Hurry! New Bundle With Reseller PLR!

I’ve just released another brand new PLR package on a hot topic AND that comes with reseller PLR.

It’s called The Email Sales Sequence Learning Bundle and this one I did on writing SALES emails! You know… the ones that make-money DIRECTLY!

I had so much amazing feedback on the welcome series package I did that I released last week, I just had to create the other side of that which are sales emails!

You can see the package at the discount launch price at

This one includes the main guide which teaches everything you need to know about creating sales emails. Then I included 3 other tools to help you even further! A template, idea generators, options, and so much more.

This is truly an amazing bundle, and right now you can get it at the launch price.

And yes! That price even includes the reseller PLR! Yay! 🥳️

But… As with all of my launches, you’ve got 48 hours (less than that now) to grab the launch pricing so make sure you scoop this up right now because that timer automatically changes with no exceptions!

If you’re following along this is the third package I’ve released in this series. These “learning bundles” will ALL be on one topic related to online marketing and business building so make sure you get them all. At this cheap there’s no reason not to!

And… Not only can you make-money with them, but you’ll also learn a ton too!

It’s a win-win situation… Learn all the tactics and marketing strategies I know, PLUS make-money with the content!

As I said though you’ve only got 48 hours to grab this at this insane price, so make sure you do that now…

Talk soon!



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