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Are You Using AI-Profitably In Your Biz?

Blog Photo Explained: If you look closely at this photo you’ll see it looks a little like me. 🙂 I took the photo on the left and turned it into the photo on the right using MidJourney and a plugin. How cool is AI getting? I’m just getting into the graphics side of it, but I’m super excited for what the very near future holds!

Hey #TeamTomey! We’ve been talking A LOT about AI lately. I’m seeing the power in it and more importantly doing so many things with it for my business.


Product creation

Social media content creation

Content creation for all kinds of other things

Sales copy for so many different things (sales pages, emails, ads, etc.)

My mind is BLOWN! 🤯

I’ve started taking all of this information and breaking it down into USEABLE information and also giving YOU the reseller PLR to that information.

So far, we have covered AI in general for online business, and then I came out with the first PLR pack that is focused on a tactic.

The AI For Internet Marketers Crash Course Learning System With Reseller PLR –

The AI For Research For Internet Marketers Learning System With Reseller PLR –

The next AI Learning System with Reseller PLR will be on the topic of digital product creation using AI. I’m going to deep dive into this and show you all how I’m using AI to create all kinds of digital products in different niches and for different purposes. To make-money, to build relationships with my followers, as list builders, and so much more.

AI is making digital product creation so fast, and if done correctly SUPER-profitable! 🤑

I’ll let you know as soon as that’s ready. It will be the 3rd release in the AI series with Reseller PLR, and this content is going fast, so you need to be quick to get your hands on it.

One last note… A few people have asked me what AI tools I’m currently using. There are so many out there and you need to be careful. If you’re just getting started, you just need a few tools. Don’t buy a bunch of tools. Right now, ChatGPT and Bard are the two main ones and if you want to create graphics with AI MidJourney and are the two I’m using.

You can see what tools I’m using, recommendations for prompts, and more at

You might be feeling like there’s A LOT to AI, but there’s only as much to as YOU need. Meaning… Know what YOUR needs are, and only focus on tools and learning that meet those needs. You don’t need to know it all!

Okay… The weekend is here. I’m working on a project that’s really been on my heart for a while that I will be revealing to you soon AND I’m gearing up for a BIG trip that I haven’t talked about either. Yep… It’s time to leave the country again for a while. ✈️ More about all of that later!

Enjoy your weekend, and I’ll talk to you soon!



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The Resale Rights/PLR Difference – What Matters?

Today I want to talk about the difference between the resale rights business model and the PLR creator business model because I’ve been getting a lot of questions about it lately.

So first let’s start off with understanding products with rights…

When we talk about selling the rights to the product it means that we create the product, and then give someone else the right to use it. Depending on what kind of rights you give depends on what the person can do with the product.

There are many different types of rights, but here are the main ones…

Resale rights – The purchaser of these rights can resell the product and keep 100% of the profits. They CAN NOT edit the product, claim copyright, etc. The customers who purchase this product from the rights purchaser only gets personal use rights. Meaning they can only use it in its intended way. They cannot resell the product.

Master resale rights – The purchaser of these rights can resell the product and keep 100% of the profits. They CAN NOT edit the product, claim copyright, etc. The customers who purchase this product from the rights purchaser can use the product and also resell the product to their customers.

Side Note: If you want to know more about resale and master resale rights then is the place you need to be paying attention to!

Private label rights – The purchaser of these rights can resell the product and keep 100% of the profits. They CAN also edit the product, use it in several different ways, claim copyright, etc. Basically this is like getting a product and being able to do anything you want with it. You can even take a product with private label rights, change it up just a bit, and sell the resale/master resale rights to it.

Reseller private label rights – The purchaser of these rights can do just about anything with the product INCLUDING reselling the private label rights to it. This is like full blown rights to do anything you want with very few exceptions. Sometimes these are called unrestricted PLR rights, but even with unrestricted rights people have restrictions, so in my opinion this shouldn’t even be a term that’s used. See this post for my thoughts on Unrestricted PLR. 

Side Note: I am one of the few PLR creators who created reseller private label rights content. You can see ALL of my PLR content at

Side Note 2: These definitions are not definite. 🙄 Always read the license that comes with any type of product with rights to know what you can and can’t do with it. Yes, there SHOULD be a standard across the board, but unfortunately people just make up whatever they want. 🙄 ALWAYS read the license file and if you’re not clear on what you can and can’t do then ask the creator of the content.

Okay so now that you understand (hopefully) the difference in rights, let’s talk about the differences in being a resale rights creator and a PLR creator. The person who creates and sells content with rights.

PLR Product Creator – As a PLR product creator you have to create all the content for your product from scratch or pay someone to create it for you. If it’s an ebook it’s got to be all original from scratch content. If it’s software it’s got to be all original code from scratch. If it’s videos the content needs to be all original from scratch. Getting the point here?

You have to create everything from scratch so that it’s YOURS and you can offer private label rights to it.

The exception to this rule is if you are using reseller private label rights because those give you the right to resell the PLR.

Being a PLR product creator is VERY profitable and I’ve made tons of money doing it, but there’s an easier way to make just as much money!

Resale Rights Product Creator – As a resale rights product creator you CAN create all the content yourself and just sell the resale/master resell rights to others, but an even easier way is to use PLR content you already have or can easily buy and use THAT to create your resale rights product.

Side Note: You MUST read the rights of the PLR content you use for this. Some people do not allow you to take their PLR content and use it to create resale rights products. The legal lines are blurred here. Technically if you change PLR content a bit then it’s no longer the original content and you can do whatever you want with it from there. However, do you want to get into a legal battle with someone or ruin a relationship with them? Just think before doing this and know your rights to the content.

I know… It can be a bit (or a lot) confusing, but if you read this post a few times you will get it. 😄

Just remember this…

PLR – Can edit and sell and/or use in multiple ways

Resale rights – Cannot edit and can only sell as is.

Depending on what you want to do will depend on which of these you will choose.

If I’m just wanting to get a good product in front of my people to help them I’ll just buy resale rights.

If I want to get content and turn it into my own product or use it in a different way (blog posts, bonus content, membership content, etc.) then I’ll buy private label rights.

There are thousands upon thousands upon thousands of online business owners out there that want both PLR products and resale rights products and you can make a lot of money with either option. It’s all about what YOU do and don’t want to do.

Okay, have questions or comments on any of this? Post them below…

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The Secret Hacks To Making Money In The PLR Niche

Blog Photo Explained: This is me before a Saturday night out. Over the years I have fallen in love with various styles of dancing. Bachata, cumbia, banda and norteños. Even at 44 years old young, I still enjoy an occasional late night out dancing. Yes, I know most people that aren’t from Spanish speaking countries can’t stand this type of music, but it’s the energy of it that fills my soul. I’ve not found anything like it. A great song, a great dance partner, and the dance floor becomes like therapy for me. Don’t knock it until you try it. 😉

So, the other day I gave you my personal hack for online business success. If you missed that you can see it at

In that post I told you that the easiest way to make-money online is to create and sell your own digital products. The “hack” is that you use PLR to create those products.

You can do this for product after product after product. You can do this in ONE niche or in several of them.

Creating a product empire is such an amazing online business!

Side Note: I have an entire workshop on how to do this from A-Z called The Profitable Products With PLR Blueprint Workshop. You can see that at

But today I want to mention something else really quickly that could also be VERY profitable, but it’s for a specific niche.

The PLR niche… 😍

I love this damn niche so much. It’s where I saw my first big successes!

The PLR niche consists of people who buy and use PLR content. You can make-money in this niche by…

1. Selling content with PLR to them.

2. Selling training to them on how to use PLR to make-money.

3. And anything related to marketing online to them.

So, I bet you want another hack for this right? Don’t worry! I’ve got you covered… 😉

I just listed three things above that you can do to make money in this niche. And guess what? You can use PLR for ALL of those options! It will take so much less time with product research and product creation when you use PLR content for this…

Here’s how…

1. Selling content with PLR – Buy PLR packages that you can resell as your own PLR content. These types of PLR content are becoming more and more popular and 95% of the PLR I produce I allow my people to resell the PLR to my PLR content. I call it Reseller PLR, some people call it “unrestricted PLR”, etc. If you want to do this just make sure that the PLR package you want to resell allows you to resell the PLR.

Side Note: You can see all of my PLR offers at

2. Selling training on how to use PLR to make-money – There is so much training content that you can get the PLR to that will teach people how to make money with the PLR they buy or how they can use it in their business. I have an entire brand devoted to this and you can get the PLR to those workshops and sell them as your own training products.

You can see those at

3. And anything related to marketing online – Now here’s the motherload of stuff you can make money with within this niche…

People who use PLR content are marketers and they need to continually learn to market online. You can become an affiliate for products related to online marketing and promote those products. You can also use PLR content on the topics of online marketing and create your own products to sell!

See… PLR content is VERY profitable! You just need to have a plan to use it. 😉

So basically, what I’ve given you here is a blueprint to create your own product empire in the PLR niche. I’ve even thrown in doing affiliate marketing.

Side Note: If you want to learn how to do ALL of this in the PLR niche, I HIGHLY recommend you get your spot in my PLR Reseller Profits Blueprint Workshop! You can see that at

But… As I said in the beginning of this…

You can use PLR content to create your own product empire in ANY niche! Take what you’ve learned here, pick a hot niche, and start cranking out products for that niche.

Have questions about creating your own product empire in the PLR niche or any other niche? Then just leave your questions in the comments below and I’ll answer them for you!

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The Ultimate Hack To Online Success

Blog Photo Explained: Just me out working in the “wild”. 😂 I travel a lot and when I do that I like to sit in parks, restaurants, plazas, and just any public place and work. It allows me to get some work done and spend a lot of time just taking in what’s around me. Weird… I know, BUT I love it and it really helps my creative processes.  😍 This was a cool little restaurant in Morelia, Michoacán in Mexico. It had a great patio that was on an incredibly busy street in what’s known as “el centro”. Like a downtown to use here in the United States. One of my favorite things about my online business is that I can work anywhere and anytime I want! ❤️️

Okay #TeamTomey… Let’s have a little talk. Today I want to tell you about my MOST recommended “hack” for success online when it comes to making-money…

But first… If you haven’t picked up The TikTok Traffic Takeover Workshop yet, you only have a few days to pick it up at the discounted pricing and less than half of the Reseller PLR license are left!

Now speaking of PLR, let me tell you about that “hack”

I have had 1000s of my followers come to me over the years and ask me…

Liz, what’s the quickest way for me to make-money online?

My answer is ALWAYS this…

Find a hot topic, create a product around that hot topic, and start selling that product.

That’s not a “hack” though, right?


Well, the “hack” comes in by using PLR content to create that product. It makes it super quick and easy to create a product when you use PLR content.

Now, you can’t use ALL PLR content for this to work well. Yes, you could probably take a bunch of articles or reports or videos from here and there and smash them together into a product, but it would take forever because you’d have to rewrite them a ton in order for them to fit together and flow.

It IS a viable tactic that a lot of PLR experts will tell you to use, but it’s easier to tell you to use the tactic than it is to actually do it. 😉

I’m not being cheeky… I’m being honest. 🤷

While you can use PLR content in ANY way you want, it’s always easier to use it in its intended way.

It’s why I create so many different types and formats of PLR content for you.

I create PLR packages that are full of content you can use for your blog. Yes, you can take that content and use it in other ways, but it’s so much EASIER to just use it as content for your blog or other places you can post content.

Here’s an example of one of those packages:

I also create “mini products” that make great low ticket offers or lead magnets you can use to build your list. Again… You can use these for whatever purpose you want, but it is EASIER to use them as they were intended to be used.

Here’s an example of this type of PLR package:

But you CAN find full products with PLR take those and turn those into your own products. You can use them as they’re intended to be used. As PRODUCTS!

Products you can take, lightly edit (if you want), set up and start selling.

Your job is to find a PLR product on a hot topic…

That’s pretty easy to do because most people who create PLR content do all of that research for you. NORMALLY a creator isn’t going to create a product with PLR that’s NOT on a hot topic. They know people aren’t stupid and aren’t going to buy PLR on a topic that won’t get attention or sell. If you stick with good creators (like Tiffany Lambert, Arun Chandran, ME, and a few others) you’ll always find PLR content that’s on hot topics.

Here’s a great example of a product you can get the PLR to that’s on a hot topic…

Now of course in this email I can’t go into the “how to do all of this”, but I’m telling you from almost 20 years of experience… Creating and selling your own digital products is THE easiest way to make-money online.


You won’t get rich with just ONE product, but it all starts with ONE product. Get one going, then another, and another, and another and pretty soon you’ll have a product empire that can provide you with a great online-income.

Okay, that’s it for today… I’ve started work on that free-PLR package I told you I would be creating for you. I’m going to be creating a masterclass that show’s how to create multiple pages you may need in your marketing. This will be a super hot topic plus I’m packing in some additional ways you can make-money with it, so stay tuned for that.

Talk soon!


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How To Make Money With Your Own Printable Business

There’s a business model out there that I’ve been obsessed with for almost two years now and I haven’t even started that business.

I’ve been busy learning it… 🙄

That’s an excuse… I know enough and I have enough tools and content to just bust right into it, but I haven’t. 🙁

Sound familiar to you?

Have you done (or currently are doing) the same thing?

I yell at my clients all the time for NOT taking action, and here I am not taking action. 🤷‍♀️ There’s so much money in this business model and it’s something I would have a blast doing, but I’m just sitting here learning away, taking notes, and trying to decide on my plan of attack.

2024 WILL be the year I implement this business model in one of my niches I’m in. September is right around the corner and I gear up for the new year in the 4th quarter, so YES… I am already planning for 2024. 😉

So, what is this business model? Printables! Creating and selling printables. I’m going to be doing this in a faith-based niche I’m in and there are about a billion and ten different printables I can create for this niche.

I have at least 1 idea (and most I have 10+ ideas for) for each of these types of printables…

Journal Pages

Coloring Pages

Wall Art



Affirmation and Prayer Cards

Bible study pages


Study Guides

Sunday School Games

And the list goes on and on…

I got some of these ideas from my own brain, some were inspired by other products, some came from searching Etsy, etc. It’s so easy to come up with idea after idea. Finding ideas isn’t the problem. It’s putting it all into action, and that’s coming, but I wanted to create this post to share some of the trainings that I have learned from and/or are on my “to do” list of trainings to go through.

When you’re wanting to start a new business the best thing to do is dive in and learn everything you can. Just don’t get stuck there. Take what you’ve learned and put it into ACTION.

Okay, so here’s my list… There’s a lot of them so I’m going to put them into categories and a short description of each, so feel free to scroll though and pick what you need. As I dive more into this business model I’ll share more of my “doing”, but for now here is how and where I’m learning…

Ideas For Printables: These are resources that will help you pick hot ideas and niches for printables!

* 99 Printables Ideas

Ready To Go Printables: These are things that you can buy and start selling right away.

* PLR Work at Home / Entrepreneurship Printables

* The Busy Mom’s Dream Journal

* Workbook Bundle For Kids

* Planner Bundle

Printables Courses: These are full trainings that will teach you about creating and selling printables. Some of them are for specific printables and some of them are just printables in general.

* Printable Sales Made Easy – This is a GREAT course to get started with! It covers creating some printables, but really deep dives into how to make SALES with your printables.

* Simple Printable Goldmines – discover the exact, step-by-step process for creating high-demand printables that fulfill a specific need for your customers.

* Succeed With Seasonal Printables – There are tons of seasons and holidays and they are great to focus on when it comes to creating printables. Cash in on them ALL year round with what you’ll learn in this course!

Marketing Your Printables: Creating printables is fun, but selling them is even better. 😉 These all focus on marketing and getting sales for your printables.

Free Resources: These are free resources that I found super helpful and you might too!

* How To Make Extra $2,000/Month Passive Income With Etsy Printables

I’ll update this post as I find new resources, and will email you when I do.  😍

As you can see there’s a lot to learn here, but I’m looking forward to putting this business model into action! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below…

Private Label Rights (PLR)

Unrestricted PLR Is BS!

I’ve got something to talk to you about today that will probably tick a few people off… 🤷

Before we get into that though, if you haven’t picked up my brand new Reseller PLR Bundle Offer, you’ve got about 14 more hours to get it at the Early Bird launch price, so make sure you grab it now >>>

The Create A Profitable Blog Learning Bundle with Reseller PLR teaches all about creating profitable-blogs in any niche for any type of business model. You’ll learn a ton AND you get Reseller PLR to the entire thing, so it’s double worth it to you!

Okay so on this “unrestricted PLR is BS” claim that I’ve made…

I was talking with a coaching client today who is working on creating and launching her first PLR package and had some questions for me as she was working on her PLR package. She asked me what unrestricted PLR content was and I had to pause for a second and take a deep breath, so I didn’t start cussing. 😂

Unrestricted PLR is one of the stupidest terms I’ve heard because 99.9% of people ARE NOT actually giving you unrestricted PLR content when they say they are.

Unrestricted means without restrictions. So, if there is a license file that comes with that PLR that says you can’t do this or that then there are restrictions and you are NOT buying unrestricted PLR. I can’t think of anyone that has true unrestricted PLR that they sell. (If you do, please let me know…)

Heck, I have some of the most liberal PLR license terms in the industry and I still can’t claim that I sell unrestricted PLR because I don’t allow people to use my name in the marketing of the content and they can’t give the RIGHTS to the content away for-free. Those are MY restrictions. They can do so much with it even RESELL the PLR to most of my PLR.

So, the next time you see someone trying to sell you “unrestricted PLR” make sure you know the restrictions.

I have another client who bought a ton of PLR to resell. The sales page said it was “unrestricted PLR” so he bought it to put in his store where he sells PLR. Once he had it all downloaded, he noticed this “unrestricted PLR” couldn’t be sold AS PLR. He just wasted a ton of money on content he couldn’t use the way he wanted. 😱

Don’t worry about him… After brainstorming with me I showed him how he COULD use it and make money with it even though he couldn’t use it in the initial way he wanted, and then pointed him to actual PLR content he could resell the PLR to. That’s what happens when you have a coach like me. 😉

Shameless Plug >>> Want a coach like me? Or how about actually ME? Then make sure you join me over at

So… Word of warning. Before you plop down the money for ANY kind of PLR content make sure you know what rights you have. Before you sell ANY kind of PLR content make sure that you are wording things correctly and that you are completely upfront on what rights you are giving your customers.

Okay so that’s it for today… I’m about to hop on my bike for a much needed bike ride just so I can turn around stuff my face with nachos later tonight for dinner. I’m putting lettuce, tomato, and onions on the top of them, so we can call that a salad, right? 😉

Talk soon!


Private Label Rights (PLR)

Bank! Sell The Entire Series!

Hey all! I’m working on the next learning bundle package I’ll be releasing with reseller PLR this coming week and noticed a little something I missed…

You see, these learning bundles are part of a series. They are all on topics related to building and marketing an online business. I’m covering things topic by topic. I realized I missed a key step so I’m circling back around. More on that in a minute…

Now, I’ve done these as a series so that you can get the whole series and make-money with the entire series in several ways…

You could…

1. Use the content for a membership site. (I will be releasing 20+ of these. I’m working on #9 right now.)

2. Take several of the learning bundles and package them into a big product you can sell over and over again.

3. Take one (I recommend the first in the series) give it away for-free from a squeeze page, and then set the rest up to sell individually through a series of emails.

Note: If you did this correctly you could automate the entire thing and just spend your time driving traffic to your squeeze page.

4. Create a YouTube channel and start filling it with content. There are tons of ways to-monetize a YouTube channel and using PLR is a GREAT way to do it. Especially my PLR because it’s actually really good. 😉

5. Use it in your affiliate marketing… Each topic that is covered can promote several different products. I even given you recommendations in many of the learning bundles for products you could promote as an affiliate.

The list of things you could do to make-money with this content goes on and on…

Here is the order I would put them in if you’re going to be using them as a series…

1. The Pick A Niche Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR –

2. The Pick A Business Model Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR –

3. The New Online Business Owner Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR –

4. My First Money Making Website Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR –

5. Profitable Squeeze Pages Learning Bundle –

6. The Welcome Email Sequences Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR –

7. The Email Sales Sequences Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR –

8. The Creating A Profitable Blog Masterclass –

9. The Website Traffic Survival Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR –

10. The Big Book Of Ideas Learning Bundle With PLR –

I will update this post as I add more to this series of PLR content and keep everything listed in the order I would give/sell it to people.

Side Note: To see a list of all of my PLR packages go to

Hopefully this has given you some ideas on how to use these learning bundles. MANY of you have purchased ALL of these, so I wanted to make sure that you can use them. If you have questions or need help using them, come into the My PLR Mastermind Group within the My IM Mastermind at

Talk soon!


Notes From Liz

Boo Made Me Pay For It!

If you follow me on Facebook or have been around for any length of time you know that I’m in a hot and heavy (fictional) relationship with Arun Chandran.

He calls me Bae…

I call him Boo…

It’s sickening really… 🤮

It’s been an ongoing thing for YEARS now. This fictional relationship is actually my second longest romantic relationship I’ve ever had. And it always leaves people wondering…

Are those two really in a relationship?

Well, I’m not here to clear the air about that! I’m here to tell you about his newest course that is going to solve all your business organization problems in less than an hour!

It’s called Notion Made Easy and shows you how to use this free-thingy to totally organize all your business files, courses you’re going through, links, and all of that other stuff we hoard.

I bought it… He didn’t GIVE it to me! I bought it with my own hard earned money (I really should get fictitiously involved with men who pay for things for me), and it is one of the most handy-dandy products I’ve bought and is going to help your over loaded brain soooo much!

You can check it out at

I used sweaty bra money to purchase it, so I hope he enjoys spending my $12.95 (Yes, I keep change in my bra too) on something nice for his “wife”. If you can’t tell I’m still pretty salty about that little detail. 🙄 And don’t worry. I used Tiffany Lambert’s affiliate link to purchase it so he wont even get all that money. That’s the level of petty I’m at with him… 

Anyway… I highly recommend you get this; it takes less than an hour to go through, and then spend a few hours getting yourself organized. You’re probably going to find a lot of things you’ve totally forgotten about that you can use NOW to make some-money, so that makes it WAY more than worth it! Walking away with a clear head makes it worth even more!

Grab it at >>>

Okay, that’s enough shenanigans for now. I hope you’ve enjoyed the entertainment value of this email. It was done in jest, but this really IS a killer little product he has created that will actually help you A LOT! 😍

Talk soon!


Notes From Liz

50% Off Current Learning Bundles With PLR

In late 2022 I started in on creating a series of PLR content all related to the different topics under the Internet marketing “umbrella”.

My goal is to cover as many topics as possible, so that you have a guide for each topic. I did this for two reasons…  First, so you can learn. You can sit down, go through all the topics at a glace, and go directly to the topic that you need to learn and begin learning. The second reason is so that you would have a ton of PLR content on the different topics of Internet marketing because it’s such a hot topic. You can use this content in many different ways if you’re in (or want to be) the Internet marketing niche.

So far I have launched 7 different packages. I call each package a Learning Bundle and I put different components of content in each. See if you missed any of them, and here’s a coupon code to get 50% off of any of the ones that you’ve missed: THE50OFF

The Pick A Business Model Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR

The Pick A Niche Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR

The New Online Business Owner Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR

The Welcome Email Sequences Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR

The Email Sales Sequences Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR

The Website Traffic Survival Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR

The Big Book Of Ideas Learning Bundle With PLR

That coupon code will expire in 24 hours, so make sure you use it NOW or lose it forever.

Trying to think of ways to use these to market your business or directly make money with them?

Try ANY or ALL of these tactics…

1. Create your own products with it. Duh, right? BUT I’m mentioning this because each of these could totally be a stand alone product! They would make great low ticket offers to start building your own profitable-product empire.

2. Create a giveaway to build your list. I’ve taught how to build squeeze pages about a million time nows. Well, maybe not that many, but it sure seems like it. You could easily take any of these and create a free-offer that people would actually WANT. If you don’t have something people want, they’re never going to hand over their email address, so these are PERFECT for that.

3. Bonuses… Need bonuses for your products or products you’re an affiliate for? Take these and turn them into bonus products!

4. With the exception of ONE of the packages in this series (The Big Book Of Ideas Learning Bundle With PLR) you get more than just standard PLR. You get RESELLER PLR to these packages which means you can take them and resell the PLR to them to others, and/or turn them into any kind of product with rights. People LOVE products with rights because they can make-money with them. This is a great way to make-money with these the easy way.

5. And lastly because I don’t want to turn this into a book for you … 😂 You can also take the content and use it on your websites in any way that you want. Content for your blogs, content for your other websites, content for membership sites, etc.

Now of course there are many more ways you can use this PLR content, but those are my top 5!

So, go see what you don’t already have out of these packages, grab the ones you need, and then go start USING them in your business!

If you have any questions on how to use this PLR or anything else, please contact me at

Talk soon!


Notes From Liz, Private Label Rights (PLR)

Complete YouTube Biz Model With Reseller PLR Licensing!

This is for you PLR buyers or those of you looking to learn how to use YouTube to make-money I have something VERY exciting for you today!

This is a 5 day workshop where I’ll be showing you multiple ways to make-money with YouTube!

No matter your experience level, if you don’t want to appear on camera, or even if you’ve never made a video in your life, this blueprint will show you exactly how to cash-in on YouTube using MULTIPLE-monetization options and video creation options.

This is a complete business model blueprint and I’m REALLY excited to be showing this blueprint for the first time ever!

And for the next 24 hours you can get it at the super low early bird pricing!

This will be a great business model to come learn and implement and/or grab the PLR to it and use it in a ton of different profitable-ways.

But the timer IS counting down and tomorrow night at midnight (Eastern Time) the price WILL go up, so make sure you grab your spot now before you forget because there are no exceptions on the “24 Hour Early Bird Pricing”!

Okay, that’s it for today! I hope to see you in this workshop!

Talk soon!


P.S. When I launch workshops I always get asked some of the same questions, so here are some quick answers for you…

1. Have you released this workshop before?

No! I have never taught how to use YouTube to create an entire business around it. This is a complete business model!

2. Is this in any of your bundles?

No! My business model workshops have never been put in a bundle.

3. What is Reseller PLR?

This is the type of PLR that you REALLY want. It allows you to do just about anything you want. You can even resell the PLR! I only have two rules with my Reseller PLR. Don’t give away the PLR to the content for-FREE and don’t use my name in your MARKETING. Everything else is allowed.

If you have any other questions I’m just a message away. You can reach me at