Content Alchemy: Turning PLR Packages into Marketing Gold

So lately we’ve been talking about the different types of PLR packages that you buy…

I create products with PLR AND content packages with PLR.

The products with PLR of course you would take and turn into your own products and set them up to make-money with them.

The content packages you would take and use for content for your blog, emails, social media, etc.

Now this IS PLR content so you can use it in any way that you see fit, but as I’ve said many times, it’s always MUCH easier to use PLR content as it’s intended to be used.

Today thought… I want to specifically talk to you about the content packages with PLR that I offer and how you can use. This should give you a ton of ideas!

Now these packages are always on a different niche or topic with the IM/MMO niches and the components are always different.

They all include some of the following components:

Monetized lead magnet
Content pieces
Descriptions for content pieces
Study guides
Resource documents
Monetized emails
Social media images and social media captions
Promotional infographics
Video based content
Affiliate program recommendation list
Audio based content

Side Note: You can see all of my current content packages with PLR in this post >>>

So, let’s talk about how what these components are and how you can use them. Remember these are intended use suggestions. It’s PLR… You can use it however you want!

1. Monetized Lead Magnet

What They Are: Lead magnets are generally reports or ebooks but can be videos, scripts, software, etc.

How You Can Use Them:

Build Your Email List: Use the lead magnet to attract sign-ups to your email list. Offer it as a free download in exchange for an email address on your website, landing pages, or through social media ads.

Segment Your Audience: Based on the interest shown in this lead magnet, segment your audience for more targeted follow-up emails and offers related to AI and making money online.

Webinars and Workshops: Use the lead magnet as a foundation to host informative webinars or workshops. This can position you as an expert in the niche and build deeper relationships with your audience.

Product Creation: Expand the lead magnet into a more comprehensive course or ebook that can be sold. Use feedback from your audience to fill in gaps and add more value.

2. Monetized Content Pieces

What They Are: At the heart of these you could call them an article. I refer to them as content pieces because I don’t want you to get stuck on ONE way to use them. So, I don’t call them articles or blog posts. I call them content pieces.

How You Can Use Them:

Content Marketing: Publish these content pieces on your blog or as part of an email series to provide valuable insights to your audience, positioning yourself as an authority in your niche.

Repurpose: Convert the content into other formats such as videos, podcasts, or infographics to reach a broader audience across different platforms.

Membership Sites: Take these content pieces and turn them into something you can offer as part of a membership program where users pay for exclusive access to premium content.

Interactive Content: Convert some of the content into quizzes or interactive tools that can help users understand how they can make money with AI, adding a unique value to your site.

3. Descriptions for Content Pieces

What They Are: These are summaries or descriptions of the content pieces.

How You Can Use Them:

SEO and Marketing: Use these descriptions on your website, social media, or as part of your PPC campaigns to attract traffic to your monetized content pieces. Optimizing these descriptions for SEO can also improve your organic search rankings.

Ad Campaigns: Craft targeted ad campaigns using these descriptions to promote your content across various platforms, including Google Ads and social media networks.

4. Monetized Emails

What They Are: Of course these are emails, but they are all created to promote your content pieces and mention a product that you can fill in an affiliate link to promote.

How You Can Use Them:

Engagement and Sales: Send these emails to your subscribers to keep them engaged, provide them with valuable information, and direct them to your monetized offers or affiliate products.

Nurture Campaigns: Develop a series of nurture emails designed to guide your subscribers through a journey, from awareness to decision-making regarding the topic of the email.

5. Social Media Images and Captions

What They Are: These are social media images that can be resized and used on multiple social media sites and the captions always go with the images or can be used as stand alone posts on text only posts.

How You Can Use Them:

Social Media Marketing: Use these images and captions to enhance your presence on social media platforms. Regularly posting engaging content can help increase your followers, build brand awareness, and drive traffic to your website.

6. Promotional Infographics

What They Are: These are infographics related to a topic within the topic of the PLR package.

How You Can Use Them:

Visual Content Marketing: Share these infographics on your blog, social media channels, or in newsletters. Infographics are highly shareable and can help in explaining complex topics in a more accessible way.

Print Materials: Convert these infographics into print materials for use in direct mail campaigns, conferences, or as part of a welcome kit for new customers.

Educational Tools: Use the infographics as educational tools in presentations or as part of course materials if you’re teaching about making money online or with AI.

7. Videos Content:

What They Are: These are informational videos. Generally, I take a content piece and turn it into a video by doing a presentation or by using AI. Don’t worry. I don’t use those horrible AI voices in them.

How You Can Use Them:

YouTube Content: Upload to YouTube or other video platforms for content marketing.

Blog Content: Embed in blog posts or on your website and make sure you monetize them too with links to your own products or your affiliate links.

Newsletter Content: Share in email newsletters or social media.

8. Affiliate Program Recommendation List

What They Are: These are a list of products that have affiliate programs that are related to the topic of the PLR content package they come with. I do this so you have things you can make money with, with every PLR content package you buy from me.

How You Can Use Them:

Monetization: Explore the recommended affiliate programs to find products or services that align with your audience’s interests. Promote these as part of your content to generate affiliate income.

Review Content: Create detailed reviews or comparison posts of the affiliate programs/products listed, sharing your personal experience and recommendations.

Now I’m sure there are a ton more options for each of these things, but this is a blog post and not a course! 😂 I don’t want to make this too long, but I want to give you guys as many ideas as possible so when you buy PLR content packages from me you can go USE them to make money and market your online business.

These PLR goodies are more than just fill-in-the-blanks assets; they are the building blocks for your next big online venture. You could be sitting on a goldmine of PLR content ready to be spun into digital gold. It’s like I’ve handed you the map and now you just gotta follow it.

Don’t just take these suggestions at face value. The digital landscape is your playground, and these PLR package components are the swings, slides, and seesaws. Mix them up, try out new combos, and see what works best for you and your audience. After all, in the vast ocean of online marketing, being the captain of your ship means navigating through waters with innovation and flair.

And don’t forget… I’ve currently got 6 of these PLR content packages for your to choose from at

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