This Is The BIG Secret

The other day I told you about the business I started when I was 19. That was way back in 1998. I wasn’t even using the Internet for that business when I started it. It was a mailorder business.

If you missed that you can see it all at

Going through all of that made me think of the old Joe Sugarman ad for his Blublocker Sunglasses. EVERYONE and their brother points to this as the most iconic copywriting of all time.

Not sure about that, but it IS really good!

No matter what business you’re in, learning to write words that make people buy from you is the ONE big skill you should continually learn about and put into practice.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just creating written content, videos, ads, etc… You’ve GOT to learn to write sales copy. Words that make people want to take action!

If you can’t make people buy your stuff (or click on a link, or subscribe, etc.), then you’ll never make any-money with any kind of business. is a great site to see some of the best copy ever written and have it explained to you. You can learn a lot at no-cost.

I’m not an affiliate for the site nor was I paid to mention them. It’s just that great of a resource.

If you want to get started with the technical side of learning to write copy there are only TWO resources that I recommend…

The 10:10 Salesletter Challenge at 

And Psycho Profits 3 which you can read about at  

I named Psycho Profits 3 the official sales copy bible for #TeamTomey a long time ago. It’s AMAZING and now with ChatGPT you can use it to quickly create sales letters!

No matter where you learn from though, writing sales copy… the words that make people BUY (or click, or optin, etc.)… is something you should continually learn and continually practice.

It’s NOT just a one time thing. It’s something that needs to be done in your business almost on a daily basis.

Well… Unless you have a lot of money to spend on a copywriter to write EVERYTHING for you. 😉

Okay, that’s it for today… #TeamTomey Month continues on and I’ll be bringing you more great tips, resources, and a little entertainment all month long!

Talk soon!


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