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My Content Marketing Strategy Revealed!

Let’s talk about traffic!  Yay!

I just heard all of your eye balls get bigger. 🙂

I kid…

Okay so my second biggest traffic strategy is… CONTENT MARKETING!

I have used it for years and it has always held steady as my second biggest traffic getter, so I wanted to take just a few minutes today and share it with you.

Below you will find two things. An infographic showing the entire strategy and a video explaining the infographic.  It’s a short and simple strategy, but there are a lot of steps and know how for each step.

Create content, distribute it, get traffic.

That’s the simplest way to explain it, but you still need to…

1. Find out what kind of and topic of content your target audience wants.

2. Know how to create the content.

3. Know what distribution channels you can and want to use.

4. Have things that make you money.

I’m doing a workshop called the Content Marketing Kickstart Workshop and I teach all of this and more in it. You can grab your seat for that workshop at

Okay so here is the “birds eye view” of my content marketing strategy, and the video explaining it. If you have questions please leave them in the comments below. 🙂


    1. liztomey Author

      Hey Eileen!

      Good questions! 🙂

      1. A round up is where you have a specific topic and you provide links to resources on that topic. You could do this video a regular blog post, a video, or even a downloadable PDF.

      For example I’m working on a content creation roundup right now. I’m gathering resources about how to create all kinds of different content. As I find good information on creating specific kinds of content I’ll add it into my roundup and when I have enough resources I’ll post it. I still haven’t decided what it will be. Like I said it could be a regular blog post, a video, or a PDF.

      2. A white paper is something you create on a product or service you have where it talks about the problem and showcases your product or service as the solution. It’s usually technical, has stats in it, etc. Usually it’s a downloadable PDF.

      3. An article is usually just an informative text.

      Hope this helps 🙂



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