Email Marketing Resources

This is a collection of resources that I personally use in my business that help me with my email marketing.

I’m not putting these in here for the sake of making money. I wanted to create a resource that you could go to so you can learn the skill of writing emails to get your readers to do what you want them to do. Things like click on a links, but a product, signup for something, etc. This is a vital skill that can make you a ton of money. Do know that it does take time, constant practice and constant learning, but I do believe it to be something you should learn and not outsource. If you’re not willing to learn it then by all means outsource it. If you can’t write email copy no one will buy from you so it’s either learn the skill or outsource it so you can actually make money!

On to the resources…

NOTE: Please understand that email marketing and list building are two different things. Email marketing is when you market via email to a list you already have and/or are building. List building is the actual things you do to build a list! These are not list building resources. They are email marketing resources!

Learning Email Marketing:

1. Emails To Profits Workshop – is a workshop I did giving you a total overview of how I create email follow ups that build my relationship with my list AND get them to buy from me!

2. Creating List Love – Do you want to know how to get your list to love you and actually buy from you? Then watch this tutorial! I show you exactly how to  build a relationship with your list via emails!

3. Always Be Learning – In this webinar I’ll show you what’s made me the most money in my business when it comes to email marketing!

4. How To Do A List Audit – If you don’t have follow ups for every list you create in your autoresponder you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. In this webinar I’ll show you how to do a “list audit” to make sure all your lists are making you all the money they can!

5. 7 Emails You Can Use To Sell Anything (Email Templates) – With this you get 7 different templates teaching you 7 different ways to craft emails to get our readers to take action –

6. Emails To Build Relationships – Relationship building is the biggest key that is missing in so many people’s businesses and it’s why they never make any money. This is a great course (that comes with templates) that show you how to create emails that build your relationship with our readers.

7. Contentaire – This is a massive collection of templates for writing emails, subject lines, blog titles, blog posts, sales pages, and so much more. This is hands down my favorite resource to use to create any kind of content that gets people to buy from me. –

8. 1107 Email Subject Lines – If you ever get stuck on a subject line to help you get your emails opened then take a look through this and you’re sure to find an idea for your own amazing subject line!

9. Autoresponder Genie – Each month you’ll get ready to go emails you can use to build your relationship with your buyers and sell them stuff. These are ready to go emails you just add your links to and profit with!

Other Resources To Help With Your Email Marketing:

1. Autoresponders – You’ll need an autoresponder to allow you to collect leads and build a list. I recommend you either use Aweber or GetResponse. If you need further information on getting and using an autoresponder I recommend that you go to

2. Text Formatter Plus – This is a software that I use to create and format my emails. It allows me to spell check while I’m writing my emails and keeps it from adding any “funky” characters when I copy and paste into my email program!