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Notes On Getting Hosting

Getting hosting is the second thing you’ll need when creating your online business.

Hosting is what your server is and your server holds all the files for your website. Your domain name sites on your server and when people visit it they see your website.

So if a domain name is your house then hosting is like the land your house sits on so people can come visit you.

A little confusing I know, but once you understand a little how things work this stuff will become really easy. 🙂

I’ve decided to help you understand more about hosting, where to get it from, how to get it setup, etc. that I would create this post here on the blog so that I can answer your questions about hosting.

If you have questions about hosting make sure and leave them below. I’ll answer them here and create any tutorials that you may need to learn from.

I look forward to helping you with all your hosting questions. 🙂


Hosting Questions And Answers

Q1. I’m starting an online business. I have a domain name. Where should I get hosting for it?

A1: The one I’ve used for years is Liquid Web. I recommend that you spend the $50 (at the time of this being written) a month on the VPS 2GB Plan. This will give you a WHM (web host manager) where you can add as many domain names as you want. Yes, you can get cheaper hosting, but why build your business on something that may or may not work for you. It’s a business and you need to treat it like one.

NOTE: I’ve done a video tutorial showing you how my hosting works and why I recommend it. You REALLY need to get hosting that comes with a web host manager and in this video you’ll see why!


My Journey With ChatGPT And Everything AI

I can’t believe I’m doing it… I’ve have wandered my way (after putting it off for months) to the dark side. Well to what some think is the dark side.

What am I talking about?

ChatGPT and everything AI.

I see everyone and their brother releasing products on how to use it, make money with it, and all that jazz and until just a few days ago I had completely ignored it because I just didn’t have time.

Until my good ol’ buddy (Hi Boo! 😘) Arun created a guide on it. I sat down and read it all in one reading and I was truly blown away. Now I got the PLR to it and took it and made it mine, so if you’re dying to see what I read and why it got my attention you can download the whole thing by clicking here!

So, this post marks my first journey into everything ChatGPT and everything else AI because I found this all isn’t JUST ChatGPT. This is a whole niche and a whole bunch of different tools that use AI to do different “things”. If you read the guide, you’ll see several of those different things.

My question is do my readers want to see what I’m doing on this journey? Do you want to know what I’m using AI for? What possibilities I find to make money with it? What tools I’m using? What resources I’m studying? All that stuff!

If so, let me know by leaving a comment below. If I get enough responses I will update you as I have updates and tell you my findings.


Okay… Leave your comments below! Just give me a yes and/or give me your tips, your questions, etc. and TOGETHER we will see where this journey takes us. If not I’ll just keep it all to myself. 😂


Private Label Rights (PLR)

Liz, Where Is All Of Your PLR Content?

I get asked all the time where people can find my PLR content, and for a good reason… I have it all over the place. 🙂  Here’s why…

I create PLR content of all types. I create content packages, workshops, coaching programs, membership sites, ready to go products, etc. that you can get the PLR to. I create so much different stuff because I have customers who have different content type needs. So it’s hard to have it ALL in one spot.

Now the shortcut to this is to become a My IM Biz Tribe member and get access to ALL of my PLR content for ONE price. You can become a member at You also get A LOT of other benefits too, so make sure you check that out.

But for those of you who would rather pick and choose here is the breakdown of where you can find all of my PLR content.

My PLR Content packages are located at

PLR to my workshops are located at…

Online Business Model Workshops –

Learning IM Workshops –

Passive Income Workshops –

PLR Workshops –

Okay gang… Hopefully that answers the BIG question. 😉 I will update this post as needed and if you have any questions about my PLR content, suggestions, or anything else you can always contact me at

Notes From Liz, Private Label Rights (PLR)

Getting More High QUALITY PLR Content!

I’m back in full swing in creating more PLR content for you. I have been researching the hottest topics and pulling tactics from my brain, and have created some amazing content that you can use in many ways in your own business. You can use it to make-money directly and/or use it to market your business.

I’m trying super hard to create everything and anything you’ll need on all of the topics of Internet marketing and making-money online.

So, I just got done with The Profits With PLR Membership Sites Blueprint Workshop. I’ll have another workshop soon. I’m a little behind on those, so I’m going to start getting those out quickly. Watch your emails because the launch pricing on them will only be 24 hours.

I’m also working on the PLR series I’ve been doing…

Currently there are 5 packages in this series with a list of 20 other topics that you all have requested. I feel like your PLR slave right about now. Working my brain and fingers off. I’m just kidding! 😂 You all know I LOVE creating PLR content.

If you’ve missed any of the PLR packages in this series here they are…

The New Online Business Owner Learning Bundle –

Pick A Niche Learning Bundle –

Pick A Business Model Learning Bundle –

Welcome Email Sequences Learning Bundle –

Email Sales Sequence Learning Bundle –

I’m bouncing around on the topics a little bit, but I’ll be circling back around and filling in all the gaps. Keep all the topic requests coming. You can always send in a suggestion to me at

The next learning bundle in this series will be on website traffic, and I’ll have that ready on Saturday or Sunday, so again… Watch your email! I don’t want you to miss out on the launch pricing.

Okay I’m going back to my “cave” 😂 and slave away on this PLR content for you. This next package is going to be amazing and I’m super excited to share it with you!

Talk soon!



Notes From Liz, Passive Income

The Passive Income Squad Workshop Bundle – Last Chance!

If you’ve been reading my emails, blog posts, and Facebook posts (Yes! I’ve been talking about this everywhere) you know that ALL bundle offers from ALL of my brands are being removed…

The Learning IM Workshop Bundle is now gone forever…

The PLR-Profits Coach Bundle is now gone forever…

And now you only have 24 more hours to get the Passive-Income Squad Bundle!

With this workshop bundle you get access to every workshop I’ve done showing you how to create your own passive-income streams. You will get access to all past and current workshops along with free-access to every other workshop I release in the future. You never have to pay for a Passive-Income Squad Workshop ever again!

These are the key to setting up income-streams that make you money-passively. This is how I never worry about bills because my passive-income streams cover them, and everything else is just “gravy-money”! Once you master this then you will REALLY have that freedom lifestyle!

But… Like I said… This bundle offer is only available for the next 24 hours and then it expires forever and you will have to get each of the workshops individually, so right now stop what you’re doing and grab this bundle! You’ll save a ton of money and have everything you need (including personal coaching with me to help you) to kick start your passive income journey!

Talk soon!


Notes From Liz

[LizTomey] I’m Back In The USA!

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. After moving to Mexico in August and enjoying my time there (it was amazing) I started missing my family, friends, and my life here in general. It was getting bad, so I packed up 4 giant suitcases full of stuff I bought in Mexico, a few clothes, and came back home. If you follow me on Facebook you saw the journey home and believe me it wasn’t easy!

Now, I do miss Mexico so bad, but there is no better feeling than putting your feet on soil that comes from where you come from.

I’m happy with the decision and now trying to rebuild from scratch. Moving to Mexico was supposed to be long-term and I was even thinking forever, but that’s not how it played out. So now I’ve had to buy a car, find a place to live, and buy all the stuff I need for that new place. This is time consuming on a whole new level. But, thanks to having my online business I’m able to get everything I need AND have the schedule to do all the things.

If you haven’t started that online business yet, let me freedom lifestyle give you that motivation. There is nothing like being able to rely on you and your business to get you through all the things you want to do in life. Even when you decide to move to Mexico and then decide you don’t want to move to Mexico. 😂

Now, I am a little behind on some things, but I’m working hard to get caught up… I will get back to your messages as soon as possible. I should be all caught up by Thursday night, so be patient with me and if you need something just send a message to the help desk at

Okay so we left off with me releasing what MIGHT be the last PLR package in the series I was doing. I’m going to put it to a vote with you guys, and then I’ll tell you what content I’ll be creating for you next.

To vote on what I release next just head over to

I also started getting rid of ALL bundles from ALL brands. The Workshop Bundle is now GONE! The next one I will be pulling is the bundle at

This bundle allows you to get ALL of my Internet marketing and website traffic workshops for ONE price. You also get any future workshops for-FREE! In 24 hours I will be removing this bundle too, so make sure you grab this now!

Okay, that’s it for now… I’ll be back in a few days and let you know what PLR content package I’ll be releasing next (or it may be something totally different depending on how you vote), and letting you know about what bundle will be removed next for the workshops.

I’ve been working hard to streamline things to make it easier to learn from me, contact me, and find your success with me, and I just have a few more things to change, so make sure you’re paying attention to all updates!

Talk soon!


Notes From Liz

What Do You Want?

We’ve got a brand new poll and I need your feedback, so that I can create exactly what you want and need for your online business…

Over the last several weeks I have been doing a series of PLR packages on small topics within the Internet marketing niche. My goal was to provide you with all the PLR content for all the topics in IM and you can grab what you need. They don’t all rely on each other. A single topic is completely covered in each content package. Note: You can see ALL PLR packages by clicking here. These have all been text based packages and you guys have been buying them like crazy, but if you’ll vote below and tell me exactly what you want and need I’ll try my best to bring you what you want.

Vote now…

What Can I Create To Help You?

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Private Label Rights (PLR)

The New Online Business Owner Learning Bundle!

Liz Tomey here from and for the last few weeks I’ve been providing you with PLR content based on a new series I have created. I call these Learning Bundles because they are a bundle of PLR all related to to ONE Internet marketing topic each.

This is the 5th one in the series and I’ve gone back to the begging and created The New Online Business Owner Learning Bundle!

For the next 48 hours you can pick it up at the launch price by going to

Now of course this isn’t my LAST PLR launch, but it MIGHT be the last one for a while and it might be the last one like this in this series because as I promised we’re going to have a community vote about what PLR content I create next for you.

More on that after this launch though. 🙂

This 5th package in this series is to help online business owners with getting started with their own online business.

The bundle includes 3 guides, graphics, and with this package I did something really cool for those of you who love affiliate marketing. I built in some killer money-making links for you PLUS gave you a guide to get all of your affiliate links!

You can see it all at

Okay that’s it for now… Remember the launch pricing expires in less than 48 hours, so pick this up before the price goes up!

Talk soon!


Private Label Rights (PLR)

Doors Are Open – The Pick A Business Model Learning Bundle

Today is THE day! The fourth PLR package in the Learning Bundle series.

This one is called The Pick A Business Model Learning Bundle and it shows you how to pick the PERFECT business model for YOU!

And of course the entire bundle comes with reseller PLR!

I created this content because so many people struggle with creating an online business because they just have no idea what kind of business they want to start. Or they pick a business model that isn’t right for them. So I took my system I have taught many other successful marketers and put it into an easy to follow guide.

But I want a step further and created two other tools to help people find the perfect business model for them too!

It’s all inside The Pick A Business Model Learning Bundle!

Okay… That’s it for now! If you have comments or questions on this PLR package just shoot me a message and I’ll be happy to help you out!

Talk soon!


Notes From Liz

What’s Next From Liz? Don’t Miss Out!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here at #TeamTomey headquarters.

Not only am I getting ready to go back to the United States after a 6 month move to Mexico, but I’m also streamlining my business and creating so many different things for you to use and profit with in your business.

So far, I have released 3 of the MANY learning bundles with reseller PLR from I try to change up what I put in my PLR packages so that you have plenty of content to choose from.

Currently I’m doing these learning bundle packages where I take one topic related to Internet marketing and building an online business and create an entire learning bundle around it.

So far, I have done…

1. The Welcome Email Sequences Learning Bundle with Reseller PLR –

2. The Email Sales Sequences Learning Bundle with Reseller PLR –

3. The Pick A Niche Learning Bundle with Reseller PLR –

Side Note: All PLR packages can be seen at

There are so many topics and having these will allow you to provide the solutions that people NEED to market their online business and build it too. This is such a profitable niche and armed with this content you could make a killing, build a huge list, and/or so much more!

Next week I will be releasing 2 more, so make sure and keep your eye on your email so you don’t miss the special 48-hour launch pricing on them.

I will be emailing you tomorrow with the newest one and then the 2nd one of the week will come out on Thursday.

After these two I will have a poll you can vote in and decide if you want me to keep going with the learning bundles, if you want something different, etc.

In February I will be starting the workshops again. By then I will be back and settled in the United States (or somewhere else depending on what happens) and be able to devote my time back to the workshops. I’ll also be releasing more PLR packages, so don’t worry. I’ll still be meeting your regular content needs too.

We will also be returning to the website traffic tutorials that I started too, so these next few months I’m going to be filling you with knowledge, the skills you need to run, market, and build your online business, and a ton of PLR content too.

I’m very excited for this next year with you and more than anything so very very very thankful you’ve chosen me to lead and guide you. That’s what truly makes all of this worth it, so thank you!

Okay, that’s it for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend and wish you a super successful week ahead!

Talk soon!