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2019 Almost Got Me!

Well it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted here on the Liz Tomey blog. For the last few years I haven’t known what I’ve wanted to do with this blog and it’s just become a place for updates every few months. I’ve got a good idea what I want to do with it now. It’s basically going to become an “umbrella” for ALL of my brands. You’ll be able to see what’s going on with all of my brands from one spot. 🙂

The last part of 2018 I was completely focused on building the brand while phasing out everything else in my business where I’m teaching about online business development and marketing. It’s still my #1 thing, but there are also other things I’d like to teach you outside of online business. Things that will help you live a healthy and happy life too. It’s not all just about getting wealthy. It’s our biggest priority, but it’s not EVERYTHING.

So right before Christmas I got side tracked bad with the direction I wanted to go beyond the brand which put me “down the rabbit hole” and then a list of very unfortunate events happened that pushed me further and further down the hole until I was completely lost.

The first part of 2019 has been devastating to say the least…

Over the last several weeks of my life I’ve been through more changes and had more things laid on top of me than I could bare. I needed to step back and take a few weeks just to process the things that have happened and are currently happening to me. I can’t and wont go into detail because these things are way too personal and traumatic at this point and I just can’t be as publicly open about it as I want to do be. I will in time because there are a lot of lessons in what is happening, but for now I ask that you be patient with me as I return back to “the land of the living” and get back to life.

My first order of business is getting caught up on emails, help desk messages, and Facebook messenger messages.

*** Please note that if you’re trying to contact me through Facebook messenger it could be weeks before you hear from me. I get way too many messages there to ever be able to keep up. The helpdesk at is always the best way to contact me.

The next order of business will be getting with my Resellers Passive Profits Workshop attendees and getting that workshop all wrapped up. I dropped the ball there, but will be finishing that up and getting everyone back on track.

And finally I will be stripping my business down again and we will only be talking about ways to make passive income and ways to market your passive income streams. Moving forward that is what I will be specializing in helping you in because I truly believe creating passive income streams is the best way to get wealthy and still be able to enjoy your life.

If you go to you’ll see I’ve removed just about everything from my product line. I’ll be adding the passive income workshops I’ve done there, but for right now I’ve removed just about everything else.

So let’s get back to life…

I so appreciate everyone who has reached out to check on me. I’m making it fine and will bounce back. The great thing about my life is that I’m finally to a point where I have developed the life skills needed to bounce back from even the darkest things that happen to us. Stuff like this used to take me months and months to recover from. Now in just a few weeks I’m strong enough to keep moving forward. I’ll let that be my “win” for now.

I’ve got a lot of exciting stuff planned for 2019 for all of us, so stay tuned because it’s only going to get better from here.

Thanks for always being on my side. Much love to you! <3 <3 <3

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  1. gail brisco

    glad you’re making that effort to make a comeback. Having had a chronic illness for 30 years now, I totally understand how life can suddenly without warning take a completely unexpected turn that can affect you for months. Just as you are doing just take it one step at a time to regain your firm footing. Be sure you have at least one person you can reach out to that you be completely honest and transparent to and share your fears/hopes. Don’t beat yourself up too hard. LIFE HAPPENS. Just make the best of your present circumstance and keep pushing through.

    1. liztomey Author

      Thanks sweetie! I so appreciate your kind words. Like everything in life it’s about putting one foot in front of the other. Tiny steps or giant leaps… You just gotta keep pushing forward!

  2. norf fiorentino

    Liz… I had no idea you were suffering and super challenged and I feel bad that things were so tough for you… I had tuned out for about the same period of time, so I was totally unaware.

    It sounds like you are pulling things together and I wish you all the best and I’m sure that, once you regain your focus, you’ll have your best year yet in 2019!

  3. Dave

    Wow! I don’t know you well enough Liz, but from the positive comments made by those who do was enough indication to me that something had gone far wrong in your life. So when that happens we try to understand and use our imagination and simply wait . . . . for whatever is going to happen, to happen.
    Great to hear from you again. I wish you a ‘sedate’ return to whatever you want to do most. Yes, I am looking forward to continuing with the PLR Workshop, but Hey! no one is going anywhere and no need for haste.
    Forward planning is the thing to build a solid future and I just know you are going to help me – us all – if and when you are ready to do so.
    Best wishes,

    Dave Cunliffe
    Bath UK

  4. Liz,
    It’s great to hear from you.
    I don’t require any explanations, and far be it from me to butt into anybody’s personal life, especially when it’s not asked for.
    I’ve missed you as my teacher and am thrilled that we’re going to have you back soon.
    You take care of yourself, and as you yourself say, you will grow from all of these life experiences.
    Wishing you well,

  5. hagar

    Won a couple of badges in the “true survivor” course myself, and they’re hell to get.
    Sounds like you’ve decided who you want to be now, which isn’t the easy part. But disasters, personal and otherwise, tend to whittle away the non-essentials.
    I believe in you. And I believe you can build a “best life” for you, as you help others to do the same.
    No experience is wasted, even if it’s only to help others through similar times.
    These boring platitudes are sadly, true. 😀
    Hugs and strength to you!

  6. Hmm.
    After years of living with you, have noticed that
    you seem to have a December Blues problem.

    Don’t know if it is the time of year, change in the light that maybe
    makes you depressed, but I’ve been sidetracked and just noticed that
    when it was webinar time, I was on the list, got a notice, clicked, got there
    and it said
    there are XX left and the next one is always next week.

    I have a few things I need help with, but will send to support.

    Chin up girl. Quit letting people you trust to much, drag you down. Won’t say anything else, you will start yelling at me!

    Grand Ma Carolyn

    Officially adopted.
    Love you too.

    <3 <3 <3 for sure

  7. Dale Walker

    Miss Liz we’ve missed you dearly and what matters most is simply that you are back. Keep on kickin’ long enough and hard enough and the next thing you know you are kickin’ major butt again! You’re that type of girl. You’ve got this Liz. Glad to have you back & let us know if there’s any way we can help you!

  8. Hi Liz
    Sorry to hear you are going through tuff times. I hope everything works out and things move to the brighter side for you.
    As to getting products and courses moving forward please be aware there is no rush or pressure from clients like me. When you are, we will be ready.
    Life has many ups and downs. We have to keep moving forward and good things will come for those have the patience to wait and keep progressing.
    Take care of yourself and get yourself better. I have many of your products and am looking forward to the new ones you are talking about.
    BUT THERE IS NO RUSH!! see you when you are ready.
    Best regards and well wishes.

  9. I’ve been struggling since September Liz.

    I know I went all ghosty. Sorry about that. Needed time to heal my body and mind. Was bombarded with work and lost my ability to keep up… so I bounced for a bit.

    Our own sanity must always come first.

    I hope to see you back soon. Miss you like crazy and hope you heal up nicely, over whatever time span it takes.

    I’m slowly working my way back now. Will be nice to have you back too.

  10. You know Liz, I have to admire all that you have done up to now and given you are one person it is no wonder you crash once in a while.
    I not only physically but mentally burnt out too recently, so I know where your coming from. It is hard to build anything in that headspace. Still we bounce back. That is the type of people we are.
    I totally agree with you that the passive model is the way to go. Not everyone in the industry agrees, but they have their crazy affiliate methods that require constant attention. I like the passive model that requires minimal updating and your the inspiration in this field.
    I truly hope you bounce back and find your true direction once again. Best wishes, Sarah.


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