those methods because they are ALL that I use. I don’t try this and that! I know what works and that’s all I do. So don’t chase the next big traffic tactic.


This works…

1. Ezine Advertising/Ad Swaps – This is pretty self-exlpanatory … You pay to advertise in people’s ezines, newsletters, etc, and/or you do ad swaps with peolple who have a list.

Now the thing that messes people up with this is that they don’t know the correct ways to write ads, where to find places to advertise, and the like. I just went through Jeremy Kelsall’s Solo Ad Crusher course that shows you everything you need to know to get traffic with ezine advertising.

I highly recommend you grab this course and go through it right now. It’s as close to instant traffic as you’ll get!

2. Banner advertising – Again this is pretty self-explanatory… You pay to put your banner on other people’s website to get their visitor to your site. I use and sites like it to purchase banner advertising!

3. Other website advertising – This includes things like blog reviews about your website/product, text link advertising on sites like yours, etc. Simply search Google like someone would if they were trying to find you, and try to get the owners of the sites that come up to let you advertise on their sites. Yes… It’s that simple. :)

4. Forum marketing – With forum marketing I hire someone to post in forums (using their own name, not mine) and they put links to my site in their signatures which are posted with every post they make. All you need to do is search for forums related to your niche, make sure it actually gets traffic, and then go to and hire someone to post in those forums for you. You don’t have to worry about what they say because they aren’t using your name!

Please notice that search engine optimization is NOT in my list… Why?

Lots of reasons, but mainly because the search engine algorithms change to fast for me. I got tired of playing their games and said enough is enough. I do a LITTLE bit of on page optimization for my sites and if I get traffic from the search engines great. If not… I don’t care. :)

So there’s the big secret to my traffic success. :)

As you see there really isn’t a big secret at all! Use what works, don’t worry about anything else, and you’ll get traffic!

Plain and simple…

The fastest way to get traffic, and probably the best traffic (meaning people who will buy) is hands down ezine advertising. And as I said I highly recommend you go through the Solo Ad Crusher course at It’s super cheap and will show you the right way to get traffic right now!

Okay so there’s your traffic lesson for the day… Now go get some traffic!

Talk soon!

Liz Tomey

Membership Brainstorm Workshop

Today I held a free workshop helping those of you who are struggling with finding ideas to create your own membership site around. I called it…

The Membership Brainstorm Workshop

You can see the reply of the workshop below along with the download for all 28 ideas I covered. Yes I was only supposed to cover 25 ideas, but I threw in a couple more. :)


  • Want to learn to create your own membership site? Then check out my hold your hand coaching program that will take you from start to finish with creating and making money from your own membership site >>>

Click here to download all the ideas in PDF format. Note you WILL need to watch the video and follow along with the PDF in order for the listed ideas to make sense. :)