What The Heck Is TeamTomey?

Last week we kicked off celebrating #TeamTomey Month by taking a few trips down memory lane.

I told you about my first business I started when I was 19 and how I turned that into the online business I still have to this day 20 years later. 🤯

There were so many lessons in all of that and I hope you learned a lot and got to know a little more about me.

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Now, some of that information I have never shared anywhere publicly, but I wanted to take you guys back to the very beginning. You’ll see why as we go through this month. Everything I will be sharing builds upon each other. I had to give you all the back story so you can walk into all of this with the full picture.

It still blows my mind that running my own business is something that I’ve done for more than half my life.

26 of 45 years! 😮

But my favorite thing that has come out of all of this is… #TeamTomey!

#TeamTomey started as a brand hashtag I was using on social media, but it grew into this huge tribe of people (you and me) that have one common goal…

To have an online business that funds the life we WANT!

It doesn’t matter what kind of life you want. It doesn’t matter what kind of online business you have or want to have.

We’re all in this together with this ONE goal and it’s all about creating something that allows us to have an amazing life.

My main online business is creating and selling digital products.

My amazing life is being able to work from where I want, when I want, and without having ANYONE tell me what to do.

It’s allowed me to raise a bunch of kids (some mine and some not, but I had a hand in raising them), travel and see so many cool places in what I’ve found is a massive world full of amazing people and culture, it’s allowed me to help my family time after time, and the list goes on and on.

Now you’re online business and your lifestyle might be something totally different, but #TeamTomey is all about helping you create that online business and use it to live that amazing life you want.

#TeamTomey is the online family you’ve always wanted!

We all congregate over at http://www.MyIMMastermind.com

If you’re not a member over there you can join at no-cost!

It’s our big mastermind area that works a lot like Facebook without being Facebook. We have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. 😂

If you want to join everybody over there, be able to interact with others just like you, and get help with any of my workshops, then you need to be over there.

It’s free-with zero strings attached!


See you there!


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