No More Brand Bundles!

Liz Tomey here from and the other day I told you that I’m streamlining things for my people so that it’s less confusing.

I’ve had my workshops coming from different brands and depending on your needs you were able to decide on what brand bundle would work for you.

For example… I teach how you can take PLR and make-money with it, using it in your marketing, and even create and sell your own PLR content. I do this all from

So, if using PLR content is something you want to do this would be perfect for you.

But… I’m removing the bundle offer for it in just over 24 hours.

You will either have to buy them individually OR become a member of the MOB Tribe where you get access to ALL of my products and coaching for TWO years for ONE price.

So, it’s decision time for you…

Do you want to learn how to use PLR in your business to make-money and shortcut your marketing? Then you have 24 hours only to grab the bundle before I pull it forever.

Or become a MOB tribe member and get this bundle and EVERY other product and bundle (past, present, and future) I have for one price for two years.

Okay, that’s it for now… As I remove the other bundles I’ll be sure to update you also, and until then if you have any questions just send me a message!

Talk soon!


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