Notes From Liz, Private Label Rights (PLR)

Complete YouTube Biz Model With Reseller PLR Licensing!

This is for you PLR buyers or those of you looking to learn how to use YouTube to make-money I have something VERY exciting for you today!

This is a 5 day workshop where I’ll be showing you multiple ways to make-money with YouTube!

No matter your experience level, if you don’t want to appear on camera, or even if you’ve never made a video in your life, this blueprint will show you exactly how to cash-in on YouTube using MULTIPLE-monetization options and video creation options.

This is a complete business model blueprint and I’m REALLY excited to be showing this blueprint for the first time ever!

And for the next 24 hours you can get it at the super low early bird pricing!

This will be a great business model to come learn and implement and/or grab the PLR to it and use it in a ton of different profitable-ways.

But the timer IS counting down and tomorrow night at midnight (Eastern Time) the price WILL go up, so make sure you grab your spot now before you forget because there are no exceptions on the “24 Hour Early Bird Pricing”!

Okay, that’s it for today! I hope to see you in this workshop!

Talk soon!


P.S. When I launch workshops I always get asked some of the same questions, so here are some quick answers for you…

1. Have you released this workshop before?

No! I have never taught how to use YouTube to create an entire business around it. This is a complete business model!

2. Is this in any of your bundles?

No! My business model workshops have never been put in a bundle.

3. What is Reseller PLR?

This is the type of PLR that you REALLY want. It allows you to do just about anything you want. You can even resell the PLR! I only have two rules with my Reseller PLR. Don’t give away the PLR to the content for-FREE and don’t use my name in your MARKETING. Everything else is allowed.

If you have any other questions I’m just a message away. You can reach me at

Private Label Rights (PLR)

Liz, Where Is All Of Your PLR Content?

I get asked all the time where people can find my PLR content, and for a good reason… I have it all over the place. 🙂  Here’s why…

I create PLR content of all types. I create content packages, workshops, coaching programs, membership sites, ready to go products, etc. that you can get the PLR to. I create so much different stuff because I have customers who have different content type needs. So it’s hard to have it ALL in one spot.

Now the shortcut to this is to become a My IM Biz Tribe member and get access to ALL of my PLR content for ONE price. You can become a member at You also get A LOT of other benefits too, so make sure you check that out.

But for those of you who would rather pick and choose here is the breakdown of where you can find all of my PLR content.

My PLR Content packages are located at

PLR to my workshops are located at…

Online Business Model Workshops –

Learning IM Workshops –

Passive Income Workshops –

PLR Workshops –

Okay gang… Hopefully that answers the BIG question. 😉 I will update this post as needed and if you have any questions about my PLR content, suggestions, or anything else you can always contact me at

Notes From Liz, Private Label Rights (PLR)

Getting More High QUALITY PLR Content!

I’m back in full swing in creating more PLR content for you. I have been researching the hottest topics and pulling tactics from my brain, and have created some amazing content that you can use in many ways in your own business. You can use it to make-money directly and/or use it to market your business.

I’m trying super hard to create everything and anything you’ll need on all of the topics of Internet marketing and making-money online.

So, I just got done with The Profits With PLR Membership Sites Blueprint Workshop. I’ll have another workshop soon. I’m a little behind on those, so I’m going to start getting those out quickly. Watch your emails because the launch pricing on them will only be 24 hours.

I’m also working on the PLR series I’ve been doing…

Currently there are 5 packages in this series with a list of 20 other topics that you all have requested. I feel like your PLR slave right about now. Working my brain and fingers off. I’m just kidding! 😂 You all know I LOVE creating PLR content.

If you’ve missed any of the PLR packages in this series here they are…

The New Online Business Owner Learning Bundle –

Pick A Niche Learning Bundle –

Pick A Business Model Learning Bundle –

Welcome Email Sequences Learning Bundle –

Email Sales Sequence Learning Bundle –

I’m bouncing around on the topics a little bit, but I’ll be circling back around and filling in all the gaps. Keep all the topic requests coming. You can always send in a suggestion to me at

The next learning bundle in this series will be on website traffic, and I’ll have that ready on Saturday or Sunday, so again… Watch your email! I don’t want you to miss out on the launch pricing.

Okay I’m going back to my “cave” 😂 and slave away on this PLR content for you. This next package is going to be amazing and I’m super excited to share it with you!

Talk soon!



Private Label Rights (PLR)

The New Online Business Owner Learning Bundle!

Liz Tomey here from and for the last few weeks I’ve been providing you with PLR content based on a new series I have created. I call these Learning Bundles because they are a bundle of PLR all related to to ONE Internet marketing topic each.

This is the 5th one in the series and I’ve gone back to the begging and created The New Online Business Owner Learning Bundle!

For the next 48 hours you can pick it up at the launch price by going to

Now of course this isn’t my LAST PLR launch, but it MIGHT be the last one for a while and it might be the last one like this in this series because as I promised we’re going to have a community vote about what PLR content I create next for you.

More on that after this launch though. 🙂

This 5th package in this series is to help online business owners with getting started with their own online business.

The bundle includes 3 guides, graphics, and with this package I did something really cool for those of you who love affiliate marketing. I built in some killer money-making links for you PLUS gave you a guide to get all of your affiliate links!

You can see it all at

Okay that’s it for now… Remember the launch pricing expires in less than 48 hours, so pick this up before the price goes up!

Talk soon!


Private Label Rights (PLR)

Doors Are Open – The Pick A Business Model Learning Bundle

Today is THE day! The fourth PLR package in the Learning Bundle series.

This one is called The Pick A Business Model Learning Bundle and it shows you how to pick the PERFECT business model for YOU!

And of course the entire bundle comes with reseller PLR!

I created this content because so many people struggle with creating an online business because they just have no idea what kind of business they want to start. Or they pick a business model that isn’t right for them. So I took my system I have taught many other successful marketers and put it into an easy to follow guide.

But I want a step further and created two other tools to help people find the perfect business model for them too!

It’s all inside The Pick A Business Model Learning Bundle!

Okay… That’s it for now! If you have comments or questions on this PLR package just shoot me a message and I’ll be happy to help you out!

Talk soon!


Email Marketing, Private Label Rights (PLR)

Hurry! New Bundle With Reseller PLR!

I’ve just released another brand new PLR package on a hot topic AND that comes with reseller PLR.

It’s called The Email Sales Sequence Learning Bundle and this one I did on writing SALES emails! You know… the ones that make-money DIRECTLY!

I had so much amazing feedback on the welcome series package I did that I released last week, I just had to create the other side of that which are sales emails!

You can see the package at the discount launch price at

This one includes the main guide which teaches everything you need to know about creating sales emails. Then I included 3 other tools to help you even further! A template, idea generators, options, and so much more.

This is truly an amazing bundle, and right now you can get it at the launch price.

And yes! That price even includes the reseller PLR! Yay! 🥳️

But… As with all of my launches, you’ve got 48 hours (less than that now) to grab the launch pricing so make sure you scoop this up right now because that timer automatically changes with no exceptions!

If you’re following along this is the third package I’ve released in this series. These “learning bundles” will ALL be on one topic related to online marketing and business building so make sure you get them all. At this cheap there’s no reason not to!

And… Not only can you make-money with them, but you’ll also learn a ton too!

It’s a win-win situation… Learn all the tactics and marketing strategies I know, PLUS make-money with the content!

As I said though you’ve only got 48 hours to grab this at this insane price, so make sure you do that now…

Talk soon!



Private Label Rights (PLR)

NEW Reseller PLR Bundle Just Launched!

Due to MEGA popular demand I have released ANOTHER PLR bundle with…

Your favorite thing…

Reseller PLR!

The feedback I’ve gotten on these new bundles has been amazing, and I so appreciate all the feedback!

People are going wild over this kind of PLR because not only can you use it in a ton of different ways in your business, but you can also resell the PLR.

And these bundles I’m currently doing are amazing and packed with a ton of content.

It’s super hard to find this kind of PLR…

High quality, created by someone who actually knows what they’re talking about, hot topics, inexpensive, AND with reseller PLR.

This current bundle is on a problem I see so many newbie and wannabe online business owners asking…

How do I pick the best niche for me?

And I have devoted this entire bundle to solving that problem!

You can see what’s inside at

And… For the next 48 hours I have it at a special launch price, so NOW is the time to scoop it up!

I hope you had a great weekend. I spent it working on some stuff I’ll be telling you about soon. I’ve made some more changes, and we’re really going to start getting super focused on our businesses and I’m going to help you do that, so stay tuned!

Talk soon!


Internet Marketing, Private Label Rights (PLR)

4 Brand New BIG Products With PLR!

Over the last few days I have had a lot of people send me messages about how much they love my PLR. I’ll be honest… I LOVE those kind of messages. It let’s me know that I’m providing you guys with what you need.

It’s winter and it’s cold right now so I’m just hunkered down (I think that’s a Southern USA saying *lol*) and creating all the PLR content I can for you guys. Because as soon as that warm weather comes back I’ll be working A LOT less and finding new adventures to go on.

So get all the content while you can!

I just released a HUGE package with FOUR different “Big Book of Ideas” products in it. There’s over 190 pages of content here. These would be amazing for those of you looking to create your own products. I’m even doing a workshop showing how to take these and turn them into your own products that you’ll get too!

And of course you can also use them in just about any other way that you want…

You can see what I’ve created for you at

This IS a TON of content and each product in the bundle comes with it’s own mini sales letter, so it’s a bit more expensive than my other packages, but there’s so much more in it, so it’s MORE than worth it.

And… For the next 48 hours, I have it at it’s lowest possible price. Once the timer expires that price will go WAY up, so make sure you grab this one now!

Okay… That’s it for today! I’m going to go catch up on email messages from you all, do that workshop I mentioned above, and get started on my next PLR package. I hope you all are using this “down time” to plot and plan what you’ll be doing to make-money in 2023. I know I sure am! 🙂

Email Marketing, Private Label Rights (PLR)

24 Hour Launch Discount – Reseller PLR Bundle!

Hey gang! I have just released a brand new “hot off the press” PLR… BUNDLE!

This is a bundle of 5 different related products, and ALL of them (plus TWO bonuses) come with FULL RESELLER PLR!

This is THE most valuable PLR you can get your hands on, but you’ve only got a little over 24 hours to grab it at the special launch price!

Check this out >>>

I’m doing things a little different this time… I used to give the option to get regular PLR OR Reseller PLR with different prices. This time, there is just ONE option and I’ve lowered the launch pricing even lower than normal!

Plus not only will you get the entire bundle and reseller PLR to the whole bundle, but I’m also throwing in TWO bonus workshops and you’ll get the Reseller PLR to them also.

Heck, just the bonuses are worth 10x what I’m charging for this package, so make sure you stop what you’re doing, take 5 minutes, and pick this package up before the price goes up in just over 24 hours from right now!

Talk soon!


List Building, Private Label Rights (PLR)

Is This Even For ME?

For the last 3 years I’ve been doing a ton of different workshops on various things related to building and marketing an online business. I have four different brands I do these from. I’ve gone over those brands in a few emails, so I wont bore you with that information again. 😂

Side Note: If you don’t know about all the brands I have and what workshops I do then you can read all about it at

However, I’ve had a few people ask me the difference between this current workshop I’m doing, and workshops I’ve done in the past, so I wanted to take a few minutes and go over that.

Here’s the current workshop I’m doing: The List Building With PLR Blueprint Workshop

Now I have taught how to build your list and I have taught so many ways to use PLR, but what makes this one different is…

1. I’m showing a list building technique I’ve never revealed before

2. I’m showing how to make-money EASILY off of almost every subscriber you get

3. I’m showing you multiple ways to make-money so you can have this as your ONE and ONLY business model.

4. I’ll be showing you how to use PLR in multiple ways to not only make-money with this business model, but use that PLR content to get traffic too.

5. I’ll be showing you different affiliate marketing tactics that are currently working to make me a ton of affiliate-commissions.

6. And of course I’ll be covering traffic because we all know that without traffic you can’t make ANY money!

7. The coolest part of this… I’ll be showing you this as if I’ve lost my entire business and I was starting from scratch. You’re going to see me do EVERYTHING from start to finish! All the way to the point of making-money with it. Yep! You’ll see that happen live!

I’ve not done a workshop yet where I covered all of this in one workshop, and some of this information I have NEVER shared publicly.

THIS workshop is one you DO NOT want to miss no matter if you’ve attended ALL of my workshops (I know many of you have) or have never attended one of my workshops!

Come learn from me, and FINALLY have ONE blueprint you can follow to create the ONE business model you can use to grow your-income to exactly where you want it.

Grab your spot at

Right now you’ve got about 15 more hours before the price goes way up, so make sure you grab a spot (and the PLR too because this is going to be some amazing content you can get PLR too) right now before that price goes up!

Talk soon!