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Clip Art And PLR – Massive Bonus!

One of the most requested content types for PLR I’ve been getting for the last several months has been…


People need clipart for all kinds of stuff, but the printables, print on demand, and the other crafters want clipart with PLR so bad! These guys buy clipart like crazy and there’s hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of these buyers out there.

You could make-a-killing creating and selling clipart with or without PLR actually, but if you want to jump into the rabid buyer PLR market… create and sell clipart WITH PLR.

I’ve known this for awhile, but haven’t talked about it because I am not a graphics person really. I do okay, but not enough to teach you.

And that’s why I got super excited the other day when my gal pal Kate Riley (who creates the most amazing visual PLR content EVER) notified me about her new course called ClipArt Mastery!

I IMMEDIATELY scooped this up so I can dive in and start learning to create clipart.

There are so many great niches to do this for and I also picked up the bump offer that gives me 10 niches that would be great to create clipart for.

If you’re looking for a way to have fun AND make-money creating a clipart business is a great option. And by me putting you in Kate’s hands to learn this you’ll be learning from THE best when it comes to this.

And I’m throwing in a bonus to REALLY help you out..

For those of you who want to create and sell PLR to your clipart I’m going to be doing a workshop next week showing you how to get started doing this.

The PLR Profits With Clipart Workshop!

I wont be showing how to create the clip art. Kate has that covered inside Clipart Mastery! I will be showing you how to setup your business, what PLR packages to create, what components to have in them, and how to launch your clipart PLR package so you can start making-money!

PLUS!!! You’ll get RESELLER PLR to the entire workshop!

How’s that for a bonus?

Kate is going to teach you to create this clipart and the best niches for it, and then you’ve got me to show you how to turn it into a full on business!

But you’ve got to purchase through MY link at

Okay, that’s it for today… I’m going to work on a little passion project I have today. I need something fun and creative to work on so I’m going to deep dive into that. This clipart creation I’m learning is also going to help there.

I’m so excited!!!

Talk soon!


Private Label Rights (PLR)

Content Alchemy: Turning PLR Packages into Marketing Gold

So lately we’ve been talking about the different types of PLR packages that you buy…

I create products with PLR AND content packages with PLR.

The products with PLR of course you would take and turn into your own products and set them up to make-money with them.

The content packages you would take and use for content for your blog, emails, social media, etc.

Now this IS PLR content so you can use it in any way that you see fit, but as I’ve said many times, it’s always MUCH easier to use PLR content as it’s intended to be used.

Today thought… I want to specifically talk to you about the content packages with PLR that I offer and how you can use. This should give you a ton of ideas!

Now these packages are always on a different niche or topic with the IM/MMO niches and the components are always different.

They all include some of the following components:

Monetized lead magnet
Content pieces
Descriptions for content pieces
Study guides
Resource documents
Monetized emails
Social media images and social media captions
Promotional infographics
Video based content
Affiliate program recommendation list
Audio based content

Side Note: You can see all of my current content packages with PLR in this post >>>

So, let’s talk about how what these components are and how you can use them. Remember these are intended use suggestions. It’s PLR… You can use it however you want!

1. Monetized Lead Magnet

What They Are: Lead magnets are generally reports or ebooks but can be videos, scripts, software, etc.

How You Can Use Them:

Build Your Email List: Use the lead magnet to attract sign-ups to your email list. Offer it as a free download in exchange for an email address on your website, landing pages, or through social media ads.

Segment Your Audience: Based on the interest shown in this lead magnet, segment your audience for more targeted follow-up emails and offers related to AI and making money online.

Webinars and Workshops: Use the lead magnet as a foundation to host informative webinars or workshops. This can position you as an expert in the niche and build deeper relationships with your audience.

Product Creation: Expand the lead magnet into a more comprehensive course or ebook that can be sold. Use feedback from your audience to fill in gaps and add more value.

2. Monetized Content Pieces

What They Are: At the heart of these you could call them an article. I refer to them as content pieces because I don’t want you to get stuck on ONE way to use them. So, I don’t call them articles or blog posts. I call them content pieces.

How You Can Use Them:

Content Marketing: Publish these content pieces on your blog or as part of an email series to provide valuable insights to your audience, positioning yourself as an authority in your niche.

Repurpose: Convert the content into other formats such as videos, podcasts, or infographics to reach a broader audience across different platforms.

Membership Sites: Take these content pieces and turn them into something you can offer as part of a membership program where users pay for exclusive access to premium content.

Interactive Content: Convert some of the content into quizzes or interactive tools that can help users understand how they can make money with AI, adding a unique value to your site.

3. Descriptions for Content Pieces

What They Are: These are summaries or descriptions of the content pieces.

How You Can Use Them:

SEO and Marketing: Use these descriptions on your website, social media, or as part of your PPC campaigns to attract traffic to your monetized content pieces. Optimizing these descriptions for SEO can also improve your organic search rankings.

Ad Campaigns: Craft targeted ad campaigns using these descriptions to promote your content across various platforms, including Google Ads and social media networks.

4. Monetized Emails

What They Are: Of course these are emails, but they are all created to promote your content pieces and mention a product that you can fill in an affiliate link to promote.

How You Can Use Them:

Engagement and Sales: Send these emails to your subscribers to keep them engaged, provide them with valuable information, and direct them to your monetized offers or affiliate products.

Nurture Campaigns: Develop a series of nurture emails designed to guide your subscribers through a journey, from awareness to decision-making regarding the topic of the email.

5. Social Media Images and Captions

What They Are: These are social media images that can be resized and used on multiple social media sites and the captions always go with the images or can be used as stand alone posts on text only posts.

How You Can Use Them:

Social Media Marketing: Use these images and captions to enhance your presence on social media platforms. Regularly posting engaging content can help increase your followers, build brand awareness, and drive traffic to your website.

6. Promotional Infographics

What They Are: These are infographics related to a topic within the topic of the PLR package.

How You Can Use Them:

Visual Content Marketing: Share these infographics on your blog, social media channels, or in newsletters. Infographics are highly shareable and can help in explaining complex topics in a more accessible way.

Print Materials: Convert these infographics into print materials for use in direct mail campaigns, conferences, or as part of a welcome kit for new customers.

Educational Tools: Use the infographics as educational tools in presentations or as part of course materials if you’re teaching about making money online or with AI.

7. Videos Content:

What They Are: These are informational videos. Generally, I take a content piece and turn it into a video by doing a presentation or by using AI. Don’t worry. I don’t use those horrible AI voices in them.

How You Can Use Them:

YouTube Content: Upload to YouTube or other video platforms for content marketing.

Blog Content: Embed in blog posts or on your website and make sure you monetize them too with links to your own products or your affiliate links.

Newsletter Content: Share in email newsletters or social media.

8. Affiliate Program Recommendation List

What They Are: These are a list of products that have affiliate programs that are related to the topic of the PLR content package they come with. I do this so you have things you can make money with, with every PLR content package you buy from me.

How You Can Use Them:

Monetization: Explore the recommended affiliate programs to find products or services that align with your audience’s interests. Promote these as part of your content to generate affiliate income.

Review Content: Create detailed reviews or comparison posts of the affiliate programs/products listed, sharing your personal experience and recommendations.

Now I’m sure there are a ton more options for each of these things, but this is a blog post and not a course! 😂 I don’t want to make this too long, but I want to give you guys as many ideas as possible so when you buy PLR content packages from me you can go USE them to make money and market your online business.

These PLR goodies are more than just fill-in-the-blanks assets; they are the building blocks for your next big online venture. You could be sitting on a goldmine of PLR content ready to be spun into digital gold. It’s like I’ve handed you the map and now you just gotta follow it.

Don’t just take these suggestions at face value. The digital landscape is your playground, and these PLR package components are the swings, slides, and seesaws. Mix them up, try out new combos, and see what works best for you and your audience. After all, in the vast ocean of online marketing, being the captain of your ship means navigating through waters with innovation and flair.

And don’t forget… I’ve currently got 6 of these PLR content packages for your to choose from at

Got comments, questions, suggestions on this post? Leave them below in the comments…

Private Label Rights (PLR)

Demystifying And Profiting: PLR VS Reseller PLR License

It seems that no matter how many times I cover this, I get asked at least 1-2 times a week what’s the difference between PLR and Reseller PLR.

Side Note: If you already understand this keep reading because I’ve got some juicy secrets to reveal to you about one of these PLR types. 😉

And that’s totally fine… That’s what I’m here for. To help, teach, and answer all these types of questions.

First, I have an entire blog post all about the different types of rights you can buy for products and content over at

Make sure you read that because there is more than just PLR out there!

But to specifically answer THIS question… “What is the different between PLR and Reseller PLR?”

It’s pretty simple…

Reseller PLR content is ONLY different from standard PLR in that you can sell the PLR license content to others when you get Reseller PLR. The difference is your RIGHTS to the content and being able to pass on rights.

Most PLR content you cannot sell the content as PLR. You can use it to create products WITHOUT any rights. Meaning the buyer gets to use the product, but can’t do anything else like edit it, resell it, etc.

But you CAN with Reseller PLR! Hence why it’s called Reseller PLR…

Reselling PLR content to PLR buyers is a great online business model! I have an entire workshop devoted to this topic at

95% of my PLR content comes with Reseller PLR so to help you out with WHO buys PLR content I’ve created a list of those who buy it to use in their online businesses. This will help you in knowing who your audience is when it comes to selling PLR content.

You’ll see there are MANY different types of online business owners and people who do certain marketing strategies who are looking for PLR content.

Here’s the list of people who would (SHOULD 😉) buy PLR and that you can use for your target audience when selling any kind PLR content.

Digital Product Creators – Digital products creators create things like ebooks, video tutorials, any type of online courses, etc. And they need PLR to do this. I have several people who buy my PLR and take it and turn it into products that they can profit from. These people are constantly looking for more PLR content and you can be their PLR provider!

Webinar Presenters – Those who do webinars can use all kinds of different PLR content. All the way from their webinar presentation to promoting it.

Affiliate Marketers – I could list tons and tons of different ways for affiliate marketers to use PLR content. These are some of the best people to sell all types of PLR content to because they have so many different needs for it.

Graphic Sellers – More and more graphical PLR is being created for the PLR market, so this is a great kind of PLR content to sell to just about anyone but especially those selling any kind of graphics.

Hot Tip: Clip art currently has a HUGE demand, but there’s not a lot of clipart being sold with PLR content. There is a course called Clipart Mastery that shows you how to create clipart for niches that need it and how to use AI to do it all! You can check it out at

Bloggers – Want to know who needs lots of content for EVERYTHING in their business? Bloggers! Another great audience to target because of all of their content needs!

Email Marketers – Email marketers of course need emails for their business, and of course they can use PLR content to help them with email creation. But they also need other types of content like lead magnets, social media content, other promotional content, etc.

Social Media Marketers – Not only do these people buy social media content with PLR, but they also buy things like graphics and content too!

SEO Professionals – While SEO does focus on having original content, having PLR content as base content is great to use for SEO. Plus, there are other types of PLR content like keyword lists, meta descriptions, graphics, etc. that they buy PLR to also!

Membership Site Owners – There are people out there who build membership sites and use PLR content to create ALL of their monthly content for their membership sites. They also need promotional content too, so this is another audience that has a BIG need for PLR content!

Podcasters – Podcasters also use PLR content for a lot of their content creation. Things like articles, parts of ebooks and reports, videos, etc., and they also use it for promoting their podcast too!

Local Business Marketers – Running a local marketing agency is a big job and many of them use A LOT of PLR content to help them with various aspects of their business. Content for their sites, promotional content, etc.

Other Online Business Owners – Dropshippers, e-commerce biz owners, niche site owners and anyone else running an online business all need content for many different things in their businesses.

Now I’m sure there are more types of online businesses who would buy PLR content. Have I missed any? Let me know in the comments below…

As you can see there are lots of people out there who need PLR content. By buying reseller PLR you can sell to all of these audiences.

A great strategy would be to setup a store that caters to as many niches as possible and provides as many different content types as possible that people can get with PLR.

Another strategy is to focus on ONE BIG niche, or ONE content type, or providing PLR content for ONE particular audience. You’ve got a lot of options here and they’re all profitable!

Okay so hopefully you now understand the difference between PLR and Reseller PLR and are thinking of ways you can make money with Reseller PLR beyond using it as PLR. You can actually take it and make money with it in a whole new way!

If you have any questions about Reseller PLR feel free to leave me a comment below…


Private Label Rights (PLR)

The FULL List Of PLR Content Packages

On my brand I release a lot of different types of content. It’s all geared towards the IM (Internet Marketing) and MMO (Make Money Online) niches, but it’s different kinds of content types. Big products like 5+ day workshops and coaching programs with PLR, small products like ebooks and videos courses with PLR, and the list goes on and on.

The intended use for MOST of it is to give you products with PLR that you can use to make money in your online business. I’ve been created and selling digital products for 20 years now for over 20 different niches, so when it comes to product create I’m REALLY good at it. That’s just not me tooting my own horn, that’s based on feedback and results from my customers. Love you guys 😘

Side Note: When I say “intended use” that means it’s PLR content so you can use it in just about any way that you want, but all content is created for an intended use. Like PLR to an ebook is meant to be used as an ebook. PLR to articles are meant to be used as content for your blog, some social media sites, etc. It’s always easier to use PLR content for its intended use rather than manipulating it for something else, BUT with PLR you CAN do that. You can turn content into whatever you want. Man, I love PLR! 💖

However, you also need to promote these products you have so you can make money with them. It’s fun to create, but you absolutely MUST market those products. You’ve got to get eyeballs in front of them (website traffic) or you’re never going to make any money!

That’s why I started creating PLR content packages… These are full of different types of content that you can use in your online business to market. Each PLR content package comes with different components like…

Content pieces (articles, blog posts, etc.)

Lead magnets


Social media content


… and more!

Each package is different! It covers a specific topic and has a multitude of components for your different marketing tactics.

Currently I have 6 of these PLR content packages and here’s the list of the topics…

1. AI (Artificial Intelligence) For Online Profits

2. Email List Building

3. Website Traffic

4. Private Label Rights

5. Online Business Models –

6. Blogging For Affiliate Marketers –

I have more coming, but if you would like to make a request for a specific topic (in any niche) just leave me a comment below or contact me at and we can chat about it. 😉

Hope this sorts things out for you and helps you with not only your PLR needs, but understanding the vast amount of ways you can use PLR content in your business.

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The AI Powered Review Blog Profits Bootcamp

I’ve just opened the doors on my latest AI bootcamp called The AI Powered Review Blog Profits Bootcamp!

This is brand new and has never been released to anyone, anywhere!

In this bootcamp I show you how to create uber-profitable review blog but using AI to do it ALL quickly and easily!

And… Here’s where things get really exciting…

Up until now everyone has taught to use affiliate marketing with review blogs. That does work and it’s a great option, but there are other monetization methods that are easier to use and gets you to-profiting MUCH quicker.

This bootcamp is changing how we create and-monetize review blogs and is going to blow your mind when you see how easy and-profitable MY system is!

I’m super excited about this workshop… Your mind is going to be blown when I show you the AI tactics for creating these little money-makers and the monetization methods are going to have you jumping up and down with excitement. This is a MASSIVE opportunity, so don’t miss out!

Private Label Rights (PLR)

The IM Series PLR Package Listing

It’s been an amazing several months here at #TeamTomey!

I have created SOOOO much PLR content for you guys and I appreciate all of you supporting me! 💖

The sales, feedback, and watching some of you take this stuff and put it into action is amazing. I’m impressed!

I have started including sales letters with each package now. 🎉 This makes it super quick and easy for you to take a product and start profiting with it. PLUS I even have workshops showing you how to set everything up! 🤑

I will actually be adding a sales letter to ALL past packages that don’t have them. That’s coming soon and I’ll email you and let you know as they get added.

I can’t make it any easier than this!

There are currently 12 14 bundles in the Internet Marketing Learning Bundle Series…

My goal is to take ALL of my knowledge about Internet marketing, break it down into small topics, and put it into quick and easy “learning systems”.

But here’s the thing… You DO NOT need the entire series for any ONE to work or make sense or be able to sell.

Each release is a stand alone product/PLR package IN this series.

Now most of you, when I come out with a series WANT the whole series (and of course I LOVE that) and you can of course buy each one. I space them out and keep them VERY affordable so you CAN do this…

BUT… Each package that I release is a full blown product that stands on its own. I cover everything you need to know about that ONE topic in that ONE product.

You don’t need them ALL for any ONE to work and be used on it’s own. But which ever ones you want, or buy them all to have your own series of products to sell, add to your membership site, use to build your list, etc.

So, with all of that said, here is a list of all of them. They are not listed in the order of launch, but I have listed them in the order I would sell them and/or go through them if I was just getting started.

1. The Pick A Niche Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR –

2. The Pick A Business Model Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR –

3. The New Online Business Owner Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR –

4. My First Money Making Website Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR –

5. Profitable Squeeze Pages Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR –

6. The Welcome Email Sequences Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR –

7. The Email Sales Sequences Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR –

8. The Creating A Profitable Blog Masterclass With Reseller PLR –

9. The Blog Lead Machine Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR –

10. How To Create Marketing Pages For Your Online Business With Reseller PLR –

11. The Website Traffic Survival Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR –

12. The Big Book Of Ideas Learning Bundle With PLR –

13. The Organic Social Marketing Crash Course Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR –

14. The Social Profile Profits Learning System Bundle With Reseller PLR –

If you have a request for an Internet marketing topic that you would like to see me create please leave it in the comments below and I’ll see what I can do for you! And… If you have any questions you can leave those in the comments or contact me directly at

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Do You Feel Stuck In Life?

I’ve got a question for you… Have you ever felt stuck? Stuck in life, in a situation, or any kind of stuck?

I know I have felt that way many times in life. I think at least at one point in life we all do, but I’m pretty sure the norm is we’ve felt stuck multiple times in life. 😉

Over the last few years though I’ve felt like I was stuck on a certain level of life. I’ve wanted to do bigger things with my life, but just wasn’t sure how to do it.

Until this idea to start a faith based blog came to me…

My faith is of the Christian faith. Yours might be different and that’s ok. I’m not the type that crams my faith down others throats, but whatever your faith is leaning on it… especially in times of struggling… is a great way to get out of “stuck mode”.

For example, over a year ago I really got into reading my Bible again. With the help of a study guide. This has lead me to a defined clear path that I’m on and one that will lead me to doing bigger things with my life.

With the faith based blog I have planned I will be able to share my faith, profit-from doing so with my blog, and in turn help others. It’s wins all the way around!

This all came to me simply by leaning into my faith…

Today I was reading my Bible, and it was a story about the final hurdle the people of Israel went through when they were seeking the promised land. They had to cross the Jordan River and there was just absolutely no way to do it. Until they leaned into their faith. That’s where they found the answers… They found their clearly defined path!

That’s what The Faith Based Blog Profits Workshop is all about…

Giving those with faith a clearly defined path to share their faith, make a difference in the world (you don’t have to be some big named super star to make a difference), and make-money while doing it all. You can then use that money to fund a lifestyle running your faith based blog or to fund anything else you want to fund.

For me it’s a new business I’m adding so I can create an income-stream that I can use to help people in need.

For you… maybe it’s something different. It doesn’t matter…

What matters is that YOU find YOUR clearly defined path!

I have developed a clearly defined path for you that could really help you get “unstuck” and create something with a lot of meaning and impact that could fund anything you want.

For the next 24 hours I’m offering a HUGE early bird discount, so if you want to save a lot of money and get your seat in this workshop NOW is the time!

And for those of you who use PLR in your business this is perfect content if you’re in a faith based niche or want to get into the faith based niche. It’s such a profitable niche with A LOT of ways to-profit! 💵

There are only 100 (less at this time) total licenses available, so if you want to grab the PLR to this entire workshop NOW is the time!

No matter if you’re attending, learning, and doing right along with me or you’re scooping up a PLR license to this workshop I can’t wait for you to join me on this journey.

This is the cornerstone of my 2024 and I look forward to being your coach and cheerleader as you work to level up, get unstuck, and do something that will help others and yourself at the same time!

See you there!

Talk soon!


Private Label Rights (PLR)

A Goldmine Of AI Related PLR Bundles!

I remember in 2022 when I first started hearing about AI. I rolled my eyes and ignored it. Then in January of 2023 I thought to myself maybe you should stop being pig-headed 🤷‍♀️ and go see what this is all about.

Best move I have ever made in my online business!

AI is saving me so much time when it comes to content creation, sales copy creation, research, graphic creation, and the list goes on and on and on. 🎉

Basically I have been able to do almost everything in my online business BETTER and FASTER than before and my profits are proving that. 🤑

SO I decided to take everything I’m learning and that actually WORKS and teach it to you guys. Not only just to teach you, but I’m also giving you PLR to all of this training so you can profit with it however you want. I release my PLR with Reseller Rights, so you can even resell my PLR content. Not many PLR sellers offer that, so when you buy PLR content from me you’re getting…

👉 REAL information that is proven to work!

👉 High quality content that is taught by someone who has a knack for educating!

👉AND… I pack in all kinds of ways you can make money with it.

Right now I have 10 different AI related PLR packages teaching various ways to use AI in your online business.

They are…

1. The AI For Internet Marketers Crash Course Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR

2. AI Tactics Volume 1: Using AI For Research In Your Online Business Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR

3. AI Tactics Volume 2: Using AI For Product Creation In Your Online Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR

4. AI Tactics Volume 3: Using AI For Creating Sales In Your Online Business With Reseller PLR

5. AI Tactics Volume 4: AI For Profitable Social Media Content Creation With Reseller PLR

6. AI Tactics Volume 5: AI For Profitable Content Creation With Reseller PLR

7. The AI Profit Blueprints Course With Reseller PLR

8. The AI Powered PLR Profits Bootcamp

9. In The AI Powered Affiliate Profits Bootcamp

10. The AI Powered Review Blog Profits Bootcamp

I know that’s A LOT! 😲

But, I will be doing several more of these and will update this post when I add more, but until then if you have a special request for an AI related topic for me to cover, please leave your requests in the comments below!

Talk soon!


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The Million Dollar Question… Who Am I Writing To?

We’ve talked a lot about sales letter writing and writing copy in general lately. It’s boring (for some) and not sexy, but it’s the ONE skill you absolutely MUST have if you can’t pay a copywriter to do all of your sales copy for you.

Plain and simple…

And I personally think that if you call yourself a marketer this is an absolute must-have skillset. It will help you in various ways even if you aren’t the “chief copy guy/gal” in your online business.

Recently I’ve been working with a client who has created some content she wants to sell the PLR to. The content is fire! She’s a great content creator. However, when it comes to writing a sales letter to sell her content, she doesn’t have that skillset.

If this sounds like you… You’ve got a product, but don’t know how to create the sales copy (the words that make people buy) then let me help you out.

Start by knowing WHO you are writing your sales copy to…

Let’s look at people who are creating content with PLR and wanting to sell that content to others. I have a ton of clients who are currently doing this, so I want to use this as an example.

So, WHO is your target audience?

WHO is the person who is going to buy your PLR content?

That’s going to be online business owners/digital marketers.

Your PLR content is probably niche specific, and you could get laser targeted here and speak to online business owners/digital marketers in that specific niche.

I tend NOT to do that because I have experience with this niche and know that people will buy PLR content just because they want the content for the future for products and projects, because they simply like hoarding PLR, and many other reasons.

HOWEVER, the correct way in general is to talk to a specific person (persona).

A great way to define your target audience (or customer avatar) is to ask AI. I recommend using a few different ones because they’re all going to give you a little more information.

For example, when I ask ChatGPT I get this…

User: I create and sell PLR content. Can you define my customer avatar for me?

ChatGPT: Creating a customer avatar for your PLR (Private Label Rights) content business involves identifying and defining the ideal customer who would be most interested in purchasing and using your content. Here are some key aspects to consider:


Age Range: This could vary widely but often might be adults aged 25-50, who are more likely to be involved in businesses or entrepreneurial activities.

Gender: Both male and female, as PLR content is universally applicable.

Location: Likely global, with a focus on English-speaking countries if your content is in English.

Education Level: Probably has at least some college education, as they are likely to be business owners or marketers.

Professional Background:

Occupation: Entrepreneurs, small business owners, bloggers, content creators, digital marketers, coaches, and educators.

Industry: Particularly those in digital marketing, e-commerce, education, coaching, and content creation.

Income Level: Variable, but likely in the mid to upper range, as they need discretionary income to invest in content for their business or projects.


Interests: Content marketing, online business, digital marketing strategies, self-improvement, and entrepreneurship.

Challenges and Pain Points: Lack of time to create original content, need for cost-effective marketing materials, desire to expand online presence without excessive investment.

Goals and Aspirations: To grow their business or online presence, to engage and expand their audience, to save time on content creation.

Behavioral Traits:

Online Behavior: Active on social media, likely engaged in online communities related to marketing or entrepreneurship, consumes content about digital marketing and business growth.

Purchasing Behavior: Looks for cost-effective solutions, values quality and versatility in content, likely to purchase based on recommendations or reviews.

Specific Needs Related to PLR Content:

Type of Content: Interested in articles, blog posts, e-books, courses, and social media content.

Usage: To supplement their own content creation efforts, to use as a framework for their own branding and customization, to save time and resources.

Remember, this avatar is a generalization and might not encompass all your potential customers. It’s meant to be a starting point to understand and cater to the needs of the majority of your target market. Tailoring your marketing strategies and content offerings to this avatar can help you more effectively attract and retain customers.

When I ask Bard I get this…

Me: I create and sell PLR content. Can you define my customer avatar for me?

Bard: Sure, here is a possible customer avatar for you if you create and sell PLR content:


Age: 30-55 years old
Gender: Male or female
Education: College degree
Occupation: Entrepreneur, blogger, online marketer
Income: $50,000+ per year


Values: Quality, efficiency, creativity
Goals: Save time and money on content creation, grow their business
Challenges: Finding high-quality PLR content that is relevant to their target audience
Pain points: Spending too much time creating content, not getting enough results from their content marketing efforts

Marketing messages that resonate with this customer avatar

“Save time and money by using our high-quality PLR content.”
“Grow your business with our proven PLR content formulas.”
“Get more results from your content marketing efforts with our targeted PLR content.”

Channels to reach this customer avatar

Online communities for entrepreneurs and bloggers
Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook
Content marketing channels like blogs, email newsletters, and webinars

I hope this helps!

Side Note: The better the prompts that you use the better information you will get. Search Google for prompts that will define your target audience or your customer avatar.

Some of the information is the same, but some of it is different so I just put it all together to build a better target audience/customer avatar.

Now once you have defined your target audience you know WHO you are writing to/for!

The amount of information you’ll need to define who your target audience is will differ depending on what you’re selling, your niche, customer buying habits, price, etc. The example I gave you above is one of the easier ones, but being able to define WHO you are writing to is an absolutely ESSENTIAL first step.

Gather as much information as you possibly can…

Create a customer avatar and this is going to make writing sales copy of ANY type MUCH easier! Sales pages, emails, ads… EVERYTHING!

Now, I’m not a copywriter by any means. I struggle just like you do with creating copy that makes people want to buy, but as time has gone on, I’ve gotten better and better. You will too! You’ve just got to go out there and start creating.

And now with AI this is easier than ever!

Okay so let’s wrap this “little talk” up…

I recommend two things to help you get started with writing copy…

1. Psycho Profits 3 – This is a course that teaches about all the different components that you can use in your sales copy and how to write each of them to create a sales page that makes people want to-buy. You’ll even learn what to put into AI so you can do this super quick!

Use this coupon code: LIZ27 and save $70 off of the current price!

2. AI Tactics Volume 3Using AI For Creating Sales In Your Online Business – This is a complete learning system that shows you how to use AI in multiple ways to create sales in your online business.

Have questions or comments about this post? Are you a copywriter and would like to offer your advice?

Leave it all in the comments below!

Featured, Notes From Liz, Private Label Rights (PLR)

PLR Price Changes – Important!

With the last release of my latest PLR offer, you might have seen the price increased a bit. This is going to be happening for MOST PLR offerings moving forward.


First because I only offer 100 licenses for PLR packages I release. That limits me, but helps you with a little bit of competitive edge.

Second, and this should probably be first, I am creating content for you just like I would if I were using it in MY online business. Meaning all of my knowledge goes into every PLR package I create.

It doesn’t matter if it’s just content or full on products…

I’m not like many of the PLR sellers out there who outsource their content and try to sell you crap content because I’m too cheap to pay for high quality content creators.

This is ME creating the content. Using all of my years (almost 20 years now) of learning and implementation. Not just learning the topics, but using the topics, knowing what the end users want and need, and the list goes on and on.

Now these aren’t crazy price increases, so don’t worry… I just need to make it worth my while to provide you with content. Hopefully that doesn’t sound arrogant. If you know me, you know the one thing I’m not is arrogant.

I just need it to be a win/win situation…

You win because you get REALLY good content that people will actually pay for and be happy to pay for your products, marketing, etc., and I win because I can make-money providing you this content.

I mean I am human contrary to popular belief. 😜 I have bills and an expensive taco addiction to feed. 🌮

So, here’s the pricing structure moving forward…

Regular TEXT based content will be launched at $17 for the first 24 hours and then the price will increase to $47. That’s still a HUGE discount.

Here’s an example of one of those packages that I have released in the past

Regular VIDEO based content will be launched at $27 for the first 24 hours and then the price will increase to $47. Again, that’s still a HUGE discount.

Here’s an example of one of those packages that I have released in the past

BIG content packages will be launched at $27 for the first 24 hours and then the price will increase to $97. These are always released with dime sale pricing so the price goes up a little with every sale. The 24 hour launch period is excluded from dime sale pricing. It’s simply $27 for the first 24 hours. In the past I have offered either regular PLR or Reseller PLR. Reseller PLR will be the only thing offered with these moving forward. You’re actually going to save money here in the long run. 😉

Here’s an example of one of those packages that I have released in the past

5 day workshops (the PLR option) will be launched at $47 for the first 24 hours and then the price will increase to $197. Do it need to say it again? 😉 That’s still a HUGE discount.

Here’s an example of one of those packages that I have released in the past

I do release other kinds of content packages and those prices differ and are based on how much content is in the package. The prices always vary though. The above are the “structured” packages I offer.

My PLR packages always come with a lot of bonuses and teaching aids to help you make-more money with my PLR content. I’ve already begun adding more to these packages, so with the price increase you WILL be getting more value too. This isn’t just a random price increase just for fun. 😆

Many many MANY of you have been buying my PLR content for a VERY long time, and I truly appreciate your continued support. Customer or not yet a customer, I truly value you, your time, and your trust.

I look forward to providing you with more PLR content in the future and any tools, learning aids, etc. that you need to learn to use PLR profitably-in your business.

If you’re still struggling to learn to make-money with PLR content here’s a playlist of many of my PLR tutorials on YouTube where you can start learning for-free!

Talk soon!