The IM Series PLR Package Listing

It’s been an amazing several months here at #TeamTomey!

I have created SOOOO much PLR content for you guys and I appreciate all of you supporting me! 💖

The sales, feedback, and watching some of you take this stuff and put it into action is amazing. I’m impressed!

I have started including sales letters with each package now. 🎉 This makes it super quick and easy for you to take a product and start profiting with it. PLUS I even have workshops showing you how to set everything up! 🤑

I will actually be adding a sales letter to ALL past packages that don’t have them. That’s coming soon and I’ll email you and let you know as they get added.

I can’t make it any easier than this!

There are currently 12 14 bundles in the Internet Marketing Learning Bundle Series…

My goal is to take ALL of my knowledge about Internet marketing, break it down into small topics, and put it into quick and easy “learning systems”.

But here’s the thing… You DO NOT need the entire series for any ONE to work or make sense or be able to sell.

Each release is a stand alone product/PLR package IN this series.

Now most of you, when I come out with a series WANT the whole series (and of course I LOVE that) and you can of course buy each one. I space them out and keep them VERY affordable so you CAN do this…

BUT… Each package that I release is a full blown product that stands on its own. I cover everything you need to know about that ONE topic in that ONE product.

You don’t need them ALL for any ONE to work and be used on it’s own. But which ever ones you want, or buy them all to have your own series of products to sell, add to your membership site, use to build your list, etc.

So, with all of that said, here is a list of all of them. They are not listed in the order of launch, but I have listed them in the order I would sell them and/or go through them if I was just getting started.

1. The Pick A Niche Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR –

2. The Pick A Business Model Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR –

3. The New Online Business Owner Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR –

4. My First Money Making Website Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR –

5. Profitable Squeeze Pages Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR –

6. The Welcome Email Sequences Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR –

7. The Email Sales Sequences Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR –

8. The Creating A Profitable Blog Masterclass With Reseller PLR –

9. The Blog Lead Machine Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR –

10. How To Create Marketing Pages For Your Online Business With Reseller PLR –

11. The Website Traffic Survival Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR –

12. The Big Book Of Ideas Learning Bundle With PLR –

13. The Organic Social Marketing Crash Course Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR –

14. The Social Profile Profits Learning System Bundle With Reseller PLR –

If you have a request for an Internet marketing topic that you would like to see me create please leave it in the comments below and I’ll see what I can do for you! And… If you have any questions you can leave those in the comments or contact me directly at

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