Demystifying And Profiting: PLR VS Reseller PLR License

It seems that no matter how many times I cover this, I get asked at least 1-2 times a week what’s the difference between PLR and Reseller PLR.

Side Note: If you already understand this keep reading because I’ve got some juicy secrets to reveal to you about one of these PLR types. 😉

And that’s totally fine… That’s what I’m here for. To help, teach, and answer all these types of questions.

First, I have an entire blog post all about the different types of rights you can buy for products and content over at

Make sure you read that because there is more than just PLR out there!

But to specifically answer THIS question… “What is the different between PLR and Reseller PLR?”

It’s pretty simple…

Reseller PLR content is ONLY different from standard PLR in that you can sell the PLR license content to others when you get Reseller PLR. The difference is your RIGHTS to the content and being able to pass on rights.

Most PLR content you cannot sell the content as PLR. You can use it to create products WITHOUT any rights. Meaning the buyer gets to use the product, but can’t do anything else like edit it, resell it, etc.

But you CAN with Reseller PLR! Hence why it’s called Reseller PLR…

Reselling PLR content to PLR buyers is a great online business model! I have an entire workshop devoted to this topic at

95% of my PLR content comes with Reseller PLR so to help you out with WHO buys PLR content I’ve created a list of those who buy it to use in their online businesses. This will help you in knowing who your audience is when it comes to selling PLR content.

You’ll see there are MANY different types of online business owners and people who do certain marketing strategies who are looking for PLR content.

Here’s the list of people who would (SHOULD 😉) buy PLR and that you can use for your target audience when selling any kind PLR content.

Digital Product Creators – Digital products creators create things like ebooks, video tutorials, any type of online courses, etc. And they need PLR to do this. I have several people who buy my PLR and take it and turn it into products that they can profit from. These people are constantly looking for more PLR content and you can be their PLR provider!

Webinar Presenters – Those who do webinars can use all kinds of different PLR content. All the way from their webinar presentation to promoting it.

Affiliate Marketers – I could list tons and tons of different ways for affiliate marketers to use PLR content. These are some of the best people to sell all types of PLR content to because they have so many different needs for it.

Graphic Sellers – More and more graphical PLR is being created for the PLR market, so this is a great kind of PLR content to sell to just about anyone but especially those selling any kind of graphics.

Hot Tip: Clip art currently has a HUGE demand, but there’s not a lot of clipart being sold with PLR content. There is a course called Clipart Mastery that shows you how to create clipart for niches that need it and how to use AI to do it all! You can check it out at

Bloggers – Want to know who needs lots of content for EVERYTHING in their business? Bloggers! Another great audience to target because of all of their content needs!

Email Marketers – Email marketers of course need emails for their business, and of course they can use PLR content to help them with email creation. But they also need other types of content like lead magnets, social media content, other promotional content, etc.

Social Media Marketers – Not only do these people buy social media content with PLR, but they also buy things like graphics and content too!

SEO Professionals – While SEO does focus on having original content, having PLR content as base content is great to use for SEO. Plus, there are other types of PLR content like keyword lists, meta descriptions, graphics, etc. that they buy PLR to also!

Membership Site Owners – There are people out there who build membership sites and use PLR content to create ALL of their monthly content for their membership sites. They also need promotional content too, so this is another audience that has a BIG need for PLR content!

Podcasters – Podcasters also use PLR content for a lot of their content creation. Things like articles, parts of ebooks and reports, videos, etc., and they also use it for promoting their podcast too!

Local Business Marketers – Running a local marketing agency is a big job and many of them use A LOT of PLR content to help them with various aspects of their business. Content for their sites, promotional content, etc.

Other Online Business Owners – Dropshippers, e-commerce biz owners, niche site owners and anyone else running an online business all need content for many different things in their businesses.

Now I’m sure there are more types of online businesses who would buy PLR content. Have I missed any? Let me know in the comments below…

As you can see there are lots of people out there who need PLR content. By buying reseller PLR you can sell to all of these audiences.

A great strategy would be to setup a store that caters to as many niches as possible and provides as many different content types as possible that people can get with PLR.

Another strategy is to focus on ONE BIG niche, or ONE content type, or providing PLR content for ONE particular audience. You’ve got a lot of options here and they’re all profitable!

Okay so hopefully you now understand the difference between PLR and Reseller PLR and are thinking of ways you can make money with Reseller PLR beyond using it as PLR. You can actually take it and make money with it in a whole new way!

If you have any questions about Reseller PLR feel free to leave me a comment below…


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