New Twitter Traffic – Works or No?

I have used Twitter off and on for years. Well now it’s called X, but whatever… 🙄

I get traffic from there when I DO post and actually use it. That’s one of the big keys to Twitter. You have to interact and duh… post your stuff over there.

You have to post the things you want to get traffic to.

You have to post stuff to get followers and engagement.

It’s not hard and there are a ton of great tactics that you can use.

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So… This new Twitter traffic tactic. Maybe it’s new. 🤷 It was new to me, but I just saw someone use it and wanted to share it with you.

A marketer I know is trying to build his following on Twitter. He had some killer information he wanted to put in their hands. So he told them if they wanted the information to click a link to his Twitter post and respond with “Yes!”

So he has this “thing” people want, and they just have to do this one action to get it. We do this with A LOT of things in marketing. Squeeze pages, content locking on blogs, etc. You gotta do the “thing” to get the freebie.

I’m sure you’ve seen this used, but maybe not in this way.

I took a look at what he’s doing and he has gotten a ton of responses and I bet a lot of followers too.

This does so many different things…

1. Gives you ANOTHER POWERFUL way to interact with your list socially. Email marketing is great, but when you layer it with social marketing you really get to the relationship building part and that’s THE key to success with your email subscribers.

2. By him asking people to take action on something that’s free-AND they actually want, he’s getting CLICKS in his email which is something else you need for your email marketing success. Engagement is a HUGE deal to the “email gods” so the more you get the more chances you have on landing in people’s inboxes.

3. Gets you engagement on Twitter (or whatever social media platform you’re doing this on) and engagement is a key to success on social media too.

4. Builds your following because a lot of those people are going to start following you too.

And I’m sure there’s even more benefits to this!

So, let’s test this together…

Follow me on Twitter (I’m going to continue calling it Twitter) by going to

Tomorrow I’m going to send you an email and tell you how to get the results of my experiment over the next few days with Twitter. Good or bad I’ll tell you exactly what happened.

I’ve basically revealed what’s going to happen next in this email 😉, but play along with me and let’s see if we can get some real numbers with this and talk about how YOU can use it in your business.

See you on the Tweeter… Or The X… Or Twitter… Or the site formally known as Twitter… Or… You get the idea! 😂

Follow me at

Talk soon!


P.S. In yesterday’s post I called myself “Last Minute Liz”. My mom was the Queen of nicknames and I had about 100 of them. I said that name reminded me of a Garbage Pail Kid Card. The ones from the 80’s. I actually created one with the name “Last Minute Liz”. I did another one too. “Loony Bin Liz”. I posted them to Twitter, so when you go over there and follow me you’ll see my creations too. Enjoy or feel free to make fun of my horrible artistic abilities. Your choice… 😂 


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