4 Brand New BIG Products With PLR!

Over the last few days I have had a lot of people send me messages about how much they love my PLR. I’ll be honest… I LOVE those kind of messages. It let’s me know that I’m providing you guys with what you need.

It’s winter and it’s cold right now so I’m just hunkered down (I think that’s a Southern USA saying *lol*) and creating all the PLR content I can for you guys. Because as soon as that warm weather comes back I’ll be working A LOT less and finding new adventures to go on.

So get all the content while you can!

I just released a HUGE package with FOUR different “Big Book of Ideas” products in it. There’s over 190 pages of content here. These would be amazing for those of you looking to create your own products. I’m even doing a workshop showing how to take these and turn them into your own products that you’ll get too!

And of course you can also use them in just about any other way that you want…

You can see what I’ve created for you at http://www.TodayInPLR.com/big-book-of-ideas-plr

This IS a TON of content and each product in the bundle comes with it’s own mini sales letter, so it’s a bit more expensive than my other packages, but there’s so much more in it, so it’s MORE than worth it.

And… For the next 48 hours, I have it at it’s lowest possible price. Once the timer expires that price will go WAY up, so make sure you grab this one now!


Okay… That’s it for today! I’m going to go catch up on email messages from you all, do that workshop I mentioned above, and get started on my next PLR package. I hope you all are using this “down time” to plot and plan what you’ll be doing to make-money in 2023. I know I sure am! 🙂

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