Product Launching Resources

This is a collection of resources that I personally use and have learned from that have allowed me to launch my products giving me massive paydays in my business. As a matter of fact you can learn all about the very first product launch I did back in 2004 at

I’m not putting these in here for the sake of making money. I wanted to create a resource that you could go to so you can learn to launch your own products. I will be adding resources here for you as I come across them and will notify you when I do via email, so make sure you’ve signed up using the form to the right!

On to the resources…

Tools For Your Product Launch:

As you launch your product you’ll see there’s different things that you need. A domain, hosting, autoresponder, a way to build your site, etc. Below you’ll find a list of the tools I use and why I use them.

Domain names – I recommend getting all your domain names from If you need additional information on domain names I recommend that you go to

Hosting – I recommend getting your hosting from Liquid Web. I’ve been with them for years, I’ve been through many different hosts, and they have always been the best. Click here to check out Liquid Web. If you need further information on hosting I recommend that you go to

Lead Pages – Lead Pages is hands down the easier, quickest, and best solution for creating squeeze pages. In this tutorial I used it to create my squeeze page. There’s a ton of solutions out there, but this is the one I use and recommend! You can get your Lead Pages account by going to

Autoresponders – You’ll need an autoresponder to allow you to collect leads and build a list. I recommend you either use Aweber or GetResponse. If you need further information on getting and using an autoresponder I recommend that you go to

Using An FTP Program – I mentioned briefly in the video about using an FTP program. I’ve done a video tutorial to give you more details about that and you can see it at I exclusively use Cute FTP from

Learning HTML – Learning HTML needs to be on your “to do” list. You don’t need to be an HTML ninja, but having “working knowledge” about how it works and the basics is important. You can learn HTML for free at

Payment Systems – I use as my payment processor, but you need something that can manage all your digital products for you. These are third party programs that use PayPal to bill your customers, but allow you to generate order buttons and have an affiliate program for your products. I currently only recommend these:



Optimize Press – This is a WordPress theme that allows you to create great looking sales pages, JV pages, (you’ll need a JV page to send your affiliates to so that they can get all the information from you they need to promote your launch) and any other page you’ll need for your launch!

Viral PDF Generator – Reports are great tools to give you affiliates so they can promote your product. This tool allows you to give your affiliates reports they can brand with their affiliate links!

Complete Products On Product Launching:

The following products cover launching products in great detail. I have gone through each and highly recommend them!

IM Product Launching by Kevin Fahey – Not only does Kevin cover how to launch a product in this course, but he also covers how to create your product for your first launch. He also includes lots of advanced stuff like how to add high-ticket backend products and more. My readers can get the entire course for only $9.95 by using the discount code: LizSpecial

Free Resources I’ve Created To Help You Launch Your Own Products: 

My $37,000 Story – I highly recommend you read my post about the very first launch I did back in 2004. It’ll help you understand the process and learn how I made $37,000 in just two weeks with a product launch!

Product Launching Posts – I have created several tutorials about creating and launching your own product. Things like planning your product, ideas for products, how to create a JV page, how to get affiliates to promote for you, explanations on creating sales funnels, and so much more! You can see all tutorials at

JV Page Template – I use Optimize Press 2 to build all of my JV pages, but if you’re just looking for a simple HTML template here’s a JV Page template I have create that you can use and edit in any way that you want.

The Anatomy Of A JV Page – This is a simple PDF document I’ve created listing the things that should be on your JV page. I recommend you study other people’s JV pages and get ideas from them. Take note of what they put on their pages and get ideas for your own pages, but this is a great page to study to get an idea of what should be on your JV page at the minimum!

Other Resources To Help You Launch Your Own Product:

List Of Affiliate Tools You Can Provide Your Affiliates:

Articles/Blog posts
Bonus pages
Social ads (to use in paid advertising)
Social ads (free promotions)
* Tweets
* Facebook images
* Instagram images
* Pinterest images
Thank you page ads

List of places to announce your launch:

Start here: 2-3 Days BEFORE you start prelaunch get your launch listed at MunchEye –

Once your launch gets approved there post it in the Mucheye group at

Make sure that you join all the groups below and once you have begun prelaunch post your launch announcement to all groups, but only do 2-3 groups at a time. Wait 5-6 hours and do 2-3 more groups and so on until you’ve posted in all groups.

Note: Make sure that on your launch posts that you come in and comment with updates and news such as new affiliate tools and stuff like that.