Welcome And My Why

Hey there! Welcome to The Life Life FB Live Show… This whole thing got started because my friend David Perdew started doing a 90 Day Challenge that involved doing a FB Live every day for 90 days. Well at about day 50-something I really got to thinking…

I’ve been wanting to use FB Live in my business for about a year, but just couldn’t pull the trigger.


Well after much thought it hit me. I was scared…

You see I’ve run an online business for 13 years and there’s not much that scares me, but making a commitment to start doing FB Lives scared me because I felt like I would fall short and not be able to keep up with the commitment.

That made me think about my people… I call my clients, customers, followers, etc… My people… 🙂

I thought about them and how many of them fail because they’re scared, and/or they don’t follow through with things, and then never see success.

So I decided to take this fear of mine and turn it into an example. I want to show my people what happens when you commit to something, and follow through with it.

I setup TheLizLife.com with a squeeze page to build a list around all of this, and then setup this blog. All simple stuff and is always the first things you should do when you’re getting started with your own online business. Now of course I already have a few online businesses and already have squeeze pages, blogs, membership sites, my own products, etc all setup, but I wanted to sperate TheLizLife.com from all of that so I could show at the end of 90 days what my efforts have resulted in.

Pretty cool, right?

Okay so now that I’ve explained all of this here’s the first FB Live I did. I’ve posted the video below… Talking a lot about what I just told you and more, so take 10 minutes, go through it, and I hope to see you on my next FB Live! You can friend me or follow me on Facebook at http://www.Facebook.com/LizTomey


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