Are You In TeamTomey For 2024?

Everyone and their dog are talking about 2024 right now. 😂 What they’re GOING to do, the grand plans they have, and all of that stuff. I mean it IS a great time to be excited. It’s a new year… If you wake up on January 1st 2024 you should definitely be grateful. I mean I’m grateful every day I get to wake up. It’s better than the alternative, right? 😉

I’m not going to make any resolutions this year.  I generally don’t… I’m going to do what my mom always taught me to do.

She used to say to me, “Sister, (my whole family calls me “sis” or “sissy” it’s a MidWest USA thing I think) wake up each day and BE better than you were the day before”.

I live by that daily and if God allows it, I’ll be doing it every day in 2024.

However, I do have some plans for you (#TeamTomey) this year and just want to mention what we’re going to be doing so YOU can decide if you want to stick with #TeamTomey in 2024.

The first big project this year will be my new brand.

Right now, I have a simple squeeze page setup for it and I’m working on some freebies that will help you if this is a path that you’re interested in.

If you missed the post about this new adventure, you can see that post at

There’s big plans for that one, but as I said, I’ll still be doing other stuff too like…

The other BIG new thing will be a paid #TeamTomey coaching program (very low cost) that will be more hands on with me.

I promise the price will be super low and WAY more than worth the price.

More importantly it will allow me to help MORE of you in an ongoing way at a more affordable price than my BIG coaching program ( But if you can swing my big coaching program it’s worth it for the one-on-one time you get AND all of my products.

So far in the new coaching program there will be…

1. Liz’s Brain – A weekly lesson call where I will be teaching you something related to making money online and/or Internet marketing. This will be done LIVE so you can attend and ask any questions.

2. Weekly AMA (Ask Me Anything) Live – Come ask me anything when it comes to online marketing and creating online businesses during this Live. This is a great way for you to get personal help within your business and learn from me and others who are running online businesses.

3. Inside Liz’s Biz – Monthly Live where I show you what I’m working on in my business to make money. This is me holding NOTHING back and showing you everything I’m doing to make REAL money-in my various online businesses.

4. Access to the “Money Making Ideas” Library – This is where I post about the different money making ideas I want to do, but probably never will because they would take about 5000 lifetimes to get them all done. 😂 You can steal these for your own use though!

And a few other things I’m still kicking around too…

This will allow me to get back into interacting with you guys more and bringing the old #TeamTomey back which I have been wanting to do for a long time.

My goal is for this to be the place you can come and get help directly from me on your business and the motivation you need too. I can’t wait to share it with you in a few weeks…

What else would you guys like to see in the new #TeamTomey coaching program?

Reply back to this email and let me know… 

This will be the “community coaching program” so I would love to know what you would like to see in it.

Other than those two BIG projects I will of course still be pumping out PLR content for the Internet marketing/make money-online niche.

As I said in a previous email the first part of 2024 will be a lot of content related to AI because you guys are begging for more of that right now. Understandably because it’s such a HOT topic 🤑 right now and there are so many ways to make-money with that kind of content.

I’ve got some cool PLR content coming so be on the lookout for that all of 2024!

So, if all of this interests you and you want to stay part of #TeamTomey I welcome you and look forward to rocking 2024 with you.

If I had to make ONE resolution this year it would be to be MORE hands on and involved with you guys who ARE #TeamTomey, and that’s exactly what I’ll be doing more of in 2024.

Okay that’s a wrap for the business side of 2023…

I wish you much success in 2024… No matter if you’ve been working on your “dream business” for years or days… I encourage you to KEEP GOING! Really buckle down in this new year and make that dream business a reality. If you’re trying to grow your existing business make a plan, and stick to that plan.

Bottom line… Don’t let ANYTHING keep you from reaching your dreams and goals in 2024!

Happy New Year #TeamTomey! 🎉I truly appreciate YOU and I’m looking forward to our 2024 together!

Talk soon!


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