Clip Art And PLR – Massive Bonus!

One of the most requested content types for PLR I’ve been getting for the last several months has been…


People need clipart for all kinds of stuff, but the printables, print on demand, and the other crafters want clipart with PLR so bad! These guys buy clipart like crazy and there’s hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of these buyers out there.

You could make-a-killing creating and selling clipart with or without PLR actually, but if you want to jump into the rabid buyer PLR market… create and sell clipart WITH PLR.

I’ve known this for awhile, but haven’t talked about it because I am not a graphics person really. I do okay, but not enough to teach you.

And that’s why I got super excited the other day when my gal pal Kate Riley (who creates the most amazing visual PLR content EVER) notified me about her new course called ClipArt Mastery!

I IMMEDIATELY scooped this up so I can dive in and start learning to create clipart.

There are so many great niches to do this for and I also picked up the bump offer that gives me 10 niches that would be great to create clipart for.

If you’re looking for a way to have fun AND make-money creating a clipart business is a great option. And by me putting you in Kate’s hands to learn this you’ll be learning from THE best when it comes to this.

And I’m throwing in a bonus to REALLY help you out..

For those of you who want to create and sell PLR to your clipart I’m going to be doing a workshop next week showing you how to get started doing this.

The PLR Profits With Clipart Workshop!

I wont be showing how to create the clip art. Kate has that covered inside Clipart Mastery! I will be showing you how to setup your business, what PLR packages to create, what components to have in them, and how to launch your clipart PLR package so you can start making-money!

PLUS!!! You’ll get RESELLER PLR to the entire workshop!

How’s that for a bonus?

Kate is going to teach you to create this clipart and the best niches for it, and then you’ve got me to show you how to turn it into a full on business!

But you’ve got to purchase through MY link at

Okay, that’s it for today… I’m going to work on a little passion project I have today. I need something fun and creative to work on so I’m going to deep dive into that. This clipart creation I’m learning is also going to help there.

I’m so excited!!!

Talk soon!


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