The FULL List Of PLR Content Packages

On my brand I release a lot of different types of content. It’s all geared towards the IM (Internet Marketing) and MMO (Make Money Online) niches, but it’s different kinds of content types. Big products like 5+ day workshops and coaching programs with PLR, small products like ebooks and videos courses with PLR, and the list goes on and on.

The intended use for MOST of it is to give you products with PLR that you can use to make money in your online business. I’ve been created and selling digital products for 20 years now for over 20 different niches, so when it comes to product create I’m REALLY good at it. That’s just not me tooting my own horn, that’s based on feedback and results from my customers. Love you guys 😘

Side Note: When I say “intended use” that means it’s PLR content so you can use it in just about any way that you want, but all content is created for an intended use. Like PLR to an ebook is meant to be used as an ebook. PLR to articles are meant to be used as content for your blog, some social media sites, etc. It’s always easier to use PLR content for its intended use rather than manipulating it for something else, BUT with PLR you CAN do that. You can turn content into whatever you want. Man, I love PLR! 💖

However, you also need to promote these products you have so you can make money with them. It’s fun to create, but you absolutely MUST market those products. You’ve got to get eyeballs in front of them (website traffic) or you’re never going to make any money!

That’s why I started creating PLR content packages… These are full of different types of content that you can use in your online business to market. Each PLR content package comes with different components like…

Content pieces (articles, blog posts, etc.)

Lead magnets


Social media content


… and more!

Each package is different! It covers a specific topic and has a multitude of components for your different marketing tactics.

Currently I have 6 of these PLR content packages and here’s the list of the topics…

1. AI (Artificial Intelligence) For Online Profits

2. Email List Building

3. Website Traffic

4. Private Label Rights

5. Online Business Models –

6. Blogging For Affiliate Marketers –

I have more coming, but if you would like to make a request for a specific topic (in any niche) just leave me a comment below or contact me at and we can chat about it. 😉

Hope this sorts things out for you and helps you with not only your PLR needs, but understanding the vast amount of ways you can use PLR content in your business.

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