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We’ve got a brand new poll and I need your feedback, so that I can create exactly what you want and need for your online business…

Over the last several weeks I have been doing a series of PLR packages on small topics within the Internet marketing niche. My goal was to provide you with all the PLR content for all the topics in IM and you can grab what you need. They don’t all rely on each other. A single topic is completely covered in each content package. Note: You can see ALL PLR packages by clicking here. These have all been text based packages and you guys have been buying them like crazy, but if you’ll vote below and tell me exactly what you want and need I’ll try my best to bring you what you want.

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    1. liztomey Author

      I’ve seen you ask this a few times in a few different places. You can take any of my PLR and turn it into a course. Depending on the package will depend on the amount of work it will take and if you have to us additional PLR, but that’s exactly one of the biggest uses of PLR. Taking it and turning it I to your own course.


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