How To Use Videos With PLR In Your Online Business

One of the biggest questions I get asked about PLR content is…

Liz, how can I use the videos that I get PLR to?

This is a great question, and you have A LOT of options! First though let me dispel a little bit of a “common thought”

First off, MANY people don’t think they can use PLR videos “as is” because it’s not their voice.

Not true…

You totally can!

You can use them as is for your own products, as content, as content for a membership site, as bonuses, and all the other ways you sell/use content.

Look… People are buying the content or wanting the content. THE CONTENT!

If you’re a man and you have videos that have a woman’s voice in your product no one will care. Same for you women. Your customers won’t care if it’s a man’s voice in your videos.

I have been using PLR content since 2004 and not one single time has a customer complained that it wasn’t MY voice or ME teaching the content.

If I tell them, I have a product that does XYZ all they care about is that product does XYZ. If I tell them the content will teach them XYZ all they care about is learning.

So, take that out of your head. It’s a problem in your mind that’s really not a problem in reality. 😉

Now if you WANT those videos in your own voice, the only way to do that is to re-do the videos.

A lot of PLR videos come with the transcripts. You can take those transcripts and recreate the videos. I do this sometimes.

But this takes some serious work. You have to re-do the videos completely, but it’s much easier than you sitting down writing out a script for a video, and then recording it. All the content creation is done for you. You just have to do the video part. Be it with a camera or screen recording software.

Side Note: If you buy my PLR content and it comes with videos, I ALWAYS provide the scripts/transcripts to the videos. However, if a video you get the PLR to doesn’t come with transcripts you can use online tools to turn those videos into text and then you’ll have transcripts.

You can also take videos and NOT use them as videos. Think outside the box. Just because PLR content comes in a certain format doesn’t mean you have to keep it in that format.

What I mean is you can have the videos transcribed and use the text from the videos to create ebooks, reports, or any other format that you want to. Throw some screenshots into it and you have a product that both tells and shows without having to be video!

Here are some more tips for using videos that you get the PLR to…

1. Add An Intro and Outro – If you want to personalize the videos you get the PLR to then record an intro to them. This could be an introduction to the video and you telling the viewer that a guest speaker will be delivering the content, that you have the right to share the content with your viewer, etc. You can also add an outro to the video where you do a “wrap up” of the video and summarize what was just covered.

2. Add To The Video – With technology now there are all kinds of tools out there that can help you edit and add to videos. You could take a video that you have the PLR to and add in snipits of video from you with supplemental content, personal stories, case studies, etc.

My favorite videos right now are the videos where people are “watching the video with you” and add in their commentary. You can easily do this too with ANY videos you have the PLR to. This would be a great strategy for YouTube content!

3. Use Multiple Videos To Create A Product – I currently have a coaching client who is teaching how to do something in a report. He is linking to videos that show how to do what he’s teaching. All of the videos he’s linking to he has the PLR to the videos. You could do the same thing!

For example, let’s say you write a report about building business websites. You have PLR to videos that show how to use OptimizePress to build business websites. You could upload those videos on your own server (or anywhere else you want) and link to them within your report. I actually have a PLR package that shows how to build websites with OptimizePress if you want to try your hand at this exact tactic. I know shameless plug, but you can get the package at

4. Create A Series On A Specific Topic – Look, we all need content, so why not take a bunch of videos that you have the PLR to and create a series. You could do a series of blog posts and post the videos in your blog posts. Introduce each video, embed it into your blog post, monetize that blog post, and boom you have a series of content you can make money with!

5. Create A Bonus Bundle – People LOVE bundles of products. Videos make for great products. So, why not use those videos you have the PLR to and create several products to use in a bonus bundle. Another shameless plug but I have an entire workshop that shows you how to create product bundles from PLR content at

6. Create A Learning Center – Learning by video is the preferred way of learning for most people. You could enter a big niche and create a learning center and fill it with content from videos that you have the PLR to. You could charge a one-time fee for this or even a monthly fee!

7. Chop It Up For Social – We need TONS of content for social media. The more content you post the more attention you’ll get. PERIOD. Look at the most well known people online. Their socials are FULL of content. Videos that you get the PLR to make great content for social media. Pick a video that you have the PLR to, pull out “clips”, edit them, and post them to your social media channels. YouTube of course is great for this, but don’t forget about Reels on IG and FB. X (Twitter) is giving more attention to videos. You can do video Pins on Pinterest now. There are so many ways to use video on social media and those videos that you have PLR to are going to save you a ton of time because you can use pieces for tons of posts!

I’ve given you a lot of options here and I’m sure there are even more options I didn’t cover here, but this is just a quick blog post and not a how to guide. 😎

Use your brain and think of ways that you can use videos you get the PLR to, but here’s my biggest piece of advice…

If you buy an entire PLR product and it’s all videos. Just take them and use them as they are. Use them to create your own product. Create a sales page to sell your product, add your order buttons, create your download page, and then promote that thing as your product! It’s the quickest and easiest way to make money with video PLR content, and as I said… People love video!

Okay so hopefully this has answered your question on how to use videos that you get the PLR to. Do you have tips and/or suggestions on how to use videos with PLR? Then let me know in the comments below…

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