50% Off Current Learning Bundles With PLR

In late 2022 I started in on creating a series of PLR content all related to the different topics under the Internet marketing “umbrella”.

My goal is to cover as many topics as possible, so that you have a guide for each topic. I did this for two reasons…  First, so you can learn. You can sit down, go through all the topics at a glace, and go directly to the topic that you need to learn and begin learning. The second reason is so that you would have a ton of PLR content on the different topics of Internet marketing because it’s such a hot topic. You can use this content in many different ways if you’re in (or want to be) the Internet marketing niche.

So far I have launched 7 different packages. I call each package a Learning Bundle and I put different components of content in each. See if you missed any of them, and here’s a coupon code to get 50% off of any of the ones that you’ve missed: THE50OFF

The Pick A Business Model Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR

The Pick A Niche Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR

The New Online Business Owner Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR

The Welcome Email Sequences Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR

The Email Sales Sequences Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR

The Website Traffic Survival Learning Bundle With Reseller PLR

The Big Book Of Ideas Learning Bundle With PLR

That coupon code will expire in 24 hours, so make sure you use it NOW or lose it forever.

Trying to think of ways to use these to market your business or directly make money with them?

Try ANY or ALL of these tactics…

1. Create your own products with it. Duh, right? BUT I’m mentioning this because each of these could totally be a stand alone product! They would make great low ticket offers to start building your own profitable-product empire.

2. Create a giveaway to build your list. I’ve taught how to build squeeze pages about a million time nows. Well, maybe not that many, but it sure seems like it. You could easily take any of these and create a free-offer that people would actually WANT. If you don’t have something people want, they’re never going to hand over their email address, so these are PERFECT for that.

3. Bonuses… Need bonuses for your products or products you’re an affiliate for? Take these and turn them into bonus products!

4. With the exception of ONE of the packages in this series (The Big Book Of Ideas Learning Bundle With PLR) you get more than just standard PLR. You get RESELLER PLR to these packages which means you can take them and resell the PLR to them to others, and/or turn them into any kind of product with rights. People LOVE products with rights because they can make-money with them. This is a great way to make-money with these the easy way.

5. And lastly because I don’t want to turn this into a book for you … 😂 You can also take the content and use it on your websites in any way that you want. Content for your blogs, content for your other websites, content for membership sites, etc.

Now of course there are many more ways you can use this PLR content, but those are my top 5!

So, go see what you don’t already have out of these packages, grab the ones you need, and then go start USING them in your business!

If you have any questions on how to use this PLR or anything else, please contact me at LizLive.com

Talk soon!


2 Comments to “50% Off Current Learning Bundles With PLR”

  1. Hey Liz, it would be great if this offer was available on WarriorPlus since they allow purchasing through your Wallet. JVZoo only allows credit card. I’d definitely be interested in purchasing if there was this option.

    1. liztomey Author

      You and I have already talked about this. 🙂 Some go on JVZoo and some go on WarriorPlus. And eventually I will be using ThriveCart and not using either JVZoo or WarriorPlus. I hate that you can’t use the money in your W+ Wallet. That does suck, but 90% of what I put out does go on W+. For now… 😉


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