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I teach many things when it comes to creating, running, and making more money from your online business. To help you know what you need I’ve created this page and am providing you with resources by topic. Find a topic here that you need help with, click on it, and a page will come up with all kinds of resources on it to help you with that topic. If you have questions, or if there is a topic you need me to cover please let me know by going to


Liz Tomey

Writing Sales Copy – A huge part of your business will be creating text that makes people do what you want them to do. Buy a product from you, click on a link, give you their email address, etc. I’ve put together this page to help you learn how to write sales copy and other persuasive text for your business. Click here to access this topic’s resource page.

Blogging – There’s many ways to use a blog in your business. You can use it to get traffic, to build your list, to bond with your readers , and so much more. If a blog is part of your business (and I think EVERY business should have one because of how versatile they are) then check out the resources I’ve put together for you on blogging. I’ve covered everything from tutorials on setting up your blog and how to create content for it to what needs to be on your blog and the plugins you should be using. Click here to access this topic’s resource page.

Email Marketing – This is one of those skills that once you matter you can literally create money on demand. When you learn different tactics to use in your email marketing, when you learn to write killer subject lines to get people to open your emails, and you can create emails that get your readers to take action you can literally make money with every email you ever put out! Here are my recommended resources for everything related to email marketing. Click here to access this topic’s resource page.

List Building – List building and email marketing are two totally different tactics (that go hand in hand) that people get confused about. List building is creating things that build your list and get you traffic. Email marketing is creating emails for a list you already have or that you’re building. All the resources in this section are about list building! If you don’t have a list or you want to build a bigger list then these are the resources you need! Click here to access this topic’s resource page. 

Website Traffic – Getting traffic to your website (or whatever it is) is vital to the success of your business. I’ve put together a resource page where I’ll be providing you with the best traffic resources I know of. Go through the getting started section first, prepare yourself, and then take off and start getting all the traffic you need! Click here to access this topic’s resource page.

Product Launching – Creating and launching products is a great way to create a HUGE payday. There’s a lot to it and many things you need to know. I’ve created this resource to point you at courses that are good to go through to help you launch your own product, and a ton of other great free and paid resources to help you launch your own product. Click here to access this topic’s page.

Products With Rights – Creating your own content and your own products can take a lot of time and know how, but you can buy the “rights” to other people’s content/products and use them as your own in various ways. I’ve created this resource page to help you learn about content/products with rights along with giving you some other resources where you can buy content/products with rights. Click here to access this topic’s page.

More topics coming soon…