Boo Made Me Pay For It!

If you follow me on Facebook or have been around for any length of time you know that I’m in a hot and heavy (fictional) relationship with Arun Chandran.

He calls me Bae…

I call him Boo…

It’s sickening really… 🤮

It’s been an ongoing thing for YEARS now. This fictional relationship is actually my second longest romantic relationship I’ve ever had. And it always leaves people wondering…

Are those two really in a relationship?

Well, I’m not here to clear the air about that! I’m here to tell you about his newest course that is going to solve all your business organization problems in less than an hour!

It’s called Notion Made Easy and shows you how to use this free-thingy to totally organize all your business files, courses you’re going through, links, and all of that other stuff we hoard.

I bought it… He didn’t GIVE it to me! I bought it with my own hard earned money (I really should get fictitiously involved with men who pay for things for me), and it is one of the most handy-dandy products I’ve bought and is going to help your over loaded brain soooo much!

You can check it out at

I used sweaty bra money to purchase it, so I hope he enjoys spending my $12.95 (Yes, I keep change in my bra too) on something nice for his “wife”. If you can’t tell I’m still pretty salty about that little detail. 🙄 And don’t worry. I used Tiffany Lambert’s affiliate link to purchase it so he wont even get all that money. That’s the level of petty I’m at with him… 

Anyway… I highly recommend you get this; it takes less than an hour to go through, and then spend a few hours getting yourself organized. You’re probably going to find a lot of things you’ve totally forgotten about that you can use NOW to make some-money, so that makes it WAY more than worth it! Walking away with a clear head makes it worth even more!

Grab it at >>>

Okay, that’s enough shenanigans for now. I hope you’ve enjoyed the entertainment value of this email. It was done in jest, but this really IS a killer little product he has created that will actually help you A LOT! 😍

Talk soon!


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