I’m Deleting My Lists And More!

This year will mark 18 years that I’ve had an online business. I’m pretty proud of that, and all the thanks goes to people like you who read my emails, read my blog posts, buy my products, etc.

So, first, a big huge THANK YOU!

I got started in this business by creating a product in the Internet marketing niche. As I learned and got results I came out with products on even more topics. During this time I have gone in several different niches and sold all kinds of products. Products I created, products I had someone else create for me, and lots of affiliate marketing.

If there’s a way to make-money online, I’ve probably done it, and I always come back and teach it to my followers.

Every few years I re-evaluate what I’m doing and over the last few months I’ve been thinking about how I can serve you better. The only way I can do that is to stream-line things a bit more and start “cutting some of the fat”.

I need more time to better help you, so I’m going to make some changes here at #TeamTomey

In the next few days I will be deleting one of my autoresponder accounts. Some of you get multiples of my emails because your subscribed to lists within both of my autoresponder accounts.

Don’t worry you’ll get an email telling you what to do to stay on my list before I do that, so don’t panic, but I want you to be aware that you WILL be getting that email in the next few days.

Once we get the list situation dealt with I will then be taking my multiple blogs and condensing them down to ONE blog. Not my niche stuff, but many of my brands that are in the Internet marketing and make-money online niche have their own blogs. I need to pull them all together into ONE blog.

This will be a long slow process and I’ll update you where everything is as things happen.

Now there’s more coming too, but as I said in my email a few weeks ago, I’m just telling you about things little by little, but I’m super focused on once again re-evaluate and making things better for you.

For now… Keep an eye on your email. When you get an email from me be sure to open it up because that might be the last email you get from me if you don’t take action.

That’s it for now, I’ll be back with more updates soon, and of course if you have suggestions or questions you can always reach me at http://www.LizLive.com

Talk soon!


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