Past Downloads No Longer Work!

I’ve been making a lot of changes lately and one of those changes was getting ALL of my products loaded into a new delivery system.

I am now using Product Dyno for product delivery.

If you create and sell digital products you might want to check this tool out.

You DO NOT need it to access your purchases from me though. This is just something I’m using in MY business.

All of the download links for your past purchases will no longer work for you.

Unfortunately there’s no way for me to load all of you into the system and have your purchases restored. 😭

I have to do it manually!

So… If you are trying to access a purchases and can’t, simply send me an email and tell me you need a customer account. I will need the email address you have used to purchase my products to look up all of your purchases.

I will create an account for you if you don’t already have one and add all of your purchases to your account.

Once you have an account you will ALWAYS login at to access any and all purchases.


You have to login to that ONE link to see what you have purchased.

Once you login you can see what products you have or have not purchased and access any that you have purchased.

No changes in how you purchase, no extra charges, etc. The only thing that has changed is how you ACCESS your products.


Once you have an account you will ALWAYS login at to access any and all purchases.

You can’t do anything until you have an account though, so if you don’t have an account and you HAVE product purchases from me then shoot me an email with your purchase email and I’ll get you all taken care of.

Don’t know if you have an account? Search your email for the URL

Lost your password? There’s a lost password function on the login page.

This will be a little bumpy at first. Everything new at first is. But I will get you anything and everything you’ve purchased (up to the last 3 years), so don’t worry. You’re not losing anything.

Okay, that’s it for now… I know I’m going to be hearing from a lot of you so response times may be a little slow, but if you don’t hear from me within 2-3 BUSINESS days then send me another message because we all know the email gremlins are real and they are eating EVERYTHING right now. 😡

I appreciate you all SO much! Working with customers and seeing how many of my products you guys buy really makes me know I’m doing the right thing by continuing to teach and help you reach your dreams and goals. Your support means the world to me and as long as I have that I’ll keep being here for you!

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