14 PLR Bundles And AI Too! Wow!

Note: This post has been updated as of 2-14-2024 with new PLR packages!

It’s been an amazing few months here at #TeamTomey!

I have created SOOOO much PLR content for you guys and I appreciate all of you supporting me! The sales, feedback, and watching some of you take this stuff and put it into action is amazing.

I have started including salesletters with each package. 🎉

I will actually be adding a salesletter to ALL past packages. That’s coming soon and I’ll email you and let you know as they get added. I also have a workshop showing how to take those salesletters and get them all setup with order buttons and all! 🤑

There are currently 12 13 bundles in the Internet Marketing Learning Bundle Series…

Here is a list of all of them. They are not listed in the order of launch, but I have listed them in the order I would sell them and/or go through them.

1. The Pick A Niche Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR – https://todayinplr.com/finding-the-perfect-niche-plr

2. The Pick A Business Model Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR – https://todayinplr.com/pick-a-business-model-plr

3. The New Online Business Owner Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR – https://todayinplr.com/new-online-business-owner-plr

4. My First Money Making Website Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR – http://todayinplr.com/my-first-money-making-website-plr

5. Profitable Squeeze Pages Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR – https://www.TodayInPLR.com/profitable-squeeze-pages-plr

6. The Welcome Email Sequences Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR – https://todayinplr.com/email-welcome-sequence-plr

7. The Email Sales Sequences Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR – https://todayinplr.com/email-sales-sequence-plr

8. The Creating A Profitable Blog Masterclass With Reseller PLR – https://todayinplr.com/create-a-profitable-blog-plr

9. The Blog Lead Machine Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR – https://todayinplr.com/blog-lead-machine-plr

10. How To Create Marketing Pages For Your Online Business With Reseller PLR – https://todayinplr.com/creating-profitable-marketing-pages-plr

11. The Website Traffic Survival Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR – https://todayinplr.com/the-website-traffic-survival-learning-bundle

12. The Big Book Of Ideas Learning Bundle With PLR – https://todayinplr.com/big-book-of-ideas-plr

13. The Organic Social Marketing Crash Course Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR – https://todayinplr.com/organic-social-marketing-crash-course-plr

14. The Social Profile Profits Learning System Bundle With Reseller PLR – https://todayinplr.com/the-social-profile-profits-learning-system

Whew! That’s a lot, but I’m trying to cover as much Internet marketing and online business related topics as possible and doing it all topic by topic. This way I have ALL of your content needs met and you can take this content and create your own products, bonuses, lead magnets, membership content, blog content, etc.

I will have more in this series later, but for now…

I have also started in on an AI (Artificial Intelligence) Learning Bundle Series. I’m showing you how to use AI in every part of your online business!

Here are all the links for those…

1. The AI For Internet Marketers Crash Course Learning Bundle With Reseller PLRhttps://todayinplr.com/ai-for-internet-marketers-plr

2. AI Tactics Volume 1: Using AI For Research In Your Online Business Learning Bundle With Reseller PLRhttps://todayinplr.com/ai-for-research-for-internet-marketers-plr

3. AI Tactics Volume 2: Using AI For Product Creation In Your Online Learning Bundle With Reseller PLRhttps://todayinplr.com/ai-for-product-creation-for-internet-marketers-plr

4. AI Tactics Volume 3: Using AI For Creating Sales In Your Online Business With Reseller PLRhttps://todayinplr.com/ai-for-sales-creation-for-internet-marketers-plr

5. AI Tactics Volume 4: AI For Profitable Social Media Content Creation With Reseller PLRhttps://todayinplr.com/ai-for-social-media-content-plr

6. AI Tactics Volume 5: AI For Profitable Content Creation With Reseller PLRhttps://todayinplr.com/ai-for-content-creation-plr

7. The AI Profit Blueprints Course With Reseller PLRhttps://todayinplr.com/ai-profit-blueprints-plr

8. The AI Powered PLR Profits Bootcamphttps://aiforim.com/the-ai-powered-plr-profits-bootcamp

9. In The AI Powered Affiliate Profits Bootcamphttps://aiforim.com/the-ai-powered-affiliate-profits-bootcamp

I have begun working on AI Tactics Volume 3 – Using AI For Creating Sales In Your Online Business and will be releasing that with Reseller PLR very soon. I’ve got a few more planned for the AI series too, so make sure you’re watching your email for those.

AI is absolutely AMAZING for what it can do for you in your business in so many different ways. I’m getting things done faster, better, and the results are amazing. I was so anti-AI at first, but I’m glad I dove into this over the last several months.

Okay… That’s it for today. I’m gearing up for the weekend here. I hope you find something fun to enjoy this weekend and take some time to enjoy.

Talk soon!


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  1. Neil Day

    WOW! It’s not surprising you are the Queen of PLR. Great series of workshops you have put together and you NEVER seem to stop… LOL! Just think of the PLR POWER duo you and Arun could be working together … Mwwwaaaahhh! 😉


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