I’m In FB Jail Again!

If you’ve been on Facebook very long you probably at least know someone who has been put in what we call “FB Jail”. This is where Facebook restricts your account for a certain number of days because of something they say goes against their terms of service.

Now first let me say that MOST of the time they DID post something that goes against their terms of service. Just because you think something is ok, doesn’t mean that it is. And, at the end of the day it’s Facebook’s rules and we’re just playing their game. They can do whatever they want.

So, you have two options… Play along or quit the game. 🤷‍♀️

I have been in FB Jail for some stupid things. Like the time I posted a picture of my feet and my cousin said he wanted to tickle them and I commented that I would kick him if he ever did that.


3 days in Facebook jail for threatening someone…

Sometimes they are absolutely ridiculous, but I chalk it up to “the cost of doing business”.

Facebook is a great way for me to market my business, interact with my tribe, and it’s fun, so I just play their game.

Now today I posted about building the new TacoAboutMarketing.com brand, and second after I made the post not only did they remove the post, but they put me in Facebook jail stating my post went against their community standards on human exploitation.


How does THAT post have anything to do with human exploitation?

Luckily I was able to appeal it, and they said they were wrong, put my post back on Facebook, and let me out of FB jail.

I’m free!!!

So the point of this post is two fold…

I encourage you to follow me on all of my social media platforms. Here are all the links/accounts…








Second… You don’t necessarily need to be on EVERY social media site out there, but find the ones that work for your business and your niche. Build out your profile on each. Build a following on each.


Well because you never know when they will kick you off, put you in their jail, and/or disappear. Plus not everyone is using the same social media sites so you have more chances to get more people into your business by using multiple social media channels.

If you want to learn how to use social media marketing in your business I have a workshop for each of the BIG social media sites. You can see them all at https://learningim.com/all-workshops-w

I recommend you start with one social network at a time, and as I said, build your profile CORRECTLY and build a following. And then move on to the next one. Rinse and repeat.

So, for now… I’m out of FB Jail and I look forward to sharing all my funny and crazy posts about life and lots of stuff about marketing. See you over there!


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