Email Inboxing – Is It The End Of Times?

The last week and a half has been one heck of a challenge for me. I feel like I’ve said that every week since the first part of December… 1999… 😂

We just keep pushing on though, right?

Well right now the biggest issue is my email list and I’m sharing this with you in hopes that I can help you if you’re currently having issues like this or if you have them in the future, so listen up…

It all started in back in October’ish when Yahoo and Gmail said people couldn’t use free email addresses any longer to email their email lists.

Basically, send bulk mailings.

If you were using a domain name email you also had to “authenticate” your domain name email to be able to get into the inboxes of your email list subscribers.

If you were using a free email address OR hadn’t authenticated your email, then your emails would end up in your subscribers SPAM folder.

You had until February 1st to do this.

Of course, Last Minute Liz (I should make that into one of those Garbage Pail Kids Cards from the 80’s) here started this process on January 30th. 🤦

I hear people saying “oh it’s easy to authenticate your email address” OR “why would you even be using a free email address?”


1. I’ve been online since the dinosaurs roamed the earth. 😂 Back in the day it was taught that you always used web mail for your email so you could always check it from anywhere without having to deal with POP3 issues. When Gmail came along (yes, I’ve been doing this since before Gmail was even a thing) we all jumped on that bandwagon. I never jumped off of it and I’ve just always used a gmail account. It wasn’t “broke” so I didn’t fix it.

And then it broke…

2. Look, I’m pretty techy, but all of this email authentication stuff even had me ready to crawl and hide under the bed. Thanks to the best tech guy in the world (Randy Hall) he jumped on Zoom and got me all setup.

So, I got that all squared away…

My email address is all authenticated, but that’s just the start…

Now it’s time to start the “inbox game”. Where you actually get your emails to land in your subscriber’s inboxes. Where you actually get them to OPEN them.

There is so so so much that goes into this…

So, I have been elbows deep in researching the tactics and strategies we need to be using in our email marketing (inboxing falls under email marketing in my book) to win this inbox game.

I’ve got a lot of information I’ll be pulling together and putting into a short report.

I told you about this the other day in an email, but just as a reminder when this report is done, you’ll be getting it at no-cost PLUS I’ll be gifting you the Reseller PLR to it too. 🎉

This is a super-hot topic right now so you can take this report learn from it and use it in any way you want to profit/inform/etc.

Okay, that’s it for today… I’m going back to the “trenches” to pull all of this information together for us so we can be strong email marketers.

It’s not the end of times! Email marketing is still the BIGGEST money-maker in my business (when it comes to marketing) and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. We just have to get better! And we should get better. For our audience and for our own email marketing results!

I’ll be back soon with an update on this report I’m creating.

Until then feel free to leave a comment below if you have questions on anything related to inboxing and I’ll do my best to get it in the report!

Talk soon!


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  1. Great post, I too waited untill the last minute. I was using my domain email but my open rates tanked big time in January. Liquisd QWeb took care of it for me and my open rates, while still lower than I am used to, are starting to come back up slowly. I look forward to the report as the email I sent about this asking users to tell me where the email was didn’t get a lot of replies.


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