YOUR Faith Based Blog Is NEEDED! Please Help!

The last few days have been crazy around here. The response to The Faith Based Blog Profits Workshop has been phenomenal!

The amount of support you guys are showing me as I step into territory that could really bring out the “haters” and is totally different from anything I have ever done has touched my soul! Thank you ALL so much! ❤️

Side Note: If you haven’t seen the sales page for this workshop yet you can see it at

But what’s really got me excited is the amount of people from MY audience… MY PEOPLE who I cherish, sharing their stories of being called to share their own faith, fund things that are near and dear to them, following what they feel is their purpose, and so much more. It’s been so touching to hear from you guys. 😍

Side Note 2: If you haven’t heard back from me, you will. I’ve been buried in emails so know I’m not ignoring you… 😉

I’m really kicking myself for not acting on this over a year ago when I initially got the calling to do this. We would ALL be over a year into our journey.

So, let’s start NOW!

If you feel like you NEED to share your faith with others, to make an impact on other people’s lives, to create something that will allow you to fund your lifestyle and help those who you want to help, then The Faith Based Blog Profits Workshop is for you!

In such a hostile social climate there’s a HUGE need for the non-extremist to stand up in their faith and share it with the world. It’s time to have an impact on people AND inspire them. There’s no better way to do that than by having your own faith based blog!

And in The Faith Based Blog Profits Workshop I’ll show you how to do everything to get your faith based blog up, running, monetized, and even how to build an audience.

We will be using AI a lot in this workshop, so we can be everything quicker, easier, and better too. With such a powerful tool like AI, this has never been easier!

And this isn’t JUST a workshop. After our 6 days together in the workshop building our faith based blogs, getting them filled with content, monetizing them, and beginning to build an audience we will then continually work together in The Creators In Faith Mastermind Group. I’ll show you exactly what I’m doing, how I’m earning, etc. You’ll be able to share anything on your journey and work with others in the group to build your faith based blog bigger and bigger!

Right now there’s about 8 hours left for you to grab your seat at the early bird pricing, so if you’re ready to embark on an amazing journey then make sure and grab your seat in The Faith Based Blog Profits Workshop right now at

Talk soon!


2 Comments to “YOUR Faith Based Blog Is NEEDED! Please Help!”

  1. Liz,
    This is AMAZING!!!
    I sure with you had this when I started! You always give such amazing support!
    I would recommend this to anyone looking to start a Faith Based Blog or Website!
    Thank you for all you do!


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