Website Sales Copy Resources

This is a collection of resources that I personally use in my business that help me with writing copy for squeeze pages and my sales letter pages and many other “things” within my business.

I’m not putting these in here for the sake of making money. I wanted to create a resource that you could go to so you can learn the skill of writing persuasive copy that makes people opt-in to your list and/or buy what you’re offering from your sales page.

This is a vital skill that can make you a ton of money. Do know that it does take time, constant practice and constant learning, but I do believe it to be something you should learn although you CAN outsource it.

If you’re not willing to learn it then by all means outsource it. If you can’t write sales copy for your website no one will buy from you so it’s either learn the skill or outsource it so you can actually make money!

On to the resources…

Write Sales Copy For Squeeze Pages:

I found a great resource from Thrive Themes that gives you examples of 7 different ways you can get people to optin to your squeeze page. This is a must read for anyone trying to build their list! Click here to read the full post.

.Writing Sales Copy For Sales Letter Pages:

Tactic 1: Read about writing copy. You have to constantly study.

1. The first thing you need to go through is Chunk Copy which is a product John Hostler (big time copywriter) and I created years ago, but is still so relevant. This will teach you to create a sales letter to sell any kind of product, and it even comes with a template. You guys can get free access to it at

2. I also recommend joining this groups on Facebook that are all about writing copy…

3. Anything that’s related to copy you need to be reading/consuming! Do some research, find some good copywriters to follow, and continue your education! Here are some great little golden nuggets I have found that have really helped me…

Psycho Profits 3.0 has been named our sales copy bible for #TeamTomey. This is EXACTLY where you need to start to learn to write sales copy.  Use this coupon code: LIZ27 and save $70 off of the current price!

Team Tomey Inner Circle Weekly Meetup – Learning About Email Marketing And Sales Copy – This is a webinar I did with my list on creating sales copy. Grab a notebook and a pen (or whatever you use to take notes) and go through this. It’s filled with gold nuggets that will truly help you when it comes to writing sales copy.

Tactic 2: Find someone who has a sales letter selling something like you have and if the copy makes you want to buy it use it to get ideas from. This is basically you creating a swipe file. Anytime I find a sales page that I really like I always screen capture the whole thing and save it into my Swipe File folder on my computer.

Here’s a video tutorial on how I create swipe files for not only sales page, but everything else too.

Tactic 3: Use templates!

There are tons of templates out there that you can use. I recommend searching Google for sales page templates, but here are a few options I recommend…

My Content Toolkit –

Outsource Your Sales Copy:

Outsourcing your sales copy CAN be expensive, but it’s worth every penny. You can also find people who aren’t expensive, but make sure you check them out thoroughly! Here are a few resources to help you if you want to outsource the writing of your sales copy.

Here’s a video tutorial where I cover exactly how to outsource your sales copy >>>

Place you can find people to write sales copy for you: