Day 3 – 90 Day Facebook Live Challenge

Today we started talking about something we’re going to continue to talk about several times during this Challenge. How to do Facebook Lives and what they do for your business. I mentioned several links tonight to help you further with your education on doing Facebook Lives. As I learn I’ll be updating you guys.

Here are the links mentioned in this Live:

The FB Live Challenge From 5 Years Ago 😂 – This was Day 1 of 24. On the blog you will find all the way until Day 16. Day 17-24 are somewhere on Facebook.  🤷‍♀️ But if you’d like to browse through what I did 5 years ago you can get started at

Behind The Scenes Of Doing A Facebook Live –

My FB Live On How To Do FB Lives –

Example FB Live Format –

And here’s the replay of the Day 3!

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