Social Media Marketing, Website Traffic

If you’re not using social media traffic you’re missing out on a MASSIVE stream of traffic.

With social media you have two options…

1. Do things to suck the free-traffic from it.

2. Use their paid advertising platforms to get the traffic from it.

I’ve just started my journey on the paid advertising platforms so I’ve been totally focusing on the free-traffic tactics. And that’s perfectly ok.

The paid advertising is for when you have a “complete offer” that you KNOW turns people into buyers and you want to put a ton of traffic to it. That’s my opinion on it anyway. I don’t like loosing money, so I don’t mess with paid traffic unless I know I have something that WILL make-me money.

Now before you get started with social media traffic don’t jump on every social media platform out there.

Pick 2-3 of the BIG ones and use them. Use them for 30 days and do all you’re supposed to do. Keep the ones that bring you traffic and dump the rest.

I use Facebook, YouTube (I actually got a high ticket customer the other day thanks to YouTube), and I’m now trying out Instagram and LinkedIn.

I have mastered getting traffic from Facebook, and it works REALLY well for ME.

I have mastered getting traffic from YouTube, and it works REALLY well for ME.

Now I’m trying the other two I just mentioned. This is what YOU need to do. Try them, see what works, and KEEP what works.

Don’t know how to get started?

Then I have something for you that’s really going to help you!

Kevin Fahey just came out with Volume 3 of his IM Checklists. This one is all about using social media.

These are 30 checklists that Kevin personally uses in his 7 figure online business.

Each checklist comes in PDF format for easy printing, online spreadsheets, excel files, mind maps and even trello so you can share online with your team.

If you find yourself struggling to get the results with social media, these checklists give you a PROVEN roadmap to success and will help you get more followers, high engagement, and in return more traffic, leads, and sales.

I highly recommend these!

Okay that’s it for today. Tomorrow I’ll share some of my personal tutorials with you on how to use social media to get traffic so stay tuned!

Talk soon!


The Techy Stuff Tutorials

How To Add Videos To Your Websites

I see a lot of people having issues with how to add videos to their websites. Of course you can upload them to YouTube and just copy and past the code on your site, but if you don’t want them listed on YouTube and have YouTube’s branding on your video it can be quite a task.

So I created this video to show you exactly how to do it and the cheap tool I use to make it all look great! Watch the short tutorial below and be sure to leave your comments, feedback, and/or questions in the comments section below…


Email Marketing

Email Marketing Casestudy – Relationship Building

So the other day I got an interesting email. I read this person’s emails religiously. He sends them, I open immediately, and read…

I’ve done a video showing you why and how you can get the same results from your readers.

Also I’ve got an entire resource page that is an ongoing and regularly updated resource for everything you need related to email marketing. You can click here to see it. Save it and refer back to it as you go through the LIFE LONG process of learning email marketing >>>

Watch the video, take notes, and implement what I’m teaching you here…


Notes From Liz

What’s Going On And What’s Coming?

I just wanted to give a quick update on what’s going to be happening for the rest of this year…

As you may know I run three different online businesses to help you… is all about helping you find your perfect online business model and getting it up and going so you can be creating the lifestyle you WANT! is all about teaching you how to market your online business using Internet marketing tactics and strategies. This is for those of you who already have a business and want to know how to get more leads, more customers, make more money with it, etc. is all about providing you with PLR content and showing you how to use it in your online business to save time and/or make more-money!

I also have two weekly webinars that I do live each week!

The Backpack Business Lifestyle Webinar is a free webinar for anyone who currently does not have an online business. You can attend these webinars each week, learn about different online business models and get help with the online business model you’re working on!

You can register at no-cost at

The other webinar I do is for my Team Tomey Inner Circle Coaching Club members. You get free access to this if you’ve ever bought anything from me. We have a Facebook group where you can get the webinar details and be part of our mastermind group there. Please use the help desk to get information on getting access to that. Just provide them with your PayPal email address so they can verify you’re a customer, and they will give you the information that you need.

Now the best way to get everything you ever wanted from me is to become a Backstage With Liz client. I only open this up 2-3 times a year and only let 10 people in at a time. You get so much with this, but most importantly two things…

1. Your very own online business that I setup for you and teach you to run!

2. Every product, service, content, etc I release for-free! The only exception is done for you services because I have to pay people to do those for you, but I will always give those to you at my cost.

It’s a no brainer of a deal because you can pay 1 price get a complete online business, 1 on 1 phone calls with me, all of my products for-free, and so much more!

I will be opening this again tomorrow at 9am Eastern. There will only be 10 spots, so you’re going to have to act quick!

And just an FYI… I have two coaching programs that will be coming out just this year alone that you’ll get free-access to and the regular price of JUST those two things (not counting everything else I’ll be releasing) is 4 times as much as what it will cost you to get into Backstage With Liz, so it truly is one heck of a deal.

You can take a sneak peek at the sales letter now (no one can get in until tomorrow at 9am) by going to

You’ve now been updated. 🙂 If there’s anything I can do to help you with anything please let me know. You can use my support desk and if they can’t help you they will route you to me!

Talk soon!


Notes From Liz

The Aftermath Of Irma – I’m Still Here!

So 7 days after Irma beat the crap out of Florida, I’m officially back to work. I’m sitting out on the beach here looking at the blue water and watching the manatee and dolphin play. Glad to see those guys back. 🙂

But there are still many around me without power (I got mine back on Day 6) and some even further south of me without homes.

South of me in Naples, FL they’re really hurting, the Keys got destroyed, and several little tiny islands south east of me wont recover for a year or more.  I’m truly blessed!

But I’m seriously far behind in work…

Before Irma hit I had a client in town for several days, then spent a few days getting ready for Irma, and then Irma hit, and then now power and the recovery process from it all has been crazy.

I’d like to thank every single person who sent emails in, text messages, Facebook messages, etc checking on me. I’m alive and I’m still here. I’m just really far behind so bear with me as I get caught up.

There are only two ways to get in touch with me… Via email (if you’re a coaching client) and my support desk. My support desk guy is in Florida too, so he’s also way behind.

If you have an email into me or my support desk we’re working hard to get to you!

Again thanks for all the amazing messages during this time. I love my people dearly. I know this is a business I run, but I’m also personally attached to my people, and all the kind messages and offers of help during this time have truly made me thankful for each and every single one of you.

Much love!


Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, Website Traffic

This week we’re talking about content marketing!

If you’re not using content in your business to promote your affiliate links, your own products, your programs, etc you need to stop what you’re doing and listen up!

Creating content about my niche and putting it in front of my audience brings in LOADS of traffic for me, and we’re going to be talking about how I do it this week…

But… I run into a big problem with it ALL the time.

The problem?

Finding topics in my niches that people actually want to KNOW about.

If you just throw content out there people may or may not read it. But if you put content out there people WANT to read they will and then you can get your “stuff” in front of them.

If no one reads the content you’re NOT going to make any-money. Plain and simple…

So today I picked up Arun Chandran’s Content Creation Formula guide to help me with this issue.

Inside this guide he gives you 12 different ways to generate ideas for content that people actually want.

Just the very first one I was blown away by and had never heard of. I used it and got 6 different ideas for content I can create right now and use in my marketing.

If you’re struggling to find content that people actually want to read so you can promote your business to those people then I highly recommend you grab Arun’s guide, download it, and start using the resources he’s telling you about.

I just did and now have enough content ideas to use to create all the content I need this week for the topic I’ll be covering. 🙂 So easy!

Okay… That’s it for now. This week as I said I’m going to be talking to you about how to use content to promote your stuff, so make sure you grab the Content Creation Formula Guide so you’ll be able to have all your ideas for topics and can use what I’m going to be teaching you!

Talk soon!


Content Marketing, Website Traffic

So before the term “content marketing” was being thrown around the Internet so much I was using it and not even knowing it was a “thing“. It just made since to me to create content, put it in front of people, and bring them to my site with a call to action.

And that’s basically what content marketing is…

Create content that your niche wants to know about, make sure that somewhere in the content there is a call to action to come to your site, and put it in front of them…

Easy right?

Well… It IS, but there are some things you need to know…

1. You’ve got to create content that people actually want to read/consume. If no one wants to read your content then why create it? They’re not going to read it and come to your site, so why waste your time? There are lots of ways to find out what the people in your niche want to know about.

SIDE NOTE: My good friend Arun Chandran has created a guide with 12 different resources you can use to find topics YOUR niche really wants to know about. It’s called the Content Creation Formula and you can see it at

2. Your content has to be really really really… Did I say really? GOOD! You cannot just throw something together throw it out into the Interwebs and think people are going to crawl over themselves to view it.

You’ve got to grab their attention with a good headline, a cool graphic, a cool video intro (depending on what kind of content you’re creating), and then keep them consuming your content by keeping them engaged. If you’re not good at this find a professional to do it for you!

3. Have a strategy! If you create killer content and then just throw it on you blog again… People are not going to come running just to see what you’ve got for them. Ypu’ve got to have a strategy!

Example: I have a squeeze page at If I want to use content marketing to get traffic to that page I need to sit down create 5-10 topics my niche wants to read about, decide what kind of content I want to create (blog posts, articles, graphics, videos, etc) for each of those topics, put a call to action in each piece of content, and then decide how I will distribut my content. I could put it on my blog and tweet about it, share it to Facebook (I have a lot of friends in my niche), use Facebook ads, upload it to YouTube (if it’s a video), upload it to graphics sites (if it’s a graphic), and the list goes on and on.

So all of this should give you a better understanding of content marketing, and the example above is exactly how I use it in my business. I’ll be talking more about creating killer content and how I distribute it in future posts, but for now you should have a better understanding of how it all works and what you need to do so that it actually works for you.

No crap content…

Have a call to action in ALL of your content…

Get it out there…

That’s it!

If you have comments or questions please leave them below…


P.S. Creating content that people actually want to know about and will actually consume is your first step. I mentioned above a killer resource called the Content Creation Formula from my friend Arun. It’s got 12 resources in it that you can use to find topics to create any kind of content around that you want. That’s where you need to start so make sure you pick this guide up before moving forward! >>>

Notes From Liz

Day 16 The Liz Life FB Live

On tonight’s FB Live I literally freaked myself out and ran like chicken little. 🙂 We also talked about fighting technology, and how to quit your job and go full time with an online business!

Watch the replay below and you can find links to the things I mentioned in this FB Live…

A few things I mentioned in this FB Live:

Launch Your Product Workshop – This is a workshop I did showing how to launch your own product. I go in great detail all about setting up affiliate tools pages AND how to get them! – If you don’t have a squeeze page (a really good one) then you NEED this! We will setup a squeeze page for you and then I’ll coach you weekly on how to build your list and make more money with it!

Membership Quickstart Workshop – Learn how to create your own membership site!

DFY Membership Sites – Want a membership, but don’t want the headache of setting one up? Then check out the options we have for creating and entire membership for you PLUS giving you all the content for it for 12 months!

DFY MRR Membership –

DFY Traffic Membership –

DFY PLR Training/Coaching Membership –

My Affiliate Hub – This is my affiliate hub and is a work in progress, but it’s a great example of what you should be doing for your affiliates if you have multiple products in the same niche that they can promote!

My YouTube Channel – You can learn a ton here, see all my webinar replays, see all my tutorials and MORE!


Notes From Liz

Day 15 The Liz Life FB Live

Today I started a 15 day personal challenge within my 90 day challenge. It’s a challenge within a challenge. 🙂 And we also talked a ton about email marketing!

Watch the replay below and you can find links to the things I mentioned in this FB Live…

A few things I mentioned in this FB Live:

Online Business Resources By Topic – I’ve been working on a database for all topics related to having and marketing an online business. You can see it at

7 Emails You Can Use To Sell Anything – These are the email templates I was talking about. Expensive but worth every penny X 1000!

Newsletter Academy – This is a product I talked about that shows a complete business model for running your own newsletter!


Notes From Liz

Day 14 The Liz Life FB Live

Tonight we talked about why flamingos are dicks, AND how I get affiliates to promote for me, campaigns I create for them, and so much more!

Watch the replay below and you can find links to the things I mentioned in this FB Live…

A few things I mentioned in this FB Live:

Backpack Business Mastermind Group – This is a group I run on Facebook that is free for everyone to join. We discuss different online business models and how to get them up and going and making you money. This is a great place to be if you’re looking for an online business model or currently building one!

IM Foundation Method – Use the links below to go through all the videos for this little workshop.

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

Video 4:

My Affiliate Hub – This is my affiliate hub and is a work in progress, but it’s a great example of what you should be doing for your affiliates if you have multiple products in the same niche that they can promote! – If you don’t have a squeeze page (a really good one) then you NEED this! We will setup a squeeze page for you and then I’ll coach you weekly on how to build your list and make more money with it!

Digital Product Empire Starter Kit V1 –

Timerlay – The “thingy” I use to put countdown timers on my sales pages. Great strategy for getting people to buy right now!